Becoming The Ghost [Video]

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  1. ..with the current event, the team leaders have shadow charmander, shadow bulb, and shadow squirtle..i believe the event ends tonight 11:59 (july 10) local time..finally caught shadow charms

  2. can also try “camping”, if you TP to a mon but you’re on a CD, leave the catch screen open until the CD expires then you can catch

  3. if you have not played in 2+ hrs then you’re free to teleport as many times as you wish, so long as you don’t trigger the CD by catching/feed/spinning

  4. ..catching/spinning/feeding berries will trigger a CD..if you plan to teleport to a new location it will tell you the approx. wait time before you can play again..if you remain in the area, you can continue playing and not wait for a 2 hr CD

  5. go to iPogo’s discord and under the channel ipogo specific help open a #support ticket or ask your question in ask-questions-here-user-based-answers and you will receive immediate help

  6. If you just purchased signulous you have to wait 3 days before you can sign apps.

  7. i’ve had signulous for about 3 years or so, and have always been able to sign apps after subbing

  8. ..follow iPogo’s discord and on their channel under RAIDING AND RESOURCES > #FRIEND CODES you can add your code there

  9. “seen” means the number of times total you’ve encountered this pokemon, 36, possibly from past raids

  10. ..i read that even just by passing a gym, the “seen” feature is triggered..

  11. i can use some money..i have paypal and ca$happ, need to get out this hotel i live in 😬

  12. morning, ipogo and spoofing isn’t generally “safe”, using a spoofer with any account may trigger a red flag..always best to spoof at your own risk and use alt accounts

  13. check your ipogo settings and make sure the GoPlus setting is toggled ON, then go to the game settings (pokéball > settings > pokémon GoPlus (towards the bottom) > Available Devices..also, the GoPlus is a VIP feature..

  14. Dont worry you'll get used to it, just go to menu then switch weapons if I remember correctly or change attachments

  15. ..logged well over 1,000 hrs of gameplay in Ghost Mode and still can’t beat it.. shitballs :(

  16. unfortunately, the cooldown is in place by Niantic so there isn’t a way to avoid it, other than not triggering any actions that will cause a, throwing a ball or using a berry etc.

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