1. A therapy dog is not the same as a service animal.

  2. It felt more like pain holding me back not so much the feeling of being out of stamina. But I was planning on seeing a sports doctor for that. I already have one from the PT thing

  3. Trying to help you out here. From one keto runner to another. You are hurting your body and brain by not replenishing electrolytes. Your brain stops communicating with your muscles with too little salt in your system. Besides that anyone, regardless of their diet can suffer from hyponatremia. You are putting yourself at risk of it. Be open to the advice people are trying to share with you here. Figure out ways to take better care of your body so you can improve. Congrats on your race and best of luck with the next one.

  4. I’m 100% open to everyone’s advice especially since everyone so far is on the exact same page. Like I’ll definitely incorporate more fuel during my next training cycle and not wait until the next race lol. Since you describe yourself as a keto runner, can I ask how you handle carbs? Like is it something you worry about before/during/after heavy volume, etc. that’s the main thing I never know

  5. Running while fat adapted makes you great at maintaining a steady state but if you try to sprint towards the end you'll probably struggle. This is where having some carbs before a shorter race could help. If you're going long distances it's a different strategy. I suggest improving you're overall fitness before messing with carbs during a marathon. I think if you're trying to stay at the front of the pack you could carb up before and during longer races but if you're not at that level it may not be worth it. I personally don't care about winning anything and just run for fitness and to feel good. I can't give specifics because it's been 5 years since my last marathon and I was just getting into a keto lifestyle then. That race was NY, I ran 4:02 and that included a bathroom break (I'm female, we take longer than guys to pee) and a stop to hug my brother. My feelings won't be hurt if you take my advice with a grain of salt. I've also been off and on the wagon a few times since, always felt and ran better when avoiding carbage. I am telling you all this so you can be aware that I'm no expert but am willing to share my experience.

  6. That bridge is so hard to bike through with all the tourists

  7. https://gothamist.com/news/new-brooklyn-bridge-bike-lane-immediate-hit-among-cyclists-data-shows

  8. Currently staring at a beer and burger that I’m not interested in touching because I’m destroyed.

  9. Officially no. The G route has never gone to any other boro aside from Qns. But yes, and it was a pain in the ass to have to walk from Jay Street to my then job at Atlantic Center.

  10. Ha! Yes, it does. Not sure why I wrote it in past tense. The way you worded that made it serm like you meant it only ever travelled within Queens.

  11. I can't find more info on what this is. Can you share more info? Is it just open streets on Halloween so people can walk around for recreation? Will there be trick or treating on those streets?

  12. I bought (3) 5lb blocks of whole milk Mozzarella today for 4.97 each. Feeling good about that!

  13. How do you store that much cheese before it goes bad? Does it freeze well?

  14. Her luck is gonna run out one of these days, especially because she's an influencer she will have to keep getting more brazen and stupid to retain views

  15. That's quite an assumption. I looked her up and it seems she has a day job. The social media is not her bread and butter.

  16. Check the manual that it came with.

  17. And if you no longer have the manual, you can search the model number online to find the manual that way.

  18. Your hair looks so healthy and soft and not frizzy. I am going to try your routine.

  19. Heh. Try dealing with the mods in the zerocarb sub. I had a run in with a complete lack of rationale there. It's sad since that behavior could turn people off to this.

  20. Fuck, I don't normally carry pepper spray but I'm getting some to put in my Camelbak too.

  21. Please run with it in your hand, not in a bag or pocket. If you get attacked you can't ask them to wait a moment while you look for it.

  22. Here's an article without a paywall:

  23. Sweating a lot = loss of electrolytes. Electrolyte imbalances mean your brain isn't going to talk to the muscles correctly and things will go wrong with your body. Sprinkle some salt on your tongue for quick relief. On hot days make yourself an electrolyte drink to sip. You'll want sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Add salt, No-Salt (this is a name brand potassium supplement, people on a low salt diet use it as a salt replacement), and a little bit of food grade epsom salt if you can find it. Mix it all in water and flavor it with something like Crystal Light. You can look up homemade electrolyte drink recipes. Snake Juice is a popular term for this.

  24. Why? Is this some anti-car activist thing? Why would somebody slash 40 cars?

  25. In the past It's been tire repair shop owners. Kinda like the shady window replacement guys who've gone around smashing car windows. Or it's just an asshole being an asshole.

  26. Doing it by email without addressing it directly is not ideal, conflict conversations should never be done by email it comes across as very passive aggressive.

  27. It's about documenting the incident.

  28. Ha ha she didn't state her size in her before photo, but said she was a size 6 in her after photo....

  29. There are many posts like that floating around. If you read the entire thing they usually tell you to click on a spam link to learn how they did it. Those are scams and should be reported.

  30. This is it, I am talking about replacing a 50g protein shake with food. So that would be about 2 cans of tuna a day.

  31. Please don't eat tuna every day. As

  32. Forest Park has dirt trails with hilly sections you can do repeats on. The orange trail has a decently long steep hill in one section.

  33. Is this CTown now next to Chase bank, across Dani's pizza?

  34. An internet search for Bohacks brought me to a facebook group with former employees in it. You could ask there. Someone there is more likely to know.

  35. Get a toy / bottle leash off of amazon. You can connect it to to a stroller or high chair or carrier.

  36. Piggybacking off this since. They have several very cute cows. You might be able to pet them over a fence but it is up to the cow. You can't cuddle them though.

  37. E or F train to Union Turnpike, then take the Q46 bus to Little Neck Parkway. It's a short walk from there.

  38. You spelled it with a "K", not "Ch". It's a pretty name and does not include the word christ in it. All good.

  39. Time to go back to the calculator and recalculate your macros. Every 10-20 or so pounds your body's needs change.

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