1. The reason I asked, is there is alot of information on AAPC to educate(free) if you are a member, as one example. Also, CMS has free CEU articles as well.

  2. Would you send me a link of sites or CEU? Sorry If I'm not this quite lazy 😅

  3. No need to apologize, this is what this reddit is for. Getting feedback to make our writing better.

  4. Thank you! I'm still learning how to become a better writer as I'm new at this. However, this is just a hobby I like to do in my spare time.

  5. If you want to be a better writer, the first thing you should focus on is punctuation. It shouldn’t take long to master it.

  6. I'm not the best writer at all but I'm trying my best on my wording and how to pronounce it clearly and understandable too. Do you know any sites that will help me?

  7. I'm just really proud of what I wrote about their product that they made. They dedicated their time and effort to make a unique product. I'm just really proud of them on what they've accomplished.

  8. Assuming you’re not a bot, if you want some real advice, maybe don’t go spamming the same thing over and over again in various different subreddits. Anyone can click on your username and see you doing that, and if you keep doing it, you’re likely to get shadowbanned.

  9. I'm sorry about that. I'm just really proud of my friend from back home. I'll try to keep it together and it won't happen again.

  10. Opinions on the bags or how the article's written?

  11. ORY8 says:

    I'd like to remain anonymous Sana. Ikaw na lang magsabi sa kanya ng mga suggestions ko.

  12. Thank you Po! Thank you for taking time read their story too.

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