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  1. I just want $9 craft beer 6 packs back and not just $12 4 packs.

  2. You can bike from downtown Columbus all the way to Cincinnati without going off a bike trail on the camp chase trail.

  3. Nobody is going to take that kind of risk. Not unless the government gives them some kind of insane deal.

  4. There is already a lot of apartments construction happening downtown, the PNC tower is being converted to apartments, along with 195 east broad street. The Continental building is also being converted to Apartments. The entirety of the discovery district was nothing but parking lots a decade ago. Also everything downtown is in a CRA meaning it's all eligible for 15-year 100% tax abatements and it's been like that since before 1994.

  5. The apartment vacancy rate downtown is over double what it is outside of downtown. Nearly one out of every five downtown offices are vacant. Those are facts. It's just like Cleveland, the downtown development groups are in cahoots with the politicians and rule downtown. It's a depressing joke.

  6. So 10% vacancy instead of 5% still pretty low, capitalists don't put money where they don't think they can make a buck. And the downtown residents association gets listened and those are just people

  7. At one time it was illegal to sell yellow margarine because it looked "too much" like butter

  8. They had that in the UK too, it use to come with a dye that you could mix in yourself to make it look yellow.

  9. If you like long bike rides the camp chase trail continues all the way to Cincinnati

  10. I didn't go to OSU and don't have any memories associated with it, but it seems like Columbus isn't short of bars a breweries to make new memories at. That parking lot on high street just seems like a waste of space with the housing shortage we're having.

  11. 1/3 of the world's population is in India and are pretty poor. They do have energy needs to meet.

  12. Reliance Industries is going deep deep into solar. Indian knows that when the oil Market is pricey their economy loses, that's why the Indians are taking so much discounted version oil, growth stutters in India when the prices get too high and they have millions of millions of people to create jobs for so they need in a growing economy. But they don't like it so that's why they're going solar

  13. Don't forget that people with untreated schizophrenia are likely to cost more to society than the treatment. That goes for a lit of diseases especially if you count in the factor of prevention

  14. It's also one of those where most schizophrenics are harmless but act erratic which causes a lot of distress to themselves but also distress to other people. It takes a lot of patience kindness and understanding something a lot of people don't have to deal with someone in a schizophrenic episode.

  15. Yeah no thanks I’ll stick to being a lesbian

  16. I mean it depends what type of lesbian I'm guessing not the type who has 4 kids with your partner.

  17. Yup. Doctors and residents are also trapped in this system. Over worked and under appreciated (residents make zero money in some hospitals) while insurance companies and hospital CEOs rake in billions.

  18. Hospitals can be greedy too. that's why there has been so much consolidation of hospitals into hospital chains, if your the only hospital system in a metro area all the Insurance companies have to make deals with you or else everything for all their customers is out of network.

  19. it would be interesting if they came up with insulated shutters for houses which automatically shut and open for better insulation. I know Sutters are much more common in Europe than in the US or Canada.

  20. Showering every day is a bit overkill. You don’t realize this until you’re a bit older.

  21. I exercise everyday and I can't imagine getting in my bed without showering.

  22. There is a good book called postwar by Tony Judt and it has some very dire descriptions of what it was like just after the war. Even descriptions of the first VW beetle manufacturing have it occuring in a factory where all the bomb damage hadn't been repaired.

  23. Makes sense and is frustrating too. They didn’t want anyone to take their rice bowl. (If you don’t get the reference then read or watch the Sand Pebbles)

  24. Toyota only built the Prius because the American government was giving money to produce hybrid cars and they didn't want to be left behind when the Americans finally released their hybrid car.

  25. There was a Russian YouTuber who grew in Siberia took a DNA test and thought it would just be Russian and it came back half Baltic, I was just surprised he was surprised, he didn't seem to know about the history of deportations

  26. once climate change gets more severe Michigan will probably one of the best places to live

  27. I did read the book how to prepare for a climate disaster and it did mention Michigan as the probably place were climate refugees could go.

  28. I parked my car on the street for over 5 years and the worst that happened was someone went though my car when I forgot to lock it.

  29. I’m 26. I have several friends almost in their 30s both male and female who can’t even cook a basic egg. When I asked them what they do for food on a regular basis they just get take out and they are okay with getting take out for the rest of their lives. It boggles me. I’ve been cooking since I was 6

  30. I just don't cook food, but I almost never eat out, I just eat salads, fruits, and I do warm up frozen meals and vegetables. I don't really consider the instructions on the packaging such as bring to a boil or place on stovetop with oil as cooking just heating up. (Also I do buy junk food but I try to resist.)

  31. Supposedly "Yes In My Back Yard", but in practice usually Neo-liberals/libertarians/market-fundamentalists that think deregulation is good no matter what gets built.

  32. i think if you were to go to the review meetings developers would love you to advocate for no parking, and density both of those would increase the profitability of the construction

  33. If you sign up for the emails at your local zoning commission you will get updates.

  34. Meanwhile, people are losing their homes due to earthquakes caused by fracking in Groningen (Netherlands)

  35. I read that if they pumped more gas in the summer the profits could have paid for a new home for almost everyone in Groningen.

  36. or.. people could stop fracking since its extremly hurtfull to the enviorment and the ecosystem seeing how it posions the ground water so many animals, humans and even plants rely on

  37. The north sea gas wells don't use fracking, the problem in the Netherlands isn't well water it's earthquakes cause by 50 years of extraction, and they are due to close the wells next year. But its probably Worth keeping them open to avoid burning coal instead.

  38. They have a day pass you can pay to use it.

  39. Love how some phones have apps you can't delete, like Facebook. What if you don't even use Facebook like myself , shouldn't I have the option to delete it🤷🏼 🤦.

  40. That's why I've been buying Pixel devices, no bloat just Google, Google is also a dragon sitting on all your data, but it's greedy and doesn't share unless you pay, so I guess that's better than a phone that shares your data with 10 people

  41. Ngl I don't get why more developers don't build up rather than out. They say there's gonna be a 6 story and 8 story building, but wouldn't it make more sense to just build a 14 story building? Or is it actually cheaper to buy more land and build a second building?

  42. If you want to be able to build taller you would need to change the zoning the University district has a max height of 72 ft for a mixed use development. The university has a lot of influence over how they want the areas zoned.

  43. What is this a comment from 2009 that someone changed democrats to republicans and vice versa.

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