1. this is exactly why I gave up on the Netflix series "Blockbuster." In the first ten minutes they draw the most boring and overused archetypes on all the characters. They might as well have introduced them as "here's the young sarcastic one who secretly is nice" instead of bothering giving them names.

  2. I watched 5 minutes of that show. Painfully awful

  3. Bragging about intelligence. If you’re really that smart, good for you. Smart or not it is annoying af to label yourself as intellectually superior to everyone else.

  4. Probably fake, I found it on Facebook and posted here to share my sentiment on it.

  5. Yeah this doesn’t make a lot of sense…also the proprietor sent a gift card to the couple who DIDN’T tip as some kind of reward?

  6. I usually do 20 percent, lowering it if the service is really awful.

  7. Going to all of those Mary Kay, Avon, and other MLM parties. Huge waste of my time and money just because I couldn't say no to the invitations.

  8. A friend was a Lularoe consultant for a while (she ended up stuck with thousands of dollars of unsold inventory in true MLM fashion). She used to have parties to sell her products and I went to a handful of them out of obligation. I bought a couple of pairs of ridiculously overpriced, low quality leggings to support her. Eventually I just said that I don’t need any more stuff and stopped attending the parties.

  9. Car trouble? Call Uber and spend $30 of your own money and we won’t reimburse you for it

  10. That dog looks so uncomfortable. This isn’t cute, this is sad

  11. My poor little guy gets carsick and he vomited his breakfast in the backseat of my car. It was on the seats, floor, door, everywhere.

  12. I find it hard to believe that Kanye (or anyone for that matter) can just bring a random that the former president has never heard of or met and it’s just all good. Isn’t the guest list vetted by the secret service? It’s not a house party where you bring randos. Not buying this shit

  13. His "Black 'friend'". Y'know, because he's not racist if he has one Black friend. /s

  14. Isn’t this guy proud to be a racist though? He’s completely unashamed and it’s a part of his persona. Therefore the Kanye friendship makes no sense

  15. Be a normal person? If a man is married to a woman then periods shouldn’t be that much of a mystery. It happens for (most) women roughly once a month so this isn’t some elusive thing. If she is in pain then try to be supportive and maybe offer some painkillers/hot towels etc. Chocolate or some food she likes may be nice if she wants it.

  16. Samantha was being a true friend by showing up, and Carrie shit all over her. Hated her in this ep.

  17. Huh? Trump was kicked off because he repeatedly violated the terms of service. Why else would he have been kicked off?

  18. Alex didn’t own the Bait Shop, she was the manager. Still a little ridiculous for her age of course…she also acted wayyy older than a teenager

  19. It’s kind of a chicken and egg situation for me; am I depressed because I’m lonely or am I lonely because I’m depressed? The two have always gone hand in hand with me as I’ve had social anxiety my whole life and have self sabotaged myself into loneliness, weather it be from fear or convincing myself that no one wants me around.

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