1. i havent been prompted to get a ryerson email yet, but you have until aug 19 to send in your onecard photo

  2. I think it's not a very nice idea to do summer school especially for Calculus. It would be suffering since Calculus is hard. But if you are gd at math, like getting 90s in your math course, it should be fine

  3. I feel you, I’ve been trynna get my teachers to boost my average to a 78 cause I need it for my admission but looks like that won’t happen. I have a 77.8 btw

  4. Did they reject to give a 1% boost? I think it's actually fine if it's only for 1% and you tried your best on your assignments. My teacher said it's fine for asking a 1% mark boost (I hope she remembers to put it into my report card)

  5. I quite literally begged mine but she said no lol😭😭

  6. Do anyone know when will weekly mission appear, I'm at chapter 3 and the weekly mission still doesn't show up

  7. Do you mean that I'll wait till next Monday for it to refresh and appear

  8. Hi people. Pls help me out. Which English proficiency test provides result the fastest (UofT Website ones)? I am a domestic student, finished my first year at UofT few days ago. I need the English proficiency score cuz I have applied for an internal transfer to UTSG from UTM. Also, I lived in Quebec until my grade 10 study. Then, completed my gr 11, 12 and 1st year of uni in Toronto. I've done English schooling less than 4 years. Hence, I need to do the test. Please reply!!

  9. Average of top 6 just right at 90. Going to ryerson Hopefully I can keep this Average to get the scholarship

  10. Just saying so, I don't think low 80s or mid 80s are bad, but I'm aiming for 90 for my top 6 avg to get higher scholarship. I can still get a smaller amount of scholarships if my avg is 85+ but I think it is such a pity if there is just a mark or two to get 1k more scholarship.

  11. Me 2 to 3 hours But I'm having biology test tmr I'm gonna stay up late

  12. All math courses need more practice to get high mark. Either you are good at it or bad at it. You'll have to spend lot of time on doing practice questions.

  13. Feels shit. I admit that I didn't do daily homework for this unit. I did all homework practice for last unit to get a mid 80s

  14. oh my lord my Chinese is getting worse ヘ(。□°)ヘ

  15. What I would say is most of them will give out most of the offers at May. Unless you got a great mark. Don't worry too much, try to aim for high 80 at least to get higher chance of getting the offers

  16. Better to drop one course than to get a shit mark on all 4. If you don't absolute need it, DROP IT.

  17. Tbh, 85 is a very good mark. I got 80 for my first English assignment because of some stupid careless mistake which I can fix that in 5 mins and get high 80s on this assignment.

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