1. God damn I love mass transit projects. Thanks

  2. Yeah I dont think I will be getting these. I think I might actually be a little disappointed with them. The buds+ likely fit much better, and they have twice the battery life, they are nearly 3 years old now, and im sure the sound quality is equal to them if not better (buds+ use the same woofer and speaker as the pro just tuned differently) I will just get the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro especially since I can currently get the Buds 2 Pro for 170 on Amazon. They seem better than the Pixel Buds Pro in nearly every way. However if I see the Pixel Buds pro for like 100-120 that's when I'll definitely pick them up over anything else. 150 there's better options for me. But I agree 200 is overpriced for these.

  3. I'll add that I'm in the middle of testing headphones. I love my Galaxy buds Plus so I tried the pro 2 and they were absolutely terrible. Very uncomfortable and honestly the ANC was almost worse than just not having any ANC at all on my buds. I did a test on my train commute into Manhattan and could hear just as much noise with the ANC on the buds pro as I could with the buds plus. I also heard that the Sony XM4s suck in terms of the microphone which i need for phone calls. So I'm considering the pixel pro. Let me know how you make out.

  4. I've lived up almost a year and still have no idea what the difference between Cortlandt and Cortlandt Manor is.

  5. Thanks for the link! So many reviews didn't really cover the mic, although the ones that did specifically mentioned the wind being bad, so that test was interesting I would have been curious for them to have used the pixel buds in the first test near the dock and the helicopter pad.

  6. Thanks for this thread, OP. I was going to buy Sony but all the reviews said the mic sucks and I use my ear buds for calls all day (using Samsung Buds+).

  7. I am doing a real time side by side - the pro 2 sound better, sure, but actually let more voices in of the ladies across from me. Painfully obvious. Maybe I need better ear tips or whatever, but this is a huge fail.

  8. Try some foam tips. It took the ANC to another level for me because the seal's a lot better in my ears.

  9. We’re looking in Rivertowns and can’t even find decent houses to bid on under 1M

  10. Expand your reach to Croton. It's not as bougie but you're on the water and have express trains, nice parks, good schools, and lovely people!

  11. Does anyone use Pirate Bay? Forgive me for I am old. How do I get torrents these days?

  12. After the takedown, I spent a few years with random pirate bay proxies, but it never had the same quality of the original pirate bay. RARBG is an ok alternative. People here also recommend 1337x.

  13. Croton, 45 minutes express to grand central

  14. or even surrounding area that's technically over village lines

  15. Yeah, anything around there within 10 minutes to train might be good for OP.

  16. My CX 5 is so uncomfortable. I was convinced I might return it but got used to it. Good to know the CX 9 is like that too since we thought about upgrading but maybe we'll go with a Honda

  17. So did they just open a new terminal and not add extra capacity?

  18. This is awful. I can't believe how little is being done for these people. Absolute shame.

  19. You really don’t need a bigger car. The CX5 is plenty big for four. I have three kids, and I have an Outback, and my wife had a VW sportswagen for years.

  20. Thanks. We need a second car anyway for commiting so may as well get something more comfortable

  21. Because I believe every single train stops there. There’s no point in even mentioning it.

  22. Can you even buy a ticket from 125th to Grand Central?

  23. Traveled to/from LI a lot as a teen and young adult. Traffic is almost always HORRIBLE. Don’t know if it’s a myth, but “one way out” stuck with me.

  24. You also can't run a government when everyone quits because you're having a coal miner moment.

  25. They call it MRCC, Mazda Radar Cruise Control. It’s been standard on all trim levels since at least 2019, possibly earlier.

  26. Thanks, it wasn't standard on my 2018 CX 5, glad to know it is.

  27. Are you referring to Adaptive cruise control?

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