1. Anyone that has an issue with you playing the rules you want because they are not painted a certain colour are not worth playing.

  2. Anyone who cares so little about immersion ain’t worth playing

  3. I know how dare I actually have some care about the hobby, instead of just the most blandly apathetic “do whatever you want I’m not allowed to care or have opinions”

  4. Once a ship is put into service with the Death Guard its machine spirit is cursed to obey Mortarion’s will until the end of time.

  5. I write how it ulitmatly fails. But I can’t help but feel your biased due to your own fandom with chaos.

  6. And you have your own bias to the imperium.

  7. For one: for gods sake let chaos keep what it has for once, they haven’t even been able to keep daemon weapons to themselves, let them at least keep their fucking characters

  8. It is, that was actually the plot of the recent Angron book, a knot of grey knights wanted to bind Angron to the soil of Armageddon so he couldn’t come back

  9. I'm not so much surprised by the Lion doing good damage, just surprised that the Brutalis sweep doesn't hit for more than 1 damage. Like, physically that feels incorrect, ya know?

  10. Neither does Mort’s and he’s got a fucken 5 metre blade on the end of a stick with a greater daemon crammed inside

  11. I find it odd that his profile focuses solely on his personal abilities. Wasn't the Lion considered one of the best tacticians/strategists out of all the Primarchs?

  12. He’s was the best everything if you listen to some people

  13. Adrian Smith, Thomas Elliot, Jaime Martinez, Ruslan Korovkin, and Phil Moss are some big ones that come to mind, though not all of them have public record of it. Adrian Smith and Phil Moss did a lot of the new work for 9th edition, I know for sure they did the new pieces for the Death Guard and Admech.

  14. Almost all the recent pieces have been Phill Moss and Lewis Jones

  15. Space marines fighting tyranids wasn’t exactly anything remotely out of the ordinary. Still ain’t

  16. Because this sub has a superiority complex and a funny idea of what people will believe

  17. An American asked me “how can you go 4 minutes without making some ridiculous strawman statement to affirm some wankers superiority complex on the internet?”

  18. i wish every cunt would mind their own business and stop throwing stones from glass houses

  19. Not traitor guardsmen, it’s just the general rabble of chaos

  20. The emperor didn’t even make any grey knights, it was all Malcador. And making the ones what he did make took most of his time and energy

  21. They don’t exist anymore, due to how the weapons they use to wield are basically nonexistent at this point. Except maybe the dark angels.

  22. It’s literally just phosphex that’s gone

  23. It’s not like G-man and Mort had literally any rivalry before, same goes for Lion and Angron. If they do bring back another loyalists (still not a certainty) it’s anyone’s guess who it’ll be to scrap with Fulgrim

  24. You say that like he ain’t the galaxy’s biggest ass himself

  25. They don’t even exist in the warp proper: they’re in the collective Ork psyche called “da great green”. Which was intentionally created as a buffer between Orks and the warp, so just as much as daemons can’t get into weird boys, Gork and Mork can’t get to the daemons to krump ‘em

  26. It’s a good thing that lore’s like 20 years outdated then

  27. The “apocrypha Terra” which is mentioned here and there just so happens to seemingly only contain verses from the book of Apocalypse

  28. Is… Nurgloth hard? I mean compared to Skarrik sure he’s unbeatable but Skarrik is easier than single plague monk

  29. They really need to do something about how the same handful of armies are always at the top…

  30. Lion is that you? Can’t think of anyone else sleeping under a rock for all of 9th edition

  31. I can’t imagine they would. GK and TSons whole schtick is being psychic powerhouses. I’ve read other comments speculating that the powers get rolled into appropriate other phases (like smite being a shooting attack for example). We’ll have to wait and see but that seems reasonable to me

  32. They did mention smite explicitly is being reworked into psychic shooting attacks what scale to their caster in the initial adepticon preview

  33. I think people would probably find a lot more joy in this hobby, and life in general, if they stopped endlessly complaining about things that might happen.

  34. Yeah nah I’ve gotten bloody sick of all the speculation: now yous all know me, I love complaining, but you gotta wait until it at least happens to start bitching

  35. Not a bad haul: myself I’ve mostly got the more common but older stuff what are easier dredged up from second hand book stores, even those are a rarity since 40k wasn’t big in Aus back in the day and still ain’t big in my dusty backwater corner

  36. A tougher line to draw than most folks here acknowledge: they all venerate him, most consider him and all his works holy, especially blood angels successors, understandably enough heralding from a bloody angel. They deal in terms of piety, saints and sins with their relation to their gene curse usually forming a parallel to one or another christian doctrines on sinful flesh

  37. Everyone mentioning the emperors shield like it ain’t the easiest thing in the world for someone with an axe to wrench that away, that’s kinda one of the main attractions of axes

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