1. Do people commenting even read the articles? Manchin is basically asking the Treasury to meet the rules set out in the legislation, which are to encourage EV manufacturng in the US as opposed to elsewhere.

  2. Bullshit. He put a poison pill in there to slow down the move to EVs.

  3. It wasn’t a poison pill it was the entire point of the bill widely known at the time supported by both houses of Congress and the president. Also, the best selling EVs got zero credits in 2022 (Tesla) so don’t overstate the impact of the credits.

  4. OK you keep believing the bullshit….

  5. If you are relatively healthy, I would suggest getting a high deductible plan and setting up an HSA. The money you save is yours to keep and it rolls over and grows year after year.

  6. You know what I’d like to see is them remaking classic cars but as EVs. They could pull out the blue prints of say a ‘62 Ford Fairlane and make brand new ones with updated safety features with a EV battery

  7. Sure - no one said anything. So in that regard it was “successful.” But now I see the PO has a new story with what’s missing now in the backlog. This is where I’m not sure where to interject. I may need to coach the PO on this matter individually.

  8. But is the “missing piece” something critical? Were you successful meeting the sprint goal(s)?

  9. Whoa! The link you provided was really useful. Would you happen to have other useful resources like this that you could suggest?

  10. Love these guys. Their whole YouTube page is full of good stuff

  11. Unpopular opinion; BNPL preys on the less financially literate and helps ensure the working class remains living paycheck to paycheck. There is zero reason for BNPL to exist outside of exploiting less finically literate people. Remember; it wouldn’t exist if they didn’t make money from its users. And it’s users are far and away lower income people. It’s just a fact. Apple cannot claim to be socially responsible while allowing this.

  12. I disagree. Ever since I started using the BNPL service Affirm, I haven’t had any huge cc debt like I did before. I like the flexibility of being able to make advanced payments that lets me go a few months without a payment due. With BNPL I’ve always paid off my purchases earlier….something I was never able to do with high interest credit cards.

  13. Shame property taxes still apply in retirement and aren’t fixed.

  14. In TX we have a 65+ homestead exemption

  15. Ok I’ll have to go back and watch. 90 Miles Away is typically a skip when I’m on a watch through.

  16. One of my favorite episodes just to see John Spencer and Brian Dennehy enjoying acting together.

  17. Met Rep Wu and his wife this weekend at an event in Bellaire. Lovely people.

  18. User stories are from the perspective of someone who will use the system.

  19. Ask yourself: are these frivolous traits more essential for the position?

  20. Those traits aren’t frivolous if you’re looking to work with someone eight hours a day for possibly the next several years. When I interview people I think about what it would feel like to be stuck in an airport with them for several hours while on a business trip would I enjoy their company? The detailed skills of a job can always be learned and are always changing anyway but someone’s personality is hardwired.

  21. Hey bud, half this business is “I just don’t like that guy.“

  22. Remember it very well. Was 10 yrs old and in the fifth grade at St Rose of Lima on Brinkman. For several nights we slept with the windows open for fear the house would “explode” do the air pressure of a tornado.

  23. https://my.broadwayhd.com/register

  24. Disappointing that they further “SAFeified” the terms. Art instead of program? “Team Sync??”

  25. Yes, task level planning did not happen in enough detail during pi planning. They need to focus on dependencies and the whole pi in planning, not team iteration level topics. Some might get done, but not enough

  26. That’s only if the team needs to break stories into tasks. My teams rarely do so PI planning takes the place of sprint planning for the first sprint.

  27. So are there any between 8TB and 16TB?

  28. Bombay brasserie off 610 and Westheimer

  29. Get yourself one of these bad boys. Prevents my 100a panel from tripping.

  30. It’s just easy to jump off of. You can just exit a class, and jump 5 stories to the below ground level courtyard.

  31. This is why I’ve never owned a gun.

  32. I’m not an electrician but I’ve had this thing (DCC9) for about a year and it works like a charm. I’ve in a 3rd floor 1980s condo and upgrading my 100a panel wasn’t an option.

  33. You would surprised how hard it is for people to write an email and learn other skills that are taught in college. Have you ever had to teach someone excel? How about setting up their kpis in the ERP system? It is easier when people have some college or other type of preparation. Our high schools are not doing much to prepare people not going to college.

  34. I wasn't much of an Excel person until I met jobs that required Excel to free up the time I'd otherwise be spending doing calculations. From there I self taught myself and look to find solutions to save time - with generally good success.

  35. Highly recommend this school

  36. Yep one of the benefits of having a college degree is it is prove to employers that you have the ability to learn new skills. Most likely the things you learn in college won’t directly be used in your job, but you’ll always need to learn new things on the job and having a degree shows that you can learn, and put forth effort.

  37. The cops do some sabre rattling every once in a while and announce a "sweep" with a few dozen arrests, but that's only to pacify a handful of annoying Karens and probably meet some secret state quota. Cops can't do anything about prostitution in general because supply-side prohibition is a failed methodology, and the thirst (demand) will never be quenched. Cops probably don't want to do anything about the Bissy track in particular because it serves as a containment zone. Cleaning it up would trigger a whore diaspora that could lead to solicitation happening in wealthier or busier areas. Similarly to how the cops generally let the area on Webster between Milam and San Jacinto function as an open-air pharmacy, it's more effective to herd all of the activity so it's confined to one area and doesn't spread to areas where the demographics would be less tolerant of it.

  38. From picture 5 it seems like you can shut off the charger from the panel when it’s not in use, right?

  39. Not sure. Don’t have a dedicated switch.

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