AITA for banning alcohol from Christmas.

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  1. don't go. Screw your mother and siblings. Why do you have to sleep outside. Your dad is right. You are NTA but you family is full of them Good luck If I were in that situation I would get you an AirBnB at least, hotel room. forget all these people

  2. YTA, let people just enjoy themselves responsibly You cant control them or force your views on them. Why are you so surprised? No one is making you drink, so dont. Not the hill to die on when you are the only one on the hill

  3. my pov would be my cock between those beauties

  4. You have shown nothing to say why she is a bad influence. She is a strong woman living her life. Maybe the jealousy runs deeper than you realize Your kids probably could learn a lot from her YTA

  5. only 2nds, I have long term plans for that body

  6. yes gorgeous, answer the door like this

  7. we need to find you a good micro bikini

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  9. it is amazing and needs to be filled

  10. yes, would you answer the door like this

  11. i want to slide my big cock inside that butt (;I voted weeks ago)

  12. with the plug in to really fill you up

  13. mine as well I want you to feel stuffed

  14. then lets fill you up with cock and cum

  15. I will give you every inch and drop

  16. lets find out and I want a load in every hole

  17. keep them out all day and I love those eyes

  18. beautiful and I want to give you my large cock

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