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  1. Capitalism is when the FDA stops you from producing goods.

  2. More precisely, capitalism is when a politburo and central economic planning committee acting in secret manipulates interest rates to the extent of creating incommensurable price inflation.

  3. International merchant banking dynasties, that own central banks, keep the world in war and poverty through fraudulent and institutionalized wealth transfer schemes. This leads to a greater inability to maintain infrastructure, e.g. eroded pipes.

  4. It’s a man who identifies as a velociraptor who identifies as a coelacanth who itself identifies as a woman.

  5. Essentially, yes. He himself might very well have converted, or be born into the sect without being willing to disclose it as happens very often.

  6. ..and also the phrase "entertained by" implies the black basketball players are akin to captured slaves pitted against each other (like Roman times), and not multi-millionaire-top-0.1%-rich-list-professional-sportsmen.

  7. Well to be fair running after a ball is an activity meant for seals

  8. People have seen the footage that was accidental picked up and now they believe they saw it in real time.

  9. Exactly. Same as those in NYC that day who believe they saw a plane at all, whether the first or second one.

  10. We’re going through an apocalypse… it’s probably going to get bad.

  11. Perfect answer. The central planners indeed belong to an obscurantist tradition that is obsessed with an eschatological promise that their angry and jealous deity allegedly made them a long time ago.

  12. The technological progress and globalization of the last 20 years isn't real value. It's just a fad.

  13. Money is credit. When I say "credit expansion", it means expansion of M1, M2 and other monetary aggregates. The macroeconomic orthodoxy of our time is the Zimbabwe School of Economics.

  14. You keep providing more and more questionable things and cannot respond in turn to each one. You defend this by trying to pump up how important you are, publically.

  15. As a neutral observer to this exchange, I can confidently say you ridiculed yourself

  16. SS: I don't understand internal Chinese politics enough to untangle this, but it seems that the province just south of the one across from Taiwan, which also hosts Hong Kong, is preparing to mobilize for war.

  17. This is one of the best submission statement I have ever seen. Thank you for the explanation.

  18. Smart call. Think I’m doing the same. Not gonna search out anything about it. Let’s see where that gets us relative to others.

  19. Everyone will have forgotten all about this story in a few days. I could give you countless other examples in the past couple of years alone. Anyone who has emotions about this right now, regardless of which “side” he identifies with, is getting trapped by the kayfabe / reality TV.

  20. In other words: if the Earth is a prison, the door was left wide open.

  21. Found the pedo apologist. You are on the wrong side of history and morality.

  22. Lol it's adorable that you think posting on Reddit had any bearing on history or morality. Stay golden, Ponyboy.

  23. Posting on reddit has nothing to do with it. You are apologizing for, and defending, the worst kind of criminals; that can happen anywhere at anytime and has an universal and absolute despicableness to it. It reveals you are utterly lacking of character and higher values.

  24. Expect to be down voted. I pointed this out last night and the leftist brigade came in.

  25. It’s a great OP that goes against the orthodoxy, so the cretins who sometimes leaves their habitual pastures to pollute our sub will definitely downvote it. They will also downvote anyone who teaches them that fascism is a far-left ideology.

  26. I think you might be mistaking me for the poster above? I don't think I was snarky at all.

  27. I didn’t understand how all of that could’ve happened in Germany then, after being on Reddit during the covid lunacy I perfectly understood.

  28. All the branch Covidians would 100% have been Nazi collaborators.

  29. Exactly. He obediently did everything his darling telescreen told him, and it was all for nothing.

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