1. Email the dean. Now. This is gross and unprofessional behavior

  2. Also I’m admittedly pretty uninformed regarding degrees. Is there a difference for accreditation or a specific type I should be looking for?

  3. Schools are accredited in different ways. Overall, you would wanna make sure the school is accredited with the U.S Department of Education. However—it’s not only the school that has to be accredited, it’s also the degree for some programs. This probably won’t be a problem for most schools that are in person but definitely for online “degree mill” schools. For example, you can get a bachelors degree in psychology but if you psychology degree isn’t accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) your degree doesn’t mean shit and you can’t practice. Just do your research on the degree. ROTC honestly sounds like the better bet.

  4. I’d be limited to afrotc at this point, but still very valid, thank you so much

  5. Np. And I wouldn’t be worried about accelerated. It’s kinda like on a job application you wouldn’t say “accelerated bachelors of science” you would just say “bachelors of science”. I don’t think they’ll hound it. Good luck with everything!!

  6. Start with switching to decaf coffee or decaf americanos to ease the caffeine consumption. I used to literally drink 12 cups of coffee a day and now I occasionally have a cup of decaf for enjoyment. Also somebody said midol. Take Midol or Excedrin if you are having withdrawals but don’t fuck around and take it every day bc you’ll permanently screw your stomach. And for the love of god, don’t stop one addiction by switching to an even worse one (nicotine)!

  7. Like…? It’s for sure a clear letter but don’t let anyone gaslight you into thinking the tone of this letter wasn’t a little bit off. I get what they were trying to do/say by suggesting you accept the other offer but when I read it, it came off as a f*ck u😂

  8. Yall are gonna have a tough ass relationship. Especially since he's a nuke.

  9. Ok! Then I would ask about his current rig and see what he needs to upgrade! Every PC MASTER RACE human loves a good upgrade. (Could be a little pricey depending on what he wants/needs). Get him some books on meditation and even stoicism. Even apps that have great exercises and schedules would be good. He should be allowed to have a diffuser but I can't say for certain

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