1. Malcolm and Breeches seems like a solid pair. You do lose black though.

  2. Great work. This provides fantastic insight.

  3. While that number does seem excessive, my main takeaway was to remember just how bad drawing a signet is compared to a land if you hand doesn't have any more lands in it.

  4. Any chance you could use black's ability to make large but not infinite amounts of mana? Infinite wins the game but 25 mana makes lots of faeries.

  5. It's a crapshoot. A few years ago I put in my AC in March only for it to snow in April.

  6. I don't have the rules in front of me, but I believe the card needs to make a new poker hand, not just add a high card.

  7. Judge decides the community will take a chance on trafficker.

  8. I'd argue that ever since Secret Lairs, a lot of magic cards don't look like magic cards either.

  9. The cereal box cards are what made me use proxies. Those cereal box are as real MTG cards as my proxies.

  10. They look cool. They don't look like magic cards.

  11. I like what I do, but I don't think I can say "I love it". It helps me to pay the bills, so that's ok.

  12. I don't think you need to love your job, but it really helps if you don't dread going to bed knowing you'll have to wake up and go back to work.

  13. While it may lose a bit of freshness after a few weeks, I'll keep mine for months and it's fine.

  14. Part of the issue is that "politics" is (or, at least, should be) different in cEDH. "Deals" are antithetical to truly competitive play; requesting that an opponent allow an otherwise suboptimal play to thwart a known win attempt is "political," but in a different way. Saying "He's got Thoracle and Demcon in hand, and none of us have interaction. Let me hit you with my Tymna to try to draw interaction" is the sort of thing that should be encouraged. Saying "if you don't kill my thing I won't swing at you for 2 turns" should be thoroughly discouraged.

  15. Yeah, these fees are high. But paying a bit extra for a meal rather than buying a car to go pick up the food isn't a hard choice.

  16. The mature thing to do is to recognize you're not on the same page as them and stop playing with them.

  17. Knowing little about classic, this looks amazing. But doesn't the add socket recipe cost a Stone of Jordan? That's a high cost.

  18. I put "no" but more accurately, I'm waiting for the rework.

  19. Walking into a police station with multiple guns and body armor: insane.

  20. Looks fun to me but I hope your girlfriend is prepared for possibly getting hated out of the game for running this style of deck.

  21. I hate draft cause I get ripped to pieces in the chat. I try to not care but after I'm told to get cancer, it's hard not to care. Even when I have a good game, I don't know why it was good. I just assumed luck.

  22. Mute the chat. Mute pings if somebody is spamming.

  23. It's crazy how much trouble some people have getting good games going. I go to my local shop and pregame is pretty much "Strong deck or nah?" If strong, people bring out cEDH or really high powered stuff, otherwise it's more casual. And it goes fine. Sure, sometimes it means I'm on tap lands and somebody else has a Mana Drain but guess which one of us gets focused? Then if anybody was way out of line with their deck choice, they pick something else.

  24. I'd say one cocktail every other day is typical. Sometimes it's more but sometimes I'll go weeks without drinking any.

  25. That information is correct. It's just bad luck.

  26. “they will also have the ability to earn about $14,500 a year in wages – up from $2,400 a year – and have up to $20,000 in savings, all without losing benefits.”

  27. Absolutely. Nothing worse than benefits that say "If you try to climb out of this hole, you'll lose your benefits and be worse off".

  28. Unless there's something you genuinely find fun within those rules, don't play with them.

  29. Whatever justifies your decision, at the end of the day it’s your choice.

  30. Yes, it is an individual choice. But it is a choice that impacts everybody.

  31. So if you can still transmit it when vaccinated, it doesn't prevent you from contracting it and the goal post has shifted to, you will get it and can pass it onto people but it wont be as severe as it would have been if you didn't, this is where it stands. Take it because it impacts everyone.

  32. No changing the goalposts. If you are vaccinated, you can still catch and transmit it. But you're less likely to catch it, the symptoms will be less severe, it won't last as long, you'll be less likely to pass it on.

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