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  1. uhh.... nein... not at all...

  2. Question... can you like... use an old left and a new right?

  3. I remember I had a Fortify Acrobatics spell for reaching past those skyrim doors that were just high ledges, lasted only a single second or two but it was more than enough for jumping, like a weaker version of my favorite method of transportation in Morrowind.

  4. Yeah but that gets kinda boring quick, and I liked having the extra magicka to cast more stuff.

  5. I don't disagree there, as someone who keeps falling into the 100% chameleon trap as easily as the stealth archer trap, it does get too easy to really enjoy...

  6. Drake the kinda dude to say “I can see my house from here” when he’s on top of a building

  7. That building he's on top of is his house.

  8. yeah but like... the specific angle he went back to was a little bit more extreme...

  9. That would be one helluva mod. You’d have to overwrite every single location and map special and place corpses instead of zombies. In fact, I don’t know that you could even completely accomplish it since a handful of locations and specials are still hardcoded

  10. Would it be possible to just write a mod that, when a zombie is spawned, it's immediately followed by "Now die"?

  11. The "DISAPPEAR" attack found on many nether creatures is a 'now die' command (it sets HP to 0).

  12. eh, having them spawn as zombie corpses would be close enough for a start... if you know anything of modding, maybe try spawning them with a "DISAPPEAR" attack hitting them if possible? see if it does inform the player or what,

  13. No, it means I hate you twice as much if I can hear it when you're not even in our parking lot

  14. oh, I still hate them then. but the greater the distance while having a volume audible inside the store, the more inconsiderate they are. If I can hear you before you've entered the parking lot, you entering the parking lot with that shit is gonna be even worse.

  15. Additionally, there's a good chance the guy was hammered, further decreasing capacity to determine actors vs reality...

  16. Reference to S09E09, the one in which Hawkeye has been had by the whole nursing staff

  17. Mind screenshotting the look in particular?

  18. Bro, that's only an hour's walk, you probably do that much just at work if it's not an office job...

  19. Gotta love multi-strike cards with the bleed on next hit cards

  20. I'd look for another mod that adds animal events (like Anima Animals) to read up on how to add such events

  21. I'll be honest, a lot of the time, my own modlist pops up with a lot of red, and my game runs just fine.

  22. Trevor? or Simon? or one of the other Belmonts?

  23. He'd already had a river of liver and an ocean of fish!

  24. Including the liver he got from that Korean fellow, he was very clean.

  25. Nice. Out of curiosity, how do you spec your deck? I have trouble not taking damage with the bleed build

  26. I often favor blocks (but if I can get my hands on a dodge, I'll take that too! 0 damage always beats reduced damage) and movement options, big armor keeps impacts from hitting me, but stepping out of the way protects me even better. swaps are also inherently superior to standard movement, if I can put my enemies in the line of fire, then they take more damage. Moving my enemies is sometimes as good if not better than moving myself

  27. The two are not mutually exclusive

  28. I remember watching Adele enter a look a like contest and lost and I believe Dolly Parton has also lost one of her own

  29. Dolly lost to a drag queen if memory serves

  30. "You are holding too much stuff to run"

  31. bruh, why not eat the apple, either it's a health, or a buff

  32. Sidebar literally says "We are not satire" though? along the rules, it's on #5

  33. edited to fix this error (I had thought to have a move cancel already, failed to mention in post)

  34. just make it so that when you are called out for cheating, your move gets cancelled.

  35. Oh, I thought I had specified this in the post, my apologies...

  36. Guillotine. The rotating head makes it hard to aim, and hard to walk straight, and hard to take drops.

  37. Use it with any of those items that make the body completely disappear... you'll be walking around like Isaac got drunk...

  38. i tried inka games but its on newgrounds.com so idk

  39. flash player was a software that ran a lot of internet games and videos back in the day

  40. There's no video mapping going on here. They just have spaces where they expect the server to place the plates.

  41. Thank you! This is literally just a projection. like, if they used weight placements to assume objects placed down (like, say, a plate, for instance, based on it's ring on the bottom) to consider where you've placed something and then "interact" with it like with the leaves and other stuff, that would be mapping. (I'm laughing at the idea of moving the plate after the throw and the guy walks over and picks it up to try to bring it to you again)

  42. They can use cameras to do this without the need for any kind of weight sensing technology. Much easier.

  43. oh, neat! the weight sensor thing was just seemed the most intuitive in my head.

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