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  1. The only people who can help you are the managers at your store. There's too many factors that could have caused this. Have you done your virtual orientation? I would call the store and ask for the cstl or the manager of the department you were going to work in.

  2. yes ive done orientation & all CBTS. i plan to call in the morning, was just wondering if this was on my end because of the warning signs. thank you!

  3. You’ll be doing post orientation (WTYS = Welcome To Your Store which is the post) where you learn how to clock in, sign some extra paperwork, learn how to get into the employee website passport, and get a tour of the store. Then CBTs is the Computer Based Training, so you will be on the computer for those

  4. was crying when i saw that first pic (sad tears… obviously….)

  5. my coworker fucked the HR lady. and he was very proud of it. showed off his numerous hickeys all week and they would wink at eachother. it was bizarre

  6. You’re having UPT deducted and you have no scheduled shift? I’m confused by this, how much are/when are they deducting it??

  7. no, i have no scheduled shifts so they’re not deducting UPT. my concern is that one day all my shifts will appear as well as all my UPT deducted at once

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  9. Thank you so much! How many servings a day while fasting?

  10. i do 2 servings per day when extended fasting and once per day if im doing intermittent!

  11. i have the exact same stats as you right now & i too have cellulite on my upper thighs. i only noticed a difference when i was at a lower weight, around 125. was a lot less noticeable then.

  12. i did the same thing this weekend with some doritos dinamita. it was.... very very... unpleasant

  13. youll gain food/water weight for a short period of time but certainly not fat.

  14. you should be fine. i didnt fill out housing until february last year and still got a room!

  15. if you use the LIFE fasting app you can have friends circles!

  16. anyone remember the grilled taquitos? they were soft, like mini quesadillas. i miss em 🥺

  17. do notttt take zoller for history omg. she grades like hell. you can do everything she asks for in the rubric to a tee and she still gives you a C and wont tell you why either. its beyond frustrating. plus you have 6 very thorough assignments a week!

  18. im an upcoming freshman too. and from what i’ve read tonight kennesaw sounds dead as fuck. looks like imma have to make my own party

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