1. The son Joe who died in the WWII. I always wondered what would have happened if he survived. He was the only one who went to his sister Kits wedding. (Rose wouldn’t attend because Kit was marrying a non catholic Englishman who was in the aristocracy, didn’t even attend kits funeral when she died in a plane crash)

  2. America was all about eugenics until World War 2. They'd have summits and share ideas with people all over the world we definitely gave Germany some ideas. Sterilizations in the U.S as well.

  3. If u don't have the mewtwos or radiants do it. Only 40 bucks

  4. I only started collecting again because of this set. I needed the Ditto. Then I needed the radiants.

  5. Ashton Kutcher was majoring in biochemical engineering before he was discovered/modeled. Brian May is an astrophysicist. Mayim Bialek is literally a neuroscientist. Danica McKellar is a mathematician. Tom Morello has a polysci degree from Harvard.

  6. Also, he wrote that little "gotta keep em separated" line because he used to sing that to himself in the lab so he would remember which chemicals not to mix. Love that.

  7. Ruth Codd has a prosthetic leg, DJ Paul of Three Six Mafia has a limb deformity.

  8. Probable name reference to El dude brothers from peep show.

  9. Great show, Tom and Greg just need their version of that horn pulling gesture they do (Ehhhh Ehhhh you know)

  10. Omg I read this after posting my comment above. I need this to happen.

  11. I'm 100 percent convinced it is and really hope there's an, "EHHH EHHH".

  12. Its so Kanye that it kinda feels like he means it. Like it wasn’t “after speaking with leaders of the Jewish community…” its “You know Jonah Hill is funny… Maybe I don’t hate all jews”

  13. I feel that was probably a lot of people with Mel Brooks movies tbh.

  14. I think its better if it was just a bag with plaid print, looking like it's a Burberry.

  15. Hes seriously the best. His lines take forever because he wants to talk to everyone.

  16. I really hope Sergio just says ‘Fuck it’, ignores the inevitable team orders and goes for it this season.

  17. Tickets on sale now for the disgusting brothers world tour

  18. Still a risk with magnesium pills as well. But im also a dumbass who tried taking this and probiotics at the same time.

  19. Simon Rich (creator who also wrote at snl) is a genius and his other show Man Seeking Woman was also incredible.

  20. Tcg.codes let’s you share these but limits Reddit accounts to three a day so they can be evenly shared instead of caught my bots. Just a thought but nice for giving them out!!

  21. Can I post my codes here? I was hoarding them and finally scanned them in an app to sell them.. and it was 4 dollars lol. Definitely not worth it, so after I get a haul, I'd like to post them here so someone can utilize them.

  22. When I saw the tins I wanted Zapdos before examining the cards, got sad, then got Moltres lol.

  23. Yep and when they were going through Tonk’s tweets he mentioned Michelle carrying the group

  24. i was shocked when she really woke up at that white dude house, i thought that whole club scene was gonna be a dream sequence.

  25. That was Rory Culkin! The youngest. When I saw him I was like, "omg so good to see him since Kieran is killing it on Succession and Macaulay has been making a comeback!"

  26. So I’ve been an artist (I won’t say which medium) for quite a long time; as such I’ve met a lot of A-Z list celebs. They’re either much fresher/cleaner/more hygienic than the average person, or they’re dirty and stinky. There is little to no in-between. So without further ado…

  27. My aunts former bff was a casting agent/producer/whatever from like the 90s until a few years ago (im assuming) when she came back to Michigan.

  28. I don't get the hype about Ted Lasso. Tried the first few episodes and felt it was a borefest.

  29. Same. I'm glad people like it, but I just couldn't get into it. I do like that one of the actors on the show is obsessed with Twin Peaks though lol.

  30. She’s so beyond gorgeous. Can’t wait for whatever she does next and manifesting a well-deserved Oscar win 🤞

  31. I finally saw Everything Everywhere in theaters yesterday. My only gripe is her not getting the Oscar. Like I get why it went to Jamie but God damn Stephanie made the movie for me.

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