what are some fucked up animal facts?

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  1. I feel bad for snipers but at the same time I rarely play BR because I can play for ten minutes without seeing anyone and then get sniped out of nowhere. For me, a casual player, this gives me a slight chance against the skilful players

  2. Plus, they have a special on roasted peacock today

  3. Turns out I had the controller steering sensitivity set to -2 as I had been driving the Tomahawk. Once I adjusted that to +4 it was fine

  4. Its completely fine just resteicted to 800pp with RH. It has 1000hp so naturally if you floor it on 90 degree corner the ass will go out. If you struggle with pedal control lower acc. sens. from LSD, If you still struggle make 1st and 2nd gear a bit longer. Only thing i would change is add a few ballasts, it had some wobbling while braking.

  5. Turns out I had the controller steering sensitivity set to -2 as I had been driving the Tomahawk. Once I adjusted that to +4 it was fine

  6. Mate, this is so good it has made MY day, so I can only imagine how you feel

  7. Maybe it is so good that people think you’re catfishing?

  8. They don’t call them hornythologists for nothing

  9. Not a SINGLE odd sock. Your clever word play won’t fool me! There were dozens of odd socks weren’t there?!?

  10. Also, Daredevil is already on Disney + with all the blood, so why would it be different?

  11. I wish we got more universes. I never felt the movie needed a huge number of cameos, but I was disappointed the movie spent a majority of its time in just a couple other universes and the rest were just glossed over.

  12. Isn’t this because Chavez didn’t have control of her power? To see multiple universes would’ve meant multiple moments of peril (the only way she could use her power early on)which would probably have been too much to squeeze into the film

  13. I recently tried to do this and the hose didn't stretch far enough. I felt like an absolute bellend.

  14. I assume you then go back in your car and drove off without fuel, as I did when this happened to me?

  15. Haha yes I did. I went to a more expensive petrol station down the road.

  16. I shit my pants because I thought there was a ghost outside the window

  17. Stay on the same side, but move your pillows to the other end of the bed. Then you would have both switched and not switched sides simultaneously

  18. Your main text is far more accurate than your title. Your cousin's children are not your first cousins, they're your first cousins once removed. That latter bit isn't like an optional thing.

  19. And your cousins children are second cousins with your children, right?

  20. The anal secretions of Beavers are used as vanilla flavouring in food

  21. Easily accessible gun cabinets in the park would have made this situation better for the kids

  22. I use CarPlay and siri is great for choosing songs to listen and asking for directions

  23. It’s wild to me that an adult can’t buy a beer in America, and even more wild that their parents would give a shit

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