1. The IWI Jericho 941 (aka Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle) is a clone of the Tanfoglio TZ-75 pistol.

  2. I can’t imagine having so many of one type of mag for one gun know what I mean?

  3. Over 120 mags for AR 24 mags for P09 36 mags for 75 24 mags for compact 75

  4. You got more mags than I got bullets lol

  5. Then you definitely don't wanna know how much ammo I got.

  6. Have you seen the video of guy measuring the chamber?

  7. That video was lacking. Never measured the actual rounds. Notice his reloads all fit the "hundo" gauge which is known to be a tight gauge far tighter than the lyman he is using, but fail to plunk that chamber.

  8. Did you find it locally? Mind saying what it cost you? Trying if find one and no one can even find them.

  9. It's fine on a rifle, not so much on a pistol

  10. You can't mount a RMR and retain the stock factory rear irons. If you want some type of rear irons, you need will a plate system that has irons built into the plate.

  11. So you sent your discontinued guns with near impossible replaceable slides to a no name guy. Both slides are milled off center and you are suggesting these guys for future reference because you can't wait for quality work.

  12. What guns are coming out left and right in that caliber?

  13. Wouldn't even break a sweat digging a grave for the idiot. They got backhoes out there.

  14. Fuck the back hoe, you know what a few hungry pigs will do to a body.

  15. Lived in Kansas City, home of CZ USA, for 12 years. Had over 12 gun shops and 4 gun ranges within a 30 min radius, CZs were not that popular there either.

  16. Actually tested this several times, aero upper vs bcm upper using a WOA barrel.

  17. Putting a no fpb slide on a decocker frame is a bad idea.

  18. The energy grid can handle the current amount of homes. It's the extra load from cars that could be a problem. This the part I'm focusing on.

  19. I work in the energy field for an electric/gas company, the grid can physically handle the current demend and more. The problem is coal plants still produce around 55% of the nations energy. In the state of Wisconsin, two plants are being decommissioned, one produces around 500mkv the other 900mkv.

  20. Depends on the CZ. Your a idiot if it was a shadow2

  21. Yep..I'd trade my 92 performance for another shadow 2 any day of the week.

  22. All pistols are that have 6” long barrels and weighs 4 pounds loaded.

  23. Too bad it doesn't meet either one of those.

  24. You do realize CZ once built full size framed pistols with the compact slides....they called them semi compact.

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