1. So so glad you didn't go ahead. Whew

  2. I’m trying to get a physique that’s intermediate between Pam Anderson and Kim Kardashian so I’m taking supplements to maximize breast growth and I already do lots of glute and pec exercises so I’m trying to move more fat into that area.

  3. As someone who's been in your shoes before, I promise those supplements aren't working. Just save for a bbl. I saved enough for one working as a college freshman for only 7 months . They're not as expensive as you think

  4. So is it captioned or in the top of the post? Where cause I genuinely can't see it lol

  5. Yeah it just isn't loading I guess. Thanks for letting me know tho

  6. No. It's about standards and boundaries. You need to learn how to be cutthroat with them, learn how to withhold sex and keep orbiters around

  7. Amazing. I love how the lighter hair makes you low-contrast because it gives you an ethereal vibe

  8. Exactly what I said word for word lol

  9. All of these answers are good and a large part of this is also the way you move. Soft, delicate movements and your POSTURE. One way that helps me remember how to move is to always move like your nails are wet. Never be heavy handed. But also, like someone else said, believing you look like a kept woman.

  10. Not very related but how is this man being forgiven by so many people but when a female posts about cheating everyone tells her how disgusting she is??

  11. Oh boy, OP you need some serious therapy before you even have a child. One, a baby doesn't stay a baby, it will grow to become its own autonomous adult. Two, you shouldn't have a child just to have someone love you, a child isn't going to fill that empty hole in your heart, only you can do that. Three, if and or when that child grows to resent you due to your lack of therapy, you are only continuing the line of generational trauma in your family. You are no where close to being ready to be a mother.

  12. I would like to strongly emphasize this entire paragraph.

  13. Didn't even need to start the second paragraph to know that you're right. Your intuition is a SENSE, like your sight and hearing and not just a feeling. Completely dump him.

  14. If there's anything OP reads, it needs to be this

  15. Lmao potty mouth 🤣🤣 YOU said it was a baseless accusation. No one’s accusing anyone of anything, just saying it happens. If you’re so tired of redditors stating facts, then fuckin leave bro.

  16. So refreshing to hear. I loved reading this

  17. 40% Urea cream, was recommended to me by someone here and it completely changed my skin's life.

  18. Whenever there isn’t an option to be uninterested in a dude I stop the story. Don’t make me be into this absolute asshole (at least in a lot of cases)

  19. This. I think people also underestimate how quickly one becomes sloppy when drunk.

  20. Tretinoin, BHA, consistency with niaminacide + moisturizer also give this look. But mainly tret

  21. I've seen more spine in jellyfish

  22. This. OP please don't think of honoring that bs with a response. I see this way too often

  23. NTA. Seriously, she is not your friend at all and neither are any of the others.

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