1. Brahmin mask for the BOS js?

  2. Yea, would u take 2.8K + 500 Lead? Sorry I only have 2.8K caps atm 😭

  3. I'll do it for 2K no lead thats all good

  4. Won’t be home for awhile sorry , I will be home at 8pm CST

  5. That's all good, that works well for me

  6. Hi, would you still be up for the trade? I can hold on to everything and wait if you're to busy to get online, I don't mind

  7. I have both masks, do you have any other weapons besides these? Not really interested in the brahmin either

  8. No not really, I've got a juggernauts s ss power fist but that's about it atm unfortunately

  9. Oh ok, what about other rare apparel? Or nice armor pieces? (not power armor)

  10. Don't have any spare rare apparel and no armour atm

  11. All good, I’m good to go now if you are?

  12. added, meet at whitesprings station whenever you're ready?

  13. +karma Thanks! Smooth trade

  14. No sorry not atm, just using them so swap for ones I don't have

  15. Did you still need the bell plan? Swap for the Yao guai tube?

  16. +karma Thanks! If you want a cursed broadsider let me know

  17. Thanks, I appreciate that, nice of you, ill see how the other offer goes, see if I can get both

  18. Excellent! Just added you. If it’s no problem, may I also get the Machete Sacrificial Blade?

  19. +karma Thanks a lot! finally got that last power armour plan!

  20. Yeah that's cool, friend request sent

  21. Oh my goodness I’m so sorry!!! I do not unfortunately

  22. Thanks for the good offer, but the traveling leather coats the only rare outfit I'm missing

  23. +karma Thanks! Getting threw them bit by bit

  24. OK, sounds good, will add, send me a message when you get online

  25. Hey, I'm online, is now a good tine for you?

  26. +karma thanks again man appreciate it

  27. +karma Thanks! appreciate it also

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