1. Mmhmm, yep, that checks out. Arthur did the same thing at the western front and wall. He had a position to hold, he didn’t listen for personal reasons and people died. But none of the people that died due to him thinking that his father was more important or the fact he committed treason don’t matter because… why? I know you like Nico so I won’t use him as a spring board but I will say this, Tess is 19, Arthur is 60-70, they did the same thing, ignore orders to try to save their parent(s) and people died because of it. Sylvie didn’t die either, she is hibernating but not dead. The fact of the matter is that Tess knew it was stupid but thought she had no other choice because she knew Virion and Elder Rinia weren’t going to help and it wasn’t Arthur’s problem. She did the exact same thing as Arthur, he knew it was wrong to abandon his post to find his father but did it anyways, the difference is that it makes sense for Tess because she is a child while Arthur can get senior discounts.

  2. Tess causing Sylvie to die (a fan favorite) is very different from Arthur causing random people who no one cares about to die. Obviously Sylvie isn’t dead but you get the point.

  3. This is such a braindead take, those "random people" also had families that loved and cared about them

  4. They did but the readers don’t care about those people is the point

  5. Dude was straight up walking into the Enemys all the time.

  6. I like to think it’s just a drunk player

  7. This is starting to happen way too much. I wouldn't believe it if someone told me that it happened to them 4 times in 7 matches, but it happened to me, so Ik for a fact this is a serious issue.

  8. You gotta realize they probably aren’t leaving tho 9x outta 10 it’s the booboo servers especially if you’re winning

  9. Yea that’s stupid to me. Like in valorant if my computer crashes it’ll let me join right back even tho I’ll still get a leave game warning. Worse part about OW is you’ll crash because of servers then immediately get banned for it.

  10. Caera easily mops the floor with Tess in a fight. Cecilia has hax so it could go either way

  11. Terrible example that proves absolutely nothing.

  12. Kezess can take slyvie out of current Arthur hands all the same

  13. You have 0 evidence to make that assertion. Literally no evidence whatsoever.

  14. You can use Arthur’s fight against Taci as a basis though. Arthur was extremely buffed and could barely keep up with his movements while Taci was nerfed. Taci (although a prodigy) is a mere child compared to the other asuras. Taci wouldn’t get folded by Kezess very very easily, Taci would get blitz by him. Taci is probably stronger than Art if they were in the regular world, if not Art very very barely comes out that fight alive.

  15. Lmao ain’t no way in hell you’re asking to ban post that ask for spoilers? What does it have to do with you? Some people just can’t wait. They’ll most likely read it anyways they just wanna be spoiled. Even if they don’t who cares.

  16. If they’re curious they can just read the wiki instead of spamming the Reddit with the same questions over and over again. Istg every week there like 10 people asking if there’s NTR in the story.

  17. How does 10 a week affect you? That’s 1-2 people a day which you can easily skip over their post. A lot of things in life must annoy you

  18. Medals were removed because they were basically participation trophies. They didn’t tell you anything useful about the game because you couldn’t see what the rest of your team had; the gap between Gold and Silver damage could be as much as 20000 points of damage, or as little as 1. The new scoreboard offers a lot more transparency in diagnosing your own performance and identifying areas in which the team is struggling.

  19. I like this scoreboard more for sure but adding medals on top of it would be a nice touch, visually. And of course end of match cards had no purpose but it was just nice getting hella votes, like it added a lil more fun to the game when I played well and everyone votes for me

  20. Medals don’t need to be in the game anymore when you can clearly see how well you’re doing. The rest I agree with tho. No reason half the stuff shouldn’t be in the game

  21. Medals had no purpose other than fun, I just liked seeing the medal idk why. Yea I can clearly see on the scoreboard how well I’m doing but it’s also just nice having a medal

  22. Why would you think he’s that old though considering the novel described him as looking very young and handsome 😭

  23. Well bairon didn't know that at the time. He knew xyrus was being attacked and the moment he shows up he sees his brother being mutilated. It's not until olfred starts gathering information that bairon even learns that his brother was the aggressor, but by then his anger is already there and isn't going to disappear easily.

  24. Even after multiple people told him of what happened including Arthur he never changed. It took a very long time for his character development to start

  25. Which isn't unreasonable. Even in real life if you kill someone in self defense there is no guarantee that the family will just sit back and accept it. Then to add to that, the brutality of the death is just another layer for anger. Even if they do accept it was justified to kill them, the brutality is unacceptable.

  26. I agree with you in the case of self defense. I don’t agree with your brutality statement as if not for Arthur not only would Tess had got kidnapped resulting in Agronas plans proceeding quicker (no one knew of him at the time so I won’t use that), but the majority of Xyrus Academy would of died. They would have shut everything down because of Lucas and he would of gotten a death sentence most likely anyways. If you’re showing remorse and want vengeance for someone like that regardless of if it’s family it just wouldn’t make sense to me

  27. It’s impossible to adapt the entirety of his monologues though in a short seasoned anime so I don’t get your point? I don’t see why him being a robot makes no sense in the first place to you, considering he’s supposedly a perfect human from the white room.

  28. Well he’s still a human the LN makes him more realistic than the anime

  29. A modified human though? You think if you personally was experimented on your entire life up until high school you’d have regular emotions? I think it makes more sense that he has none (in the anime) because of his life up until now. Then he could gradually learn these new emotions that he hadn’t experienced in the white room. But to each their own

  30. Tbh no one here knows Seris full capabilities. Arthur is stronger than any scythe realistically, but who knows if seris is on the same level as the other scythes, she’s been hiding a lot from us. No one knows for sure but most likely Arthur should be able to win easily if she isn’t hiding her true abilities

  31. Just read it bro, enjoy the journey. Man I see so many posts like this of people who want to be spoiled.

  32. I know imma get downvoted for this but why do y’all say “just read it” 💀 like some of us just like to be spoiled

  33. Then even if it’s true that there were a whole clan of Vritra Asuras, that’s only one out of the 8 clans. Kezess has 7 clans at his disposal, shouldn’t they still be able to easily destroy them?

  34. Since when were the 7 clans his bitches? He is above them, but that doesn't mean that he can order them to do whatever he wants. Last time he did, a lot of their elites were massacred by agrona and whatever army he has.

  35. Yea that’s definitely true now that I think about it I guess he can’t just order them around. But isn’t Agrona after all the Asuras or just Kezess l? Even without ordering anyone around I’d assume they’d agree that Agrona needs to be taken care of. Unless they are just underestimating him and letting him be

  36. Within her range? She had to create a small cage lol wym. And do you think the asuras will be slow enough to be caught in that cage?

  37. Because the writing will go dumb most likely just like a lot of other anime/manga. Asuras are Gods who have trained for hundreds of years and somehow someway they won’t be able to just rush Cecelia and kill her

  38. But she did sneak and escaped from the city after seeing her parents dead and the retainer. She only got caught because Nico appeared.

  39. If he got caught he has multiple ways to escape. Like how he escaped Agrona. Tess has no way to escape after getting caught is what I’m saying. She can’t get away from a retainer or scythe.

  40. But I repeat, she was a teenager who's parents were kidnapped trying to save her, she was feeling guitly. I'm not saying that it wasn't dumb, but its understandable. And if it wasn't for Nico, she would have run away

  41. If I’m not mistaken she was 17 or 18 when she ran away. She knows she has 0 chance at beating a retainer/scythe and that getting caught could potentially get all of her fellow dicathens killed and she still goes? At that age she knows better. I’m tryna out myself in her situation I definitely wouldn’t of did it 😂 but I still agree with you that the hate she gets is over board. I don’t see how you think she’s a god character tho. Classic female character nothing special

  42. Naruto wins. Naruto’s entire verse is always underscaled because barely anyone there has high dp, they all have high ap. Kaguya is at the very least solar system level (she should be uni or uni+ because we’ll just lowball for the sake of argument). Baryon mode (assuming we are saying he can keep this mode out without risk) is for sure stronger than kaguya. In this mode he definitely has uni ap at least, krillin is star level if you high balled him he’s solar. Doesn’t beat Naruto.

  43. Any argument for uni in Naruto uses the guidebooks, which are horribly inconsistent to the point of being a meme. Solar Ap for kaguya is a highball IMO.

  44. Kaguyas pocket dimension is literally confirmed to be at least solar (you can see a lot of stars in the distance within her dimension) so that’s not a highball. I agree with you with everything being inconsistent that’s why I don’t like scaling it. She struggles against them because first off she wasn’t really trying to kill them, they reminded her of her kids, not to mention the Yin and Yang seals provided them with huge buffs during that fight. Momoshiki is not near Kaguyas power level. Her and Isshiki are on a different level.

  45. he cant do anything with outside world in static void , he can dodge stuff and move around but not attack / kill someone. It doesnt work like dio's timestop for example , he could throw a punch at someone and then cancel static void before it lands though. He can also bring other people into static void , as it was shown against that guy who he crippled

  46. But Kezess used static void and took Sylvie out of Arthur’s hands and brung her all the way back to his seat? Was it mentioned anywhere that you can’t harm anyone while in static void or is that an assumption everyone makes?

  47. In order for Arthur to actually touch/attack someone in static void he needs to bring them into the spell to do so. Plus it was a huge drain to use it on just himself for a few second (not to mention another person) so it’s not really effective for him to attack others like that.

  48. But wouldn’t that drain be worth it for a kill? Like I’m tryna see why he can’t use static void while in the middle of hand to hand combat and easily get a kill

  49. Ok now that was the biggest bullshit that you could ever said😂 TOAA's power is similar to the irl writer which mean he can change whatever he wants in the marvel fiction he is simply above it that's why he is outerversal

  50. They beat db but you’re clearly very biased towards these two. I see you arguing with people saying they beat anyone in a 2v1 there are plenty of characters wayyy stronger than these two 😂 just off the top of my head Lucifer Morningstar would make these two his playthings (from dc comics).

  51. I can agree that’s the one thing I hate about tbate. The world building has so much potential but it just falls short. The side characters and villains could be so much better. I like villains in stories where they are so well written that some people end up liking the villain more than the mc. But yea you’d think asuras and alacryans would speak a different language from dicathen. I heard turtleme started this as a hobby and didn’t plan on it being this big so I never really cared

  52. On the different language thing. While it would make sense from a world building perspective for everyone to speak different languages. From a story perspective it’s just annoying. Having a chapter where Arthur or any other character learns a new language just to communicate, while cool for world building, wouldn’t be that interesting to read. This is a personal opinion though.

  53. I definitely agree with the language part. I also don’t care for it but I know some people like small details like that.

  54. I like Argonas design so much more than Kezess

  55. Ngl, I expected him to look more.... Bratty and arrogant, if that makes sense.

  56. To be fair I think he will later on when he fights Arthur again. He’s very young here if I’m not mistaken he trained for decades before he faced Arthur the second time

  57. I still dont get how people think uto a retainer can beat nico a scythe just what is the thought process?

  58. Because nico is just a scythe in name. Notice how he one taps nico but struggles with cadell. Uto was most likely the strongest retainer, we never even got to see his full potential.

  59. How do you conclude he's a scythe only in name?

  60. I doubt any other scythe would get one shot by Arthur. I’m sure he only has that position because he’s a reincarnation

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