Arsenal [3] - 2 Manchester United - Eddie Nketiah 90'

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  1. Am I crazy or do I sense a Mr Beast "why i joined the right" coming on...? Baby reactionary tweet vibes.

  2. Now that's just a silly thing to say. Plenty of 'apolitical' streamers have turned out to be complete chuds. Like Jontron!

  3. Sure but Jontron was involved in drama and that kind of stuff already, MrBeast only put up a subscribe to Pewds sign on a highway like 4 years ago.

  4. Not really, the right wing is basically just “throw on whoever was better in training”

  5. True. Politano and Chucky make us go mad too often. But Chucky was good last night

  6. Napoli have the best depth of any team in the world, in that they have great sub options whenever things go to shit or they need something different. Players like Ndombele, Chucky, Elmas, Oliveira, Simeone, Raspadori, all players that in 15-30 minutes can change a game.

  7. Turns out when he's not nursing severe injuries, he's actually not bad

  8. Yeah but he’s the best player in the world rn, it’s kind of insane

  9. If Lampard, Ranieri levels guys and coaches with 0 fist team managerial experience like Arteta can still get high profile roles then someone who got Burnley into the EL places will find a club who wants him. Potter just got the Chelsea job with a lower peak than Dyche managed at Burnley in terms of league position and less longevity.

  10. Ranieri being in the same convo as Lampard is disrespectful. Ranieri has been a manager for like 40 years and won the premier league with Leicester and was a good manager for Chelsea pre-Abramovich.

  11. It was planned. Tony Bloom always lines up a replacement as soon as he appoints a manager.

  12. There's still a difference in spending. Hijacking a loan deal is a bit different than spending 100 mil on the 20th winger plus giving out a 7 year deal to fuck with FFP.

  13. Is this even a title race anymore? Who is reasonably competing with Napoli?

  14. brazilians at shakhtar always have the funniest names, they produced Willian, Fernandinho, and now Kevin.

  15. I need to check my email, I might find an email from Boehly.

  16. United title race was shorter than the scarramuci era

  17. Scaramucci lasted twice as long, don’t disrespect him like that.

  18. Footstools, would add a whole new mechanic that would make the combo game even more interesting.

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