1. When my wife and I were walking around I pretty much predicted that was going to be the reaction from those who had general admission. It's so understandable. The lines were so long.

  2. Looking back at my original comment, it looks a lot harsher and negative than I meant. We still had a great time! Hopefully if they bring it back they’ll work out the kinks. Might upgrade our pass next time. 🙌🏻 Glad y’all had fun!

  3. I don't think it was harsh all you nailed the key point that this was their first one. We had plenty of constructive stuff for them too. My wife works Niagara Falls every year so there was plenty that she saw.

  4. Absolutely, all the celebs were fantastic. I was most excited to meet Andy Buckley, I’ve just always really liked David Wallace. Like you said, he had a conversation with everyone which really made it feel special. We had waited about 45 minutes when he got pulled to go do the private photo shoot. He felt so bad and apologized profusely. He then started giving out muffins he had to people. 🤣

  5. Coast to local in north market. Boston's in arena district for happy hour

  6. A friend and I had Coast to Local a few weeks ago for the first time, it was fantastic! Looking forward to visiting again soon.

  7. Used to work there. Other than the dough, and the sausage, everything comes from a can. Morning prep consisted of opening about 30 industrial sized cans of mushrooms, green peppers, olives etc. Onions are dehydrated and we would rehydrate in 30 gallon drums. Sauce is canned and is more like tomato paste. It truly does have a remarkably unique flavor though. Not a good flavor, but very unique lol

  8. But aren't most pizza places like that to be fair? Maybe it's because I prefer canned mushrooms on pizza, but that doesn't seem that egregious.

  9. Ive worked in 3 different pizza places. Marions, Papa Johns, and a local spot in Saint Louis when I lived there. Only marions did everything come from a can. If you think marions is even above a 5 on the pizza scale, then god help you my friend.

  10. Then god help me I guess, lol. I enjoy it.

  11. The stations that own the rights to them play them in whatever order they want.

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Condado. Completely forgettable food, but everybody I know seems to love it

  13. I use to love Condado! We didn’t have any ‘build your own taco’ type places where I’m from. So the concept from the get go was intriguing, and generally I thought the food was really great.

  14. You’ve obviously never lived in the South.

  15. Definitely recommend, we had an absolute blast today! Hadn’t been in probably 10 years, but was really impressed honestly.

  16. Went to Moran’s in the Arena District a couple nights ago. $30 for three courses. I got Mozzarella sticks & Fish & Chips. My two friends got Salad apps, one got the Rattlesnake Pasta, and the other got the Peruvian Chicken. We all got French Silk Pie for dessert.

  17. Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a good experience. In house made mozz sticks are probably superb! Big fan of fresh mozz. Going to have to google rattlesnake pasta now, I'm intrigued by the name! Did they do like happy hour pricing or special prices for the beer menu?

  18. That I’m not sure of, they might, seems like the kind of place that would have some happy hour prices, especially during the week. But I didn’t think to ask when I went. I saw Little Fish on the beer menu and was sold. 😅

  19. Was there a specific place/restaurant you went to? I only ask cause I’m from SE Ohio myself and was curious where I could get one when I go back to visit. 😅

  20. Not that I can remember. Most of my experience with them was when Mom came back from bingo; she'd normally grab one for me and dad before heading out.

  21. No worries, I’ll have to check out Club Vinton sometime. My Dad lives just on the other side of McArthur, so maybe I’ll grab lunch with him there sometime.

  22. Before I moved to Columbus I had Charleston/Huntington stations. One that’s still stuck in my head almost a decade later is a dealership called Goldy Auto. The commercials were 15 seconds long, but sang the jingle twice. What’s worse is since it was only 15 seconds, occasionally they’d run another 15 second commercial immediately after. So 4 times they’d sing the jingle. And it was on almost every single commercial break. That and the JG Wentworth ads were enough to convince me to cancel cable. 😅

  23. Hooray, finally!!! Thank you for the update. I know where I’m doing my walk this evening. 🙌🏻

  24. And their Carrot Cake! Got a slice of each kind for my friend’s birthday and just the two slices was enough for 5 of us. Both were amazing!

  25. I’ve seen a number of people on here call them ugly. What don’t you like about them? Maybe it’s cause I grew up in the sticks of Appalachia, so my worldview of what’s ugly and not is warped, but I’ve thought most of the new apartments being built looked nice. Maybe cookie cutter, but simple, modern, and clean.

  26. Most people are calling them ugly because yeah they’re objectively not “ugly” just as you described, but the fact EVERY development and apartment has the same freaking design is just an “urban hell” type of ugly

  27. Same. I loved crossing back and forth a couple times in the evenings. Hoping it’s back next year.

  28. I've never had Bojangles, but is it really not better than Canes? I genuinely can't wrap my head around how anyone actually enjoys Canes. It's some of the worst food that I've ever had.

  29. I don’t think you can even compare the two. I mean, Canes is just chicken tenders, Bojangles is bone in chicken, with the real star being their biscuits/breakfast all day. I love both, but to me they’re very different.

  30. I think both Democrats and Republicans are awful, but I vote Democrat since at least they pretend to care about some social issues/human rights.

  31. Had my first one ever this morning. Y’all weren’t lying, they are bomb! 🙌🏻

  32. What’s at that Walmart that I’m not experiencing??? I’ve been there plenty of times and never seen anything sketch.

  33. Maybe they’ve cleaned up since I’ve been, but the couple times I’ve went before COVID the store was a complete mess. Like, merchandise just flung everywhere and the store being just generally unsanitary and disorganized. It looked like a tornado had gone through.

  34. If they do move, this would certainly be a danger to my waistline. 😅 Seriously the best glazed donuts anywhere!

  35. I used to think the same till I had Schneiders in Westerville.

  36. I will do that! Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  37. Well shoot. Hopefully my luck continues. Have you been doing online ordering? I stopped doing online orders awhile back because no matter what Chipotle I went to, the portions were half the size, and something was wrong or missing. And even if I had a specific time to pick up, it was always 15-30 minutes of me waiting once I got there. I never quite understood why it took so long. Once they brought back the regular in person line ordering I stopped online ordering and my experiences have drastically been better.

  38. Agreed. Friends live near this one, it’s meh to us. I mean, never been terrible, but never that great either. But I feel like most Chipotles have gotten that way over the past few years.

  39. The quality on them is so poor, though. The only way they can keep the price down is buying chickens from the worst suppliers that have minimal quality standards

  40. Interesting, my local Costco usually has pretty stellar chickens. Bigger, tastier, and better overall quality than any other grocery store around here. And normally a couple bucks cheaper too!

  41. Hmm, maybe a couple stations running low with all the people gassing up for the long weekend? Sheetz on N. Hamilton was busy but had everything this morning when I gassed up.

  42. Have you really not figured out yet that basing a society on social Darwinism, where most people work harder and harder to afford less and less, eventually leads to Brazil? The Dream's dead for most people now, with no hope of it ever returning. The only people who haven't figured that out yet are, ironically, those who have the most to lose.

  43. Commodore Perry, you’re drunk, go home.

  44. Drinking lost its cachet years ago. Let me ask you this -- do you think it's going to get better or it's going to get worse? We're already at the point to where putting too much mayo on a sandwich will get you blown away. Akron just cancelled it's 4th of July because the cops pumped 90 rounds into a kid. You've got a lot of confidence for someone who lives in a country where suicides, overdoses, and mass shootings have been climbing for twenty years. Not to mention that alcoholism in women has doubled, and anti-depressent use is up 400%.

  45. What the hell is this mumble jumble? LOL :joy:

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