1. I probably won’t buy from them again. Tried Cold in the Dark, and Chump. Never seen or heard of those strains so i figured I’d give it a try for the price. Chump was dry and smelled like hay. Effects were not great and neither was taste. Cold in the dark was better but nothing crazy and also dry.

  2. Creckin’ me up. Love these posts

  3. BR never that expensive at rise usually 32-42 depending on the product

  4. I gave it a whirl. Buds were super tiny and dry. Also this knocks me out and puts me right to sleep

  5. Thought this stuff was pretty great. Effects had me feeling okie dokie

  6. Same here. Emailed them and no help. Been like this for like three weeks now

  7. Yeah just logged in and same thing happened to me. Don’t know what to do

  8. Been experiencing the same damn thing

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