Obi-Wan Kenobi - Episode 6 - Discussion Thread!

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  1. Okay good, I wasn’t tripping in the grocery store the other day when I noticed the size difference. What the actual hell. 😂

  2. Depends on if you just want them gone or if you want to maximize your profit, which also takes the maximum amount of work. If you know which sets are in there, for example if you have the instructions, you can estimate how much they might be worth of sold separately. You'll have a hard time selling bulk non-local

  3. “Mr Anderson, what good is an itch if you are unable to scratch?”

  4. Just mandalorian show figs because the first several episodes of the show Pedro pascal didn't remove the helmet.

  5. It wasn't poorly executed. It was highly discouraged, so they went with the deep metaphores that could be read multiple ways. Unsurprisingly, most people didn't read it that way because it wasn't their experience.

  6. But there were no other "clues" that she was trans. Having a "sneaky" nickname is not a metaphor.

  7. What did you want them to do? The studio was probably going to throw a fit if they put a legit trans character in as one of the main cast -- not to mention audiences weren't really ready for something like that at the time.

  8. The only thing I want is for people to stop making stuff up after the fact. I will freely admit there are plenty of actual metaphors found in The Matrix.

  9. Vader probably wasn’t keeping up with what specifically was going on, on Tatooine. He just wanted to know if they found the droids or not.

  10. Before today I always thought they responded with brutality because it was just their thing regardless of any resistance encountered.

  11. Probably just the newest slide they added to an old presentation

  12. While I don't have a Palisade, I have a Tucscon (waiting for 2023 Caligraphy Palisade to come in, and will be trading in for that), but I love these Vredestein Quatrac Pro's I got on it. Ironically, a guy at work got them too (I did not know at the time) much for the same reason why I opted for them. That is a very large manufacture over in Europe, founded in 1909 and are an OEM tire used by many manufactures over there. Though review wise is interesting as many over there say the tires are not that good, but then I also read that their formula's even for the same "model" tire is generally different between Europe and the US.

  13. As far as I can tell, they don't make them for the Pali unless you have non-factory rims.

  14. This is not really very easy to get away with, especially if you do it over and over. Maybe if you are really broke and desperate, but I wouldn't risk it otherwise.

  15. Sir, I just watched you walk out with seven cartfuls of groceries. Your receipt is also four hours old....

  16. My thoughts exactly. Fuckers acquired arms galore, trade it back if they want to appeal so bad.

  17. That's the unethical part. You can look like you are meditating when in fact you are napping.

  18. Dads are no longer "resting their eyes" - they're meditating.

  19. As a napper I get it, thank you for your service. Just like reading a book is a respectable cover for watching tv, scrolling on Reddit or even just more napping 😋

  20. Yes, I too "read a book" whenever I go to the bathroom, i.e. self-care.

  21. Sandwiches with fries and slaw on them.

  22. They should have played the beginning of that call where Vader connects to holo-zoom and palpatine spends the first ten seconds of the call asking if Vader can hear him properly.

  23. Wow, this episode makes me think that Owen and Beru didn't go as quietly in A New Hope as

  24. Why did they keep the guns hidden? Didn't they basically have to defend themselves from Tuskens on a regular basis?

  25. Now you will notice that Luke plays with the Skyhopper toy that Obi-Wan gave him.

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