1. I can't even imagine what Koreen's brain must be like right now. Journalistically, he's not a news-breaker (that's not a slight; it's just simply not how he functions as a writer). Yet, all his stories are teasing out some form of news "breaking", or, at least the potential of something happening. So, basically, all he's been doing for the past two months is writing in bloated essay format about the EXACT SAME VERY DRAMATIC THING without THE VERY DRAMATIC THING being rooted in any fact or hard proof. Not opposed to this writing style, but it sucks ass when there's zero tension. It ends up just being a guy talking to himself. Sort of like what I'm doing here... Fuck.

  2. The Athletic lost a lot when Blake left. Eric must be feeling the pressure from management. That’s ok, I still will read.

  3. I’ve seen conflicting reports of if this is final or not lol

  4. Back before taunting was a pain in the backside “point of emphasis”.

  5. Brady and the honey Badger going at it was super entertaining as well. I hate the taunting penalty, so boring.

  6. I’m rooting for the chiefs to win Sunday. Mahomes did well in our Super Bowl despite the loss. Especially that jump diving throw. He’s basically the Steph Curry of the nfl

  7. Glad you got the reference. Can’t wait for the final season final part, part 1 & 2

  8. This dude is just gonna tweet about every Raptor at this point.

  9. Raptors equals internet engagement but not US game viewership. It’s cold in Canada and need something to click on

  10. I know there’s a paywall for folks without the athletic but this is a really good read on Jensen recovery

  11. Did anyone figure out if it was Clearwater/st Pete or Miami beaches?

  12. To me it didn’t seem as magical. I feel we at least had a hype into the next season. IMO.

  13. It felt like any hype around the Rams was forced lol

  14. I feel like the NFL didn’t really highlight or talk about it as much. Before the Rams made it, it felt like they were making it a bigger thing because it was LA.

  15. NFL is full of themselves. All that hype for the rams and everyone knows, that the Bucs could have been there that year anyway if they completed the comeback. I’m sure people value the Bucs chip more than the Rams chip

  16. I’ve been a Bucs fan since 2002 when I moved from Toronto to Tampa. To return the favor I’ll make the patriots my afc team. He’ll always be known as a Pat, but we share Brady after all.

  17. He’s the only guy I want to see where 12 again, then when Godwin leaves, retire it for good. Chris Godwin whole brand before Brady was 12 season. He’s the only exception

  18. Anyone else have crazy allergies? This florida weather has my ears feeling all plugged up and sinus pressure going crazy

  19. I went to an allergist to calm my allergies this time of year. I take two sprays and one tablet daily. Otherwise I’ll be all sinus impact

  20. All defense and no offense? Sounds like a Raptor to me

  21. Would the raptors trade for Suggs and salary filler for Fred? I somehow could see it. But I don’t think Orlando does it

  22. Yeah Raptors won’t do that trade but I can definitely see your reasoning on paying Fred over dlo

  23. We didn't have peak Marc Gasol. We had him at the end of his career which was still pretty damn good.

  24. Yeah he was just beyond his peak. Even in our championship lap and the bubble Nurse knew as well as we started going with less Ibaka and Gasol minutes

  25. Did a Lakers fan write this? Pat Bev, Lonnie Walker, Max Christie and a pick 5 years out for All Star and 2019 Champion Fred Vanvleet?

  26. The article was Eric Koreen actually. He’s the only rap writer now on the Athletic with Blake on Sportsnet

  27. Watching him just waltz onto the Bucs and work absolute magic over the course of a season has me convinced as well. Why didn't more teams pursue him?!?! The Bucs had a whole secret operation to attract him here.

  28. We’re grateful it. Now we appreciate what Brady will do next. Bucs or not.

  29. I got her on my 9th pull so just 1 more pull to go

  30. I got Ophelia on the 8th pull and I’m still going to go for the 10 for that awakening stone

  31. Yes, went in with the wrong team and closed the app. Lost the ticket but the mission criteria was unaffected.

  32. For me I had the right team but didn’t equip the 3 stars for one of the lower level tower, and I lost the ticket when I forced closed

  33. AWS is everywhere hosting our apps. We can’t escape it lol

  34. Not a question but an observation. Octopath CotC just introduced a suspicious ad feature to gain in game currency. I hope DFFOO never gets this

  35. If it's an optional 15 sec ad a day for 50 gems (daily gems goes from 100 to 150), I wouldn't mind. I'm often paying attention to something else while playing anyway, for the Coops. Wouldn't notice that 15 sec.

  36. The original game ads that are 30 seconds I’m fine with. It’s the newer tap joy ones from today that I have issue with that might be data mining. Luckily DFFOO is user friendly

  37. Are you referring to octopath traveler 1, 2 or CotC?

  38. This is what happens when you don't have value for money spent, you can spend hundreds if not thousands on this game and have nothing to show for it. Even in some cases, free to play accounts can have more value than people who pay a lot of money. This is a single player game so whales or people who spend a decent amount largely has no effect on other peoples gameplay.

  39. If this is the case then this game isn’t going to last long. Square Enix never learns in any of their gacha

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