1. Do the tutorial, continue playing after. Eventually when you tire of it or meet disaster start a new game and pick somone in the area you are familiar. This time around you'll be much better and should have better results. Rinse and repeat or change up with different leaders. Eventually you'll end up Jarl of India.

  2. In one of my games I'm playing multi player with a friend with a 867 start. The pope had lost his mind and started racking up immediate debt. I can't figure out how he's spending a few hundred a day. 87ish years later the Pope is at -70,000ish gold and most of Europe is also anywhere from -10 gold to -20000 gold. I can't figure out where the gold is going. The AI show no sign of giving a damn about the debt still declaring wars and carrying on like nothing is wrong.

  3. Thank you. It's wetlands. I check some other duchies I have and the one that is plains can build it.

  4. I've recently had this issue effect me on PS5. I've been playing for a few weeks with no problems enjoying the campaign parks. On about my 5th or 6th one now this problem rears it's head. I can no longer use advanced rotate. There was a ticket created that was dismissed with a patronizing answer from support

  5. just another fail from epic games launcher, its a shame. they want market % but have this blocker issues

  6. I downloaded the Anno 1800 trial and its a good thing I did the Ubisoft BS is still crap and requires too much bull crap to begin playing a game from them that is bound to be full of bugs anyway. I appreciate them putting their best foot forward with a trial for a game that does not work properly it prevents me from wasting my time, effort, and money.

  7. Quite possibly a seed shrimp or some other small copepods. I had a bunch in my 50g heavy planted but I had some kind of extinction event for them in it.

  8. I am attempting to do the same, but you look to be much further along. Hopefully the dark red patch on the back will continue to darken to such a deep red that it will be almost black.

  9. Any updates on this guy? Any others in your tank showing dark spots?

  10. Desert sand and river sand are just dirt blocks that are changed cosmetically for biomes.

  11. Jeeze, maybe YOU should go ahead and make Hydelide 4 in Unity because WeakPublic is doing such a bad job.

  12. Plus, I’m a high schooler using school computers during my free periods to make this. Any downloadable stuff including Unity is out of the question. And I’ve only used up 4 to make the game so far.

  13. Using a public computer to do it is a setback as you'd have to install the Unity engine on the machine. But, as a high schooler perhaps you can speak with the teacher in your CS/Computer lab and explain to them that you would like use a computer in there for the purpose of using Unity. Just sell it as learning C# programming. The Teacher might allow for it and you may even get permission if you want to set up a club to do so allowing for other students to help collaborate and learn.

  14. They’d both just turn into werewolves. The base race or species of something doesn’t change the fact that they’re werewolves. They’d then become NPCs under your control as dm.

  15. I think it could be a good opportunity to put them under your control behind the scenes for the first few changes during a over the night fade to black kinda scene. This could create all kinds of fun stuff. The two of them wake up covered in blood and some villager children turn up missing. Could be they killed some livestock not the kids, its just to create paranoia and tension. The party finds the kids clears their name and so forth.

  16. If I'm understanding your question correctly lets assume your caster is using a longsword(doesn't matter which one as long as it is versatile) two handed normally and has nothing in his off hand.

  17. My players decided to do to the goblins what the goblins did to the party in the first episode

  18. They ate the goblins and um... defiled on of them? I guess they can always drink away those memories at the local tavern, I guess that's why a lot of adventures start off in a tavern.

  19. Lol, The most common problem of a party is lawful stupid as an alignment, but I believe this is the more rare occurrence of chaotic stupid.

  20. Well it can’t be an actual polymorphed kraken or else it will just revert after the first few points of damage.

  21. I like the Trojan Horse idea! A group a kuo-toa built a Trojan duck to attack the farm, why it doesn't matter they are raving mad. After they pour out of it and attack and inevitably die horribly. Their collective delusions breath life into their giant duck god causing it to stir and attack the party. Because it's only a few of them it wouldn't be that powerful, just enough to challenge the weakened party.

  22. For me it depends on the trigger. If the play stated when the archer fires his bow, then the attack would happen first. If the player states when the archer goes for his bow or the enemies make a hostile move then I'd say the reaction happens first.

  23. Putting carts where they belong separates humans from animals. People that do that are also the same people that walk in the exit of a store instead of the entrance. They are the same people that stand in front of an elevator when people are trying to get out and look at them like they are stupid. They just believe that their time is more precious than anyone else and are assholes.

  24. I know how is he supposed to collect his money if he's unconscious! I can see why they are upset.

  25. Why the hell would anyone ever go to Popeyes? Its safer to ask for a port sandwich in Iran.

  26. I'd say Xanathar's then Volo's followed by Mordenkainen's.

  27. I've always been a fan of monster ecology write ups. You could go through the monster manual pick a monster every week or every other and do a write up on them, either alphabetically or by challenge rating. Another idea would be to pick regions in forgotten realms and do a write up on them.

  28. Matt Colville's Running the game is a great resource.

  29. Nope, just lets you cast it. It does not change the requirements S,M,V.

  30. The Vanara in 3.5 were a monkey race. I don't think it'd be that difficult to replicate in 5e.

  31. Didn't see you comment when I posted mine to say that as well. In case you didn't know there is a 3rd party supplement on DM's Guild that has them for 5e Heroes of the Orient. Also, they were in the original Oriental Adventures setting as well.

  32. There is in Kara-Tur in forgotten realms or the old school Oriental Adventures setting. The Vanara, there is currently no official 5e info for them.

  33. You may find this video by Matt Colvile useful, its on role playing. Its really good stuff along with the rest of his series.

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