1. If you're using just for storage, format as exfat. You can use in Windows or mac

  2. Exfat is not as efficient as HFS in term of indexing and researching. I use Windows only sometimes, so i prefer to use HFS + Macdrive.

  3. Hello I loved this watch face on my former Garmin 245. I now have a 255 but can't find it on Connect IQ. Would it be possible to activate this watch face for Garmin 255 too ?

  4. Candooby! I've been meaning to do this over the last week but work has caught up with me. Will get this done by the weekend! Still waiting to get my 255 here so you'll have to be my guinea pig.

  5. Yeah sure i can test it and report! Thanks!

  6. Same issue for me, Instagram completely stops working with AdGuard On when i'm connected to my Wifi network. Strange thing is that disabling filterings one by one on Adguard app doesn't change anything (DNS, HTTPS, PHISHING...). And still it's working without issue when i'm on LTE network...

  7. Here's mine, don't hesitate if you need advice on bike or accessories !

  8. There are no amd laptops with TB3 available. Anywhere. And who needs a numpad? I'd rather not type on a crammed keyboard all the time.

  9. I agree for TB3, but i personnally absolutely need a numpad on a laptop, be it a dedicated numpad or a smart trackpad version like asus does an their Zenbook. This is the only thing i would miss on this laptop once OLED screen is available. And there are a lot of 15 inches laptop in the same size with numpad so i find this shameful too..

  10. I can confirm same issue for me. 20-30% dropped frames and 30+ ms ping on Shield TV, whatever the resolution and stream bandwith are... But no issue on other devices

  11. I stumbled upon your post after I purchased an Aero 15 OLED for myself. Sadly, the DPC results are still about the same as the results you posted in a reply down below, rendering it quite useless for me in the realm of audio production, so I am now looking at different options. I was curious to ask if you ended up upgrading to something new or found a workaround that helped out?

  12. Hello In my case i finally got rid of this laptop but i returned to desktop PC for now, for other reasons also. But i've seen many reports that MSI and Lenovo are usually more clean laptops regarding DPC latency. Didn't tried it myself though. You can check at reviews made by notebookcheck.net, they usually include a dpc latency test in their performance review.

  13. So i can confirm after reinstalling Windows, installing drivers one by one and carefully check DPC latency each time, the Aero DPC issues are not related to BIOS but to Smart Manager. DPC are quite fine before installing it. But as soon as this piece of crap software is installed, DPCs are going high ! That explains why this doesn't change by updating Bios and that the problem seems to touch all the Aero models.

  14. Bruh... I have no idea what you're talking about. Give me a test to run and I'll give you the results. It's doing everything I want it to

  15. I tried 3 different tests and got some interesting results.

  16. The latency issues is certainly a bios issue as I see the new bios update if the XPS 15 fixes the latency issues . Check to see tally ho tech review on YouTube ,hopefully gigabyte will do the same with the aero

  17. Well I think it's a mixed bag between bios and manufacturer control software, because in my case if i install only clean windows and drivers, i don't have DPC issues. The issues comes when i install Gigabyte Smart Manager. Problem is that without this software, no fan control, no keyboard functions, no performance profiles, etc... That being said the DPC issues are linked to ACPI.sys, which is the driver for communication with bios hardware management. That's why is say it's a mixed bag between Bios thru ACPI and software (Smart Manager). Smart Manager is causing DPC issues by accessing bios ACPI functions.

  18. I hope gigabyte does something about that

  19. Hopefully but they did nothing in one year for 15x V8. That's why i'm pissed of when i see their "content creator" advertisement..

  20. Looks very similar. Wouldn't you rather the oled screen on the aero 15? That's generally what I've got my heart set on right now lol.

  21. Indeed Oled seems great but i'm very concerned by noise too. But if there is no big difference in term of cooling system then yes Oled 15" it is!

  22. I don't know, the only comparison made in this video test with Aero 15 Oled is a CPU benchmark comparing very different CPUs (6 core i7 locked for Aero 15 Oled) and not really temp or noise. Plus the numbers for Aero 15 Oled come from a former review so the conditions may have changed. Though Jarrod is mentioning slightly thicker heatspreader on Aero 17, I'm not sure the difference will be huge in term of thermals. Only a side by side comparison with same specs could tell.

  23. Strange, i've been using two sticks of this exact same Ram on my Aero 15W V8, which differs from 15X V8 only for graphic card and have very similar Bios. I've been in FB08 for a long while and now FB0A without issue.

  24. Did you have color stick as your original ram? I have heard there is compability issue for color and gskill 2666 stick

  25. I don't remember exactly but i'm pretty i had Kingston Ram at origin. Also i read a review of new Aero 17 saying that only Samsung and some Crucial Rams were supported on this model, not GSkill. Maybe you should try with these brands.

  26. Hi, Did you test DPC latency on this laptop? Gigabyte Aero series have long suffered from this issue. And for a "content creator" labeled laptop, this would be a minimum to get rid of this problem (unless Gigabyte consider audio work not content creation...). Thanks

  27. It's really a pity that these nice hardware laptops have so much background CPU activities because of crappy Gigabyte softwares. I understand now why Gigabyte laptops have DPC latency issues..

  28. From my laptop, Intel's crapware took most credits. about 10 services and processes.

  29. I don't think the number of processes is relevant here. All Intel laptops will have these Intel processes. But not all wil have stability and background activity issues like Gigabyte. And i can confirm in my case of DPC issues that this totally related to Gigabyte's Smart Manager.

  30. I'm very interested too about this!

  31. Thanks ! This seems very good for a laptop !

  32. Hello, Very interested in this laptop too for audio production. Did you have time to run some DPC latency test on your laptop ? This can be done by using latencymon for at least 5 minutes. The important result os the last one (DPC max latency).

  33. I don't think streaming in general would be any good for 4k. I think the quality would suffer so much over wireless. Even a wired connection would probably degrade quality. What games would you play at 4k? Can your tv accept a 1440p input?

  34. Thanks for advice. Of course streaming would be done with direct wired connection in my case. And it's working pretty well even in 4K when using the pcie card of a desktop computer. My main concern is about the power loss due to TB3 send and return, and potential driver limitations/incompatibility with this solution. I think i could give a try and compare with the egpu enclosure connected directly to TV.

  35. I think it's not worth it at all. You will loose too much power because of the TB3 bandwidth bottleneck

  36. You mean because of the signal returning to computer ? Because we using 2080ti egpu with screen attached to it, the loss seems only about 10% in 2160p in tests i've seen. So not so big loss.

  37. Can't wait to play Watch Dogs: Legion with #RTXON !

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