What is the most important lesson learnt from Covid-19?

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An intellectual DESTROYS Jordan Peterson on an online video platform, and r/jordanpeterson engages in intellectual debate about lobsters, polar bears, and the woke left.

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  1. Wait what pixar movies did you find better than eeao?

  2. So everything is subjective. I think EEAAO is an amazing movie in terms of scope of ideas. I think to me some of the sillier aspects of the movie don't work, but again, that is my OPINION.

  3. You ever have a memory and it's just a weird memory. It was not special, but you thought, I am going to remember this.

  4. Wonder what that sleeze has on his phone that would be of interest to the J6 committee?

  5. Forget Alex, I want Roger Stone to go back to prison.

  6. Oh completely natural the way the knife damaged vital organs, nothing suspicious about that

  7. I tried to tell a Republican-sympathetic Jewish friend of mine in college after Trump was elected: you are not on the bigotry chopping block now, but don’t think for a moment there aren’t millions of conservatives who will target you next once they’re through with black and brown people.

  8. Just show him the online spaces where these people REALLY hang out. It's all about the jew-hating from them. Only a few "code words" most have finally just gone all out and will bash jews out in the open. Pro-Trump and current GOP fans are VERY much on the side of wiping out jewish people.

  9. Most schools weren't as ready to switch to digital methods as they bragged about.

  10. I worked for an IT reseller, so the IT team was top notch. Real experts that understand IT needs and rarely have user issues because everyone who works there is pretty computer literate.

  11. Stab your pregnant queen, half the guests, and finally your king and his mom.

  12. Unless it is together in a consensual threesome, I would say either the bride or groom separately (unless they are into that sort of thing)

  13. Both of the new Jumanji’s, which I hear are actually good movies to watch.

  14. Maybe it was because I was just at a certain age group where I was both too old to enjoy it as a kid and too young to enjoy it as an adult watching a family film, but I never got the love for the first one. I like Robin Williams of course, but I have seen him in so many better things that I just didn't care.

  15. The Godfather movies. I would probably love them but I just have never bothered.

  16. I really can't stress enough that you need to just find 3 hours one weekend to watch the first one. Then another 3 1/2 hours for the even better sequel/prequel.

  17. I’m pretty sure every Resident Evil movie retcons something significant from the last.

  18. One thing I have to both hate and give credit to for the RE movies: They end on note that make you REALLY want to see the next movie. But then when you see the movie you realize they had no idea what to do with such great cliffhangers. It was FACINATING how they did that......

  19. It would be like going to see Gallagher, you need a plastic poncho to go see them......

  20. Look for all the old depressed ladies at the slot machines at Caesar’s. They’re always selling the goods

  21. Just don't take any grilled cheeses they might offer you.....

  22. This is a Trumpism. In their minds, the most devastating insult is "I have no idea who you are."

  23. Which is funny as Elliot Page probably has no idea who Peterson is but Peterson lost his Twitter because he attacked Elliot for no reason.

  24. He's either dumb as a brick or is aware of how precarious his position is and thinks he can grift enough money out of it before things get too bad.

  25. It is more like he knows there is no money as a left sided youtuber (very few of them can make anywhere NEAR the amount of money that even a low level right figurehead could make).

  26. I remember the last Alien movie, and it was already bad. Then there was a sex scene right in the middle of the climax. It was the dumbest thing ever and I was wondering WTF happened to Ridley Scott, Did he lose his mind?

  27. Just remember, if we Jews really did have a space laser you wouldn't have to worry about what MTG thinks......

  28. This is why weed should be legal. Ain’t nobody who just smoked a fat blunt going to be worrying about a line cutter…

  29. It's legal in that state they are in. I am also sure they smoke. Unfortunately weed doesn't make EVERYONE friendly or laid back. Especially habitual smokers who probably don't feel much after smoking.

  30. Only went there once to bring my step daughter. Truthfully we often had more fun at the much smaller Lake Compounce in Bristol CT.

  31. It was an okay movie. Not 200 million, a MUST SEE movie. Netflix wastes a lot of money....

  32. I really don't get the hate for Origins: Wolverine. I actually enjoyed the movie.

  33. Oh, that one is easy: So a lot of great ideas that then fizzle away. I think it kind of starts out strong, I love the whole team up in the beginning with Striker, Wolverine, Wade Wilson and the rest of them. Then it just dies down with some bad ideas. Sewing Deadpool's mouth shut...The MERC with the MOUTH has no MOUTH! I really hate the tired trope of the good samaritans taking in the hero in need only to then get killed. The CGI was perhaps some of the worst in the entire series despite having more budget and being made after other movies with less CGI to work with.

  34. We don't like rouge states having weapons of Mass Destruction. INVADE!

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