1. it’s rumoured to be schools out, i forgot which characters tho

  2. Oh alright, well I cant lie, I was hoping for the first wave dolls like Cleo or Ghoulia

  3. yeah i was hoping for ghoulia and cleo as well but nothing is confirmed yet, we just have to wait

  4. theres nothing to access yet. i’m pretty sure they’ll email you or send a notification when things are being released

  5. $111 on first wave cleo to steal the clothes for my better-looking naked cleo. she’s only missing the phone, headband, earrings, arm cuff and belt

  6. yes i’d say it’s safe, i had no trouble with it when i did it!

  7. you might have to email mattel and ask for the tracking number. i’m not from europe, but whenever i get a confirmation email, a tracking is never included so i just email and ask for one. just reply to the confirmation email and ask for the tracking number. hope this helps!

  8. probably bc they wanted to make dolls for both younger and older audiences

  9. signature operetta, spectra and ghoulia!

  10. Target had a listing for her on this sub but idk about it

  11. yes, it helps supports her hairstyle

  12. i have 7 of them, they’re strong and sturdy based off my experience. although the hair for some of them might be hard to deal with. they’re $39.99 where i live and i’d say its worth the price since they also come with a bunch of accessories! the only thing that bothers me is that it doesn’t come with a stand

  13. i bought nefera for $62 cad, completed

  14. toys r us in canada had them

  15. i’d say sweet screams, from what i’ve seen, they usually go for over $150 completed

  16. she’s original in swim class clothes !!

  17. the lamp is astronova’s floatation station. purple/gold jumpsuit and gold shoe is music festival clawdeen. the doll is from inner monster deluxe pack - shivering sad, eek excited & hauntingly happy. i’m not so sure about the other little bits tho

  18. haunt couture dolls for $118 cad

  19. i’ve seen skulltimate roller maze, fca black carpet, coffin bean, creepateria, dance class, dot dead gorgeous, freaky fusion, ghoul spirit, ghoul sports, ghouls night out, getting ghostly and swim class dolls go for cheap

  20. bc of the the clothes and colours

  21. can i have cleo’s phone holder and draculaura’s cake?

  22. how much do you think shipping will be?

  23. i’m guessing it will since howliday drac is sold at target as well

  24. they haven’t officially released yet but paulmart store has them and it’s also on ebay

  25. mattychecklist on insta has all of the skulltimate barcodes

  26. do you have anything for first wave cleo or forbidden love drac? im trying to complete her but cant find any of her pieces 😭

  27. no, its a screenshot from when she released

  28. what happens if you try to buy through the Shop app? I don't know that much about it so I don't know if the shop app would even show things as in stock straight away or just once it's too late. I was hoping I was being super big brained and was going to be able to grab stuff on there since the Mattel creations website must get really overloaded but seeing this I'm thinking that probably won't work 😩

  29. im not sure tbh, im guessing it wouldn’t work. you have to buy directly from the mattel creations website

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