1. You will definitely want to avoid assassins creed games. I have 200 hours in origins and not even 50% done.

  2. Make keys with name and number and drop copies every where you guys have ever went. Good people will call her and try to return the lost items

  3. It depends on what platform you are playing on. I notice finding anyone playing on the PC version is near impossible unless you find someone solo'ing a high difficulty level. It made it very difficult to level for awhile on my PC account since I basically just had to solo routine with starting gear for weeks. On Xbox (I use cloud gaming through my PC lately) there's almost always a match I can find to join with one or two people in it, at varying difficulties. Also for the second question I recently transferred my Xbox 360 data from around 2016ish with about 200 hours of multiplayer spent played and I can only solo Threatening currently without much issue (depending on character obviously) but Perilous is still fairly difficult without being downed at least once or twice towards the final round. I'm hoping it won't be too much crazy grind time before i'm able to do more. Currently prestige 331 with 22/18/18 on my Xbox account.

  4. Thank you. I played a few months and got all classes unlocked but still can't solo threatening. I play on ps4 with one friend but we very rarely get any good gear. I play the arcane warrior and silent sister all the time because those are the only ones I can survive with.

  5. WoTF and Poison Blade is what you want if you are using a poison build assassin. I'd also lose the Bottle of Liquid courage for a smoke bomb and choose the +30% assassin damage in stead of having two legendarys. I could be wrong but I swear that technique effects your ultimate damage somehow. Get good with headshots with the blowgun and you won't have any trouble getting resolve and use munitions on the smoke bomb.

  6. Interesting, I will test it later too. I have a first slot fire.

  7. Jump on a rope and climb. Run through to the middle before you roll or jump.

  8. I mute so many mic'd up players its ridiculous. Mics are only good when used properly. I don't need to hear everyone and there children in the player's homes. No mic is my preference.

  9. My friend can fire that gun so fast and get headshots this would break the game. Its the fastest of all range weapons.

  10. Sofar that I've encountered. And it makes sense since he is a rarely encountered enemy. I'm sure they tested it out well for the campaign and thus majority of enemies. But not for legends.

  11. Also iki warriors. And they can do a quick strike before you assassin from smoke

  12. Oni kills would show the difference we need. Too many people brag about kill count but there is no distinguishing what enemies they killed. 200 squishys makes you a cherry picker, not a hero.

  13. Sounds like a cable management issue and not game design.

  14. A neon sign middle finger that lights up when I want it to.

  15. I agree, but the thing is that respect can only exist if it's freely given. Otherwise it's just a different type of fear.I've got a copy of Inazo Nitobes' Bushido (The Warrior's Code) translated in 1899, and I checked it for a solution .. (it's really not very long lol) and I think the Japanese solution in the 13th Century would 100% have been this: Block the fuckers on psn xD

  16. No, im requesting that SP add the honor bonus to survival that works like rivals.

  17. The suicidal ronin build is coming soon. I can't wait to see how stupid it gets when ppl realize self inflicted injuries generate more resolve than killing enemies.

  18. For me, this is an attempt to make up for the mistake of giving the samurai the bomb pack.

  19. Maybe they were trying to do objectives and one asshole was disregarding every attempt at playing as a team.

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