1. Right, but why should we as customers have to subsidize labor for restaurant owners?

  2. if you don't feel this is your responsibility, then you shouldn't eat out. That's how the system works, and if you participate in it, you should make sure you are being fair to the worker whose labor you are benefitting from. I shouldn't have to explain this...

  3. Probably going to get downvoted, but I’d also be suspicious if I was told not to go on my partner’s phone. That being said, you both messed up and I think it’d be best to talk it out.

  4. My partner used to be super secretive about calls and texts and turned out he was cheating on me so….

  5. Where the Crawdads Sing. The dialogue was so cringey and bad I couldn’t do it.

  6. I realized this very recently when it suddenly occurred to me I have never had a screaming argument with my teenage daughter. Growing up, my entire family screamed at each other all the time and I absolutely thought it was normal.

  7. Cannonball Run? Although it may not have aged well....

  8. Little Miss Sunshine is an amazing, funny, touching, beautiful family story that had me sobbing but is ultimately redemptive. As an added bonus, Alan Arkin was stupendous in it.

  9. Anything directed by Hal Hartley is great. 80s indie god, largely forgotten now

  10. Sid and Nancy convinced me never to do hard drugs

  11. I think it’s a great show; really loving it so far

  12. Splash was one of my faves at the time and turned out to be really sexist and offensive IMO. Romancing the Stone was another fave and I was so relieved that it totally held up.

  13. I had a needle biopsy this year and spent the week waiting for results an absolute wreck and then it turned out to be nothing. Statistically speaking they almost always are so your chances are very good!

  14. It took me forever to figure this out too!

  15. Menopause also made me very dizzy and lightheaded until I went on HRT. And I also noticed my seasonal allergies were worse this year.

  16. And Amazon Prime has the original British version that has a few extra scenes and lines that aren't in the American version we see on Netflix.

  17. this is so good to know and I'm excited now about my own rewatch

  18. This was also us. Found out it was going off Netflix at the end of May and binged the whole thing in a few weeks. Now I miss it. :(

  19. Very sad. He was also wonderful in Something Wild.

  20. I literally just came on here and searched "doom" and found your post because that's exactly how I am feeling today. I notice it gets worse before a hot flash.

  21. The good news is I can finally report that the feeling has all but gone away after what felt like months of feeling that way. I don't know if it's connected but I take quetiapine at night, desvenlafaxine & rexulti daily for anti-depressants and I switched to One A Day for Menopause based on someone's recommendation here. I can definitely say I noticed an improvement in the hot flashes too since taking the vitamin.

  22. I'm going to get that vitamin, thank you!

  23. I could not agree with this more. Starting in the first season, I thought Chrishell was actually toxic, passive-aggressive and two-faced and at least Christine was straight-forward. Granted, in later seasons they turned Christine into a cartoon villain but I still don't trust Chrishell's nice girl act based on her behavior back then and in subsequent seasons.

  24. Ok, but the new movie is still in theaters. I think we should still mark spoilers for that. At least until it’s on streaming and accessible to all who can access the original series.

  25. yes please as I'm not able to go see it in a theatre where I live

  26. For some reason I always thought Bruce Springsteen's Hungry Heart was a Boz Scaggs song. I know, I know, it makes no sense...

  27. One of my all time faves. Also love by him: Terms of Endearment, Cadillac Jack, All of My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers, the Berrybender Trilogy, and The Last Picture Show.

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