1. yeah, I have a 3 hr class and we get 2 10 min breaks

  2. if you don’t mind me asking, what was your average. And what engineering program did you get into?

  3. yeah im also pretty scared, 4 classes should be fine though, I have 6 lol

  4. nope, they def don't have time to call over ~14k references

  5. guys will I get into Waterloo software engineering please rate my ECs and is 98 average enough🥺🥺🥺🥺

  6. lets just say that if you cant handle high school CS, the syntax and its instructions, you probably will have a hard time in university, so i'd highly recommend ICS4U for you to figure this out and you can know whether you are doing CS because you acc like it, or because everyone else is doing it

  7. couldn't agree more, sm kids are just in CS for the money but can't handle real coding

  8. Depends on you. Some people breeze past. I personally struggled but I enjoyed the course content (i.e. what we learned) so it was bearable. Commuting 3-4 hrs a day didn't really help either - it was probably the main reason why I struggled so much. If you've got the money, avoid commuting from a distance and all will be good.

  9. yeah my biggest concern is my 2-3 hr/day commute, gonna have to find some way to study on the ttc

  10. the engineering faculty's frosh week is insane, but for art sci each of the colleges have their own little frosh weeks

  11. UofT ECE, 95 avg. had a hard time choosing between UW and UofT but didnt really wanna live in Kitchener lol

  12. working on side projects helps quite a bit for those programs

  13. under certain circumstances, yes. my friend accepted mcmaster but was rejected from uoft, she appealed her decision and she switched into uoft in july

  14. your scholarship is based on average at the time of the offer, and I believe it can go up depending on your final/midterm marks. my average went down after receiving an offer, but they still increased my scholarship by a good amount, I have no idea how it works

  15. up until march it was pretty stressful and very busy, I worked part time and had a heavy course load (even with one spare in each sem), once I got my offer from my top school I stopped caring and never did any work lol

  16. I just graduated in June, and if I have any advice, it'd be to not stress so much. I was so confused about what I wanted to do (completely changed my program choices on the last day possible) and crazy stressed about getting into my top schools and all my marks. my teachers would always tell me to chill and that I'd end up where I needed to be and it never made sense until now. OUAC can seem scary at first, but looking back we all were really scared and stressed for no reason

  17. none of us know if certain grades/ecs are enough to get in, we all rolled a dice and ended up here

  18. it depends what required courses you need, and when you're admitted. for example, UofT needed chemistry, physics, both maths, and English, but at the time of my admission (March 2022), I only had grade 11 chemistry done, and my grade 12 midterm wasn't ready yet. they calculated my average using 12U physics, adv func, calc and English, but used my grade 11 chemistry.

  19. Hey. Would you think that a 96.8 avg and decent ecs related to engineering would be enough for waterloo based on your experience in the admission process and other applicants you have seen/heard about?

  20. hi, also not OP but I just graduated in June. my average wasn't even a 95 and I was admitted into electrical at uw, which is about as competitive as mech and tron, if not more (since most EE students can easily transfer into CE). 96.8 is definitely enough, but it really all comes down to your AIF and interview. feel free to DM me with any other questions

  21. I applied to 8, with half of them being safety schools, I regret applying to so many and should've just stuck with 3, since I didn't even want to go to most of the places I applied lol

  22. dad was in elec eng and then transferred out into business bc it was too hard, somehow im also in ECE now

  23. Nope. My parents majored in early childhood education, and I’m going into finance. Teachers don’t get paid enough. They’re the ones who inspire a child to figure out what they want to do with their lives, yet they get paid the equivalent of table scraps from dinner, and they’re expected to live on that.

  24. come to Canada teachers get paid ~100k here

  25. Hey so did you end up committing to UofT?

  26. yes I did! was close to choosing Waterloo but I think I made the right choice

  27. Congrats! What major did you get in at Waterloo? I'm asking because almost everyone here says that Waterloo Engineering is wayyy better than UofT Engineering and that's making me doubt my decision of going to UofT.

  28. I got into electrical, and yeah I was in the same boat as you for a while. if your goal is software, Waterloo is def the way to go, considering you don't care about the lifestyle. I don't know if I want to go into hardware or software, which is why UofT was the better choice for me, as ECE is flexible here. I preferred the social/city life I'd get at UofT, and found the longer co-op might be better for hardware projects.

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