Book ban lawmaker “very sad” that a parent is using his law to ban the “sex-ridden” Bible. The parent said that if lesser books have been banned, then the Bible, which discusses infanticide, rape, and bestiality, is not appropriate for kids.

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This whale has built up years of trust with this boat captain at the calving lagoon of Ojo de Liebre to remove lice from it’s head.

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  1. This and "look up, look up" with Isaiah Thomas sticks with me.

  2. I think the point in this thread is that EVEN IF we use exactly what strict and literal Bible followers believe, the books written by Paul and John were STILL written later in their life. How good do you remember stories from 30 years prior.

  3. She just has such a “sassy, contemptuous teenager in a puffy winter coat drinking a Frappuccino who is about to key your car” face. It is so anger inducing. I want to get her in trouble. She is worse than MTG.

  4. I am a CNA. Also known as the punching bag of the healthcare system. I have been punched, slapped, bitten, pulled, spat on, pissed on, sexually assaulted, someone even once dislocated my elbow.

  5. “It’s part of the job” for medical personnel, and yet police officers shouldn’t be at risk for violent people to the tune of killing people at traffic stops he move wrong.

  6. Do not respond. He deserves nothing from you.

  7. The day I brought my son home from the hospital, he was slightly dehydrated a few hours later, so I went to get some pedialyte from CVS.

  8. If the Ilitches own them then blight and eventually parking lots!

  9. It Follows is a real banger even if the premise is a little silly.

  10. They stole the idea from the immortal killer snail hypothesis from Gavin Free.

  11. Finally someone gets it right. Barnacles are both benign and super hard to get off. However the lice that live around the barnacles are a pest. The captain is collecting lice, not barnacles. Good job

  12. I would also add that they are not lice. They are crustaceans, related to shrimp. They are not an insect. They’re just called “whale lice”.

  13. That list is awesome, thank you. Hamtramck truly is the only place I go in the state where I walk levels that are comparable to what I’m doing in Japan so I’m not surprised to see it at the top. It just sucks it’s not as “nice” a city as somewhere like Ferndale so people don’t really respect it.

  14. I cannot even imagine Hamtramck BEING walkable. Never lived there, so I’ve only ever gone at night and it seems dead besides the bars I would visit.

  15. This wasn’t a negative comment. I just don’t have an image of Hamtramck other than bars at nighttime. Never lived there. Never went there for any other reason.

  16. The word mark looks like it should be in puffy print on a ringer tee from the 70’s.

  17. Thanks! I hate it here. This should be in

  18. Nope. BUT Justin said TAZ and Tweety NOT Sylvester and Tweety. So he didn’t win that one. Travis mistakenly gave it to him.

  19. From some very quick and probably flawed google research, I'm guessing the tree they planted together is a peach myrtle. Further quick googling says these trees grow about 1-2 feet per year. That tree looks to be about two and a half adult bluey characters in height, which if they're about a human height of roughly 5'6" would make the tree about 13-14 feet tall. That means the tree has been growing for roughly 6-10 years. So Bluey, being 6 at the time the tree was planted, is likely between 12 and 16 in this flashforward.

  20. The authorities suspect at least one of three potential culprits: John Barron, John Miller, or David Dennison.

  21. Shitbird. Use it almost every exclusively instead of asshole or fucker or dickhead. It easily became my favorite.

  22. God these people are absolutely awful! She’s against abortion UNTIL it suits her needs. She’s against abortion UNLESS it suits her needs. People are dipshits

  23. My first job had monthly meetings from 7-9pm on Fridays. Food was not provided. We stopped having meetings entirely when we starting being open until 9pm.

  24. Obnoxious college guys from the south. They love repping their brands. I guarantee there’s a boatful of bros in their little matching shirts shotgunning white claws right now.

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