1. How come different pics of different woman under a new name 12 hours later?

  2. Can’t blame them. Full of flakes, picture collector and guys posing as women/couples. We use Snapchat or kik for live pictures. I never worry about it w people ok SDC and the likes. But Reddit? Verify lol

  3. They bombard your spouse w questions the second the husband leaves to go to the bathroom or get more drinks.

  4. They’re hiding the fact they’re looking for people to film for OF

  5. I put cuffs on my wife’s hands and feet. She’s submissive also, and likes to see guys jerk off or touch themselves. So her hands together behind her back and forced the guy in her mouth to use his hands. My FWB we have strapped completely to the bed face down w a ballgag during foreplay. Blond folded and having the guys move around so you don’t know who is who, can be fun.

  6. Use for sleep and keeps me asleep. Sexual experience enhancement, yes. I don’t like to get trashed on them. Just micro dose enough my body doesn’t ache during sex and fatigue is less as well.

  7. Single males has been the biggest waste of time. Couples we’ve had very good luck with. We still play w our first couple even after a year. They’re awesome people and we fuck well together.

  8. Nah not playing tonight. Just figured I’d show a couple pics for the flakes that didn’t show.

  9. It’s so bad. “Hey” or dic pics. Nobody reads the body of the ad, or the post I make afterwards reiterating. Does my second pic count as a verification pic for DFWhotwifes? Been meaning to message you 😂😂

  10. Guys. Read the post. In Terrell. We are looking, hence the post. Just a face pic, no dick pics. We all have one.

  11. Maybe a gentler way would be to message them that you’re getting tested and will show them your results when you get them. Ask them about theirs and if they aren’t recent let them know you’d rather hold off until they decide to get tested and share their results, too

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