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  1. Sailor: I want to get posted ashore to take care of family issues.

  2. My paternal grandmother was French. She was about 5'4" and small. She had 4 gigantic, strapping sons. They got hit with a flying shoe if they misbehaved. Then, they had to pick up the shoe and bring it back to her.

  3. Little French grandmothers are a force of nature. Can confirm, have 2 of them lol

  4. istg if they try to offload the steward work onto the other trades... we're busy enough as it is for chirssakes

  5. They are getting rid of the trade because the 'steward work' is not going to be conducted any longer, as it is not required. Any tasks that are actually required (very few) will be conducted by those trades that already do that work in the other elements. Welcome to the way the rest of the CAF conducts it's business.

  6. It's not required until the NavO/ORO/XO decides actually they do need turn-down service, a mint on their pillow, and someone to separate their carrots from their peas, and then all of a sudden it's a secondary duty or a billet like scullery. I can't say anything about other flavours of CAF officer, but the navy ones tend to be a mite self-entitled.

  7. Imagine we could have the freedom to kill / dispose of all comps based on our choices like in Dragon Age Origins. Would have been a blast. Alas, not gonna happen.

  8. What I wouldn't give to be able to put a round between Skadge's eyes...

  9. Oh what, that's so cute!! I love that they chose the yagasuri pattern for the cloth!! The yagasuri was traditionally used in kimono for new brides when going to their new family, like "loosing an arrow" - meant to represent good wishes and a new beginning.

  10. Cleaning rod got stuck down one end of barrel, so tried to push it out with another through the other end. Resulted in cleaning rods stuck sticking out both ends of barrel, no one could get them out. Ended up with a 5b, stupid mistake made 14 years ago, still makes me laugh.

  11. Picture this but with a 57mm Bofors, and I Have Seen It Done lol

  12. Tem Morrison seems like a real G, like just one of those awesome older dudes

  13. Do grenades ever go bad? Like what’s their shelf life?

  14. All ammunition and explosives have a shelf-life, which should be printed on the packaging from the manufacturer.

  15. I don't know if anyone else has picked up on this, but Oscar wears really dark contact lenses when he plays Jake (IE the scene in the psychward where he threatens Harrow and his eyes are almost black, and the end credits scene. Especially can be seen in that one still that was released where you can see one of the contacts slipped a bit and his eye looks strange.)

  16. I wasn't confused, didn't even suspect anything. I took it he was apologising to god for beating his kippah into the ground, and not to his mother, but yup, that changes things a lot, haha. Specially since Marc isn't wearing the star necklace in any of the scenes in the Duat, but Steven still has his in there.

  17. Whoa whoa, he's not wearing it?? I never even noticed! Good catch!

  18. Aah I was so worried we'd have a Lady And The Tiger style ending!! Which I would love and hate at the same time lol. Also I really like how a lot of what's real and what isn't is left to the audience to decide, Diab did a great job using the Unreliable Narrator. Also the cyclical nature of the themes was *chef's kiss*

  19. From other Mandarin speakers online, it wasn't fake just very very poorly pronounced.

  20. i'm not a mandarin speaker so i'll take your word on it. I was going on their apologies for getting it wrong

  21. I looked up the apology, it seems like it's more that it was butchered (which it was) and the mangled pronunciation. If Ethan Hawke didn't have a voice coach helping him with it and was just reading a romanization of the characters with no pitch accents, and someone on the creative team just fed an English sentence through Google Translate, I can understand how this would happen.

  22. I think one of the great things about Harrow's character is that he's not portrayed as a typical villain. He's a man who thinks he's doing the right thing, even though it's hard. He's an antagonist who thinks he's the hero. He's not vicious, or power hungry, he doesn't lash out in rage or pride. He seems to genuinely believe he's doing Good Works, and that comes through in both his Cult Leader and psychiatrist incarnations. I wish we could see a Harrow before Khonshu, I think it would be interesting to see how being beholden to the god of justice affected him. "[His] justice comes too late," says to me that Harrow came across one too many horrific scenes in his tenure as the Knight.

  23. Quick note though that (based on what we currently know), Harrow is either lying to his cult intentionally about Ammit’s judgment, or he has deluded himself into thinking he really knows what Ammit wants.

  24. I don't know if I agree that he's the one judging them - he seems to defer to the judgement of his magic scales, and doesn't have a way to influence them, otherwise why let Steven/Marc live when he read his scales? If there was a person inconveniencing me and I literally had the power in my hands to eliminate them, and I had a shaky relationship with relative morality, I'd just off them right there.

  25. I believe this earring represents Apep, the dark Egyptian snake deity. Apep is depicted as a serpent with a head made of flint (note the triangular shape of the tip, looks like an arrowhead), which is why I'm thinking her earring could possibly be some nerdy foreshadowing.

  26. I'm also seeing that Mehen is the snake that protects Ra as he moves through the night. There are some references as well that associate Mehen with Pashedkhonsu?

  27. It doesn't look like any Arabic letters to me, it looks like a crescent on top of a snake

  28. Oh shit yeah, you're right. Wow, my pattern recognition is at Zero.

  29. I feel like it wasn't too hard for May Calamawy to show affection for this guy. I mean, look at him! He's so adorkable in Steven mode.

  30. I actually was wondering about this because of the scene where he gets shot. I was a little on the fence as to whether it was a hint or just a choice the props department made, but when he gets double-tapped in the chest, there's very little blood, even when he falls into the water. It looked more like if you shot a corpse. With a white shirt, it should have been especially visually apparent (esp esp with the 9mm bleeder rounds he got shot with) but it was all very muted.

  31. Also also, the psychward scene has Layla eating marshmallows which is a callback to the ep with the forger lady, but Marc/Steven were never present for that - only Layla, and us as the audience.

  32. This and the coordinates from last ep are driving me nuts - I looked, it's on the border with Libya and the closest landmark is the Siwa Oasis. *shakes the showrunners* what does it meeeaaaaan

  33. Yeah, 29n 25e is juuuuust inside the Egyptian border with Libya

  34. Okay this might be the worst question to ask 'Are inter faith marriages okay between Jewish men and Muslim women?'

  35. Interfaith marriages happen all the time? I mean obv if both families are majorly orthodox then there's a bit more negotiating that would happen in terms of what the ceremony (or ceremonies) would look like, but it's not like. Illegal.

  36. So long as the members are held to actually maintain it and make it look good I see nothing wrong with it.

  37. Pretty sure hygiene is still reinforceable via medtech. Definitely seen more than one person frogmarched in for showers by medical pers.

  38. A move away from the Business Model. We take structures and models straight from industry and try to apply them to the CAF and it just doesn't work. We don't make a product, we don't bring in revenue, we are entirely a money sink. Corporations view personnel as labour cost, bottom line. We are an organization whose entire purpose is to SUPPORT personnel doing the business of war. If we moved our focus towards creating and employing a workforce with high competencies (that means reversing a lot of training cuts, and bolstering our training institutions or outsourcing to civilian equivalents), effective communications (as in, actually teaching people how to communicate so we don't get chiefs/MWOs who 'forget' to forward critical info all the time), and legitimately functional equipment (@Ottawa HIRE SOME GODDAMN PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONALS FFS. And some contract lawyers while you're at it!! Enough shunting those details off to the randomly available 2Lt/SLt who has no idea what they're doing!), I think we could solve a lot of problems that exist at all levels.

  39. It's incredible that they've managed to 3D print a full-sized hotwheels toy. Technology!

  40. I feel like there are a lot of themes of being broken and fractured, which is reflected (ha) in three people with one body working somewhat at odds with eachother - not to mention all the very literal shattered mirrors, reflections, and posing of the camera upside-down to indicate transition and change. When a story starts that way, it usually lends itself to unification of purpose and goals, and a bonding together that brings the constituent parts closer. With Khonshu being a right horse's arse, I don't know how they're going to accomplish that, unless Marc and Steven have more power over the situation than they, and we the audience, are lead to believe. If Steven is such an undesirable element, and Layla is a choice replacement, why is Khonshu sticking with Marc?

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