1. Gah the audio came back for a second and it’s gone again

  2. How many days for the Paris pass did you pick? 4 day?

  3. Ok, You wrote it cost you 179 euro for the pass. That’s per person right? Total 358~ with a promo code on the paris pass website -right?

  4. Hi, I’m new here 👋🏼Just found out about Lululemon’s scuba hoodies last week!

  5. Hey did you end up ordering the scuba dupe hoodie? If you have it, how is it? Does it have the logos and zipper hair tie?

  6. This protects some downstream equipment, it's obvious as there are two neutrals and two hots. you can replace it with a outlet gfci but you have to wire it the same way so that whatever is downstream is protected.

  7. no, by "downstream" we mean that there are wires that go in the wall from the GFCI to something else, on this circuit. The GFCI is protecting something else, and so you have to be careful to wire the GFCI receptacle correctly so the something else is still protected (which means keeping the line and load sides the same).

  8. Oooh. Ok I get it. Thanks! Idk what else is on this “jacuzzi” circuit… I’ve search the surrounding area and can’t find another receptacle.

  9. Are your outlets by the sink GFCI protected separately? If so, this GFCI in the closet was probably installed with wiring to the tub for a future jetted tub. Is there an access under or at the end of the tub to check for an outlet or a covered junction box? The wires from the GFCI may go there. It may be possible to change the GFCI in the closet to an outlet, depending on where the wiring after it goes.

  10. The outlets near the sink are a standard basic outlet. No reset/test buttons.

  11. Okay but I need a link to that cat pillow 👀

  12. My gut says that ain't a real antique. Or at least, not as old as it's pretending to be.

  13. Yeah it’s probably a replica. I want the sides to be more clear though.

  14. I want to remove the cloudy lacquer/top coat from the sides. This closer picture of the chip in it gives me some hope that the coating can be removed?

  15. What is this protecting? As others point out bathroom receptacles and spa tubs have their own wiring requirements that likely precludes doing this.

  16. Nothing? Idk. I had 2 things on/plugged in the only other outlets in the bathroom and I pressed this test and reset button and they remained on. The bath tub that we have is not a spa tub, there are no jets.

  17. If this controls a receptacle within the bathroom, you cannot change the faceless GFCI for a receptacle type.

  18. I don’t think so… there are only two other outlets in this primary bathroom, and I just pressed this test button and reset button and nothing happened to the things I had plugged in. They stayed on.

  19. Are you sanding it? Lacquer gets cloudy when you sand BUT this kinda looks like the veneer was sanded through

  20. No, I haven’t sanded it. This is how it looks at the antique store. It’s smooth to the touch.

  21. Any Proof that resetting at the save point b4 picking can get you different types? I keep getting males

  22. Yes. Save right before selecting your starter. (It’s After walking up the steps, the cutscene of the starters playing in the front yard, the old man and girl chatting to you- once they stop and you’re able to move, save)

  23. Well, the Paris pass website has the individual cost for each attraction and adding it all up. It’s a lot more than pass total… so it could be worth it if I can do everything I plan for. But reading your experience, I feel like I, too, may be optimistic with my choices... Thanks for the tips!

  24. You'd have to add up the costs to see if it's worth it. I will say that you packed A TON into that itinerary and in reality won't be doing all of those things. If you're coming from the US expect to have jet lag on the first day and be walking about 10 miles a day. Adding in time for meals and metro travel time is going to be very long days. Plus you'll definitely want to spend time hanging out at cafes and shopping instead of just rushing from one thing to another.

  25. Oh no, good to know that this is considered an ambitious schedule… yeah if I won’t be doing half of these things in reality, I don’t think it would be worth spending that much!

  26. You are mostly correct, but there are some slight clarifications I'd like to make, just in case you might have been mistaken:

  27. Thanks so much! Your reply is very helpful and it’s easier to understand this pass/transportation factor. Also thanks for your recommendation I will do just that 👍🏼

  28. Hey! Did you receive this bag now? How are you liking it?

  29. Hey, yeah I've got it real good and no complaints from the bag, only annoying part was so hard to get a hold of hp once you send money, he kinda ghost you but I guess if you're patient and all it's all good

  30. One more question, did you have to pay a little extra for preship photos?

  31. Jesus, take the mother fucking wheel. They won't put us out of our misery. This shit won't end 😫

  32. Sorry for the bad photo. It’s just a tight fit and hard to see back there!

  33. What did you use to secure the counter to the Alex units?

  34. Nothing. It just sits on top. It doesn’t really move much. And if it does, just shift it back, not heavy to move a bit.

  35. I see you’ve got the Micke on the right and the Alex on the left. Which one do you prefer?

  36. The Alex! The drawers slide in and out more smoothly. Plus more storage/drawers which I like. I managed to find another black Alex on FB marketplace so my setup now is consistent.

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