1. There's a fix in the Dev Channel:

  2. Teams no longer crashing but webcam still not working.

  3. Does reliability monitor show a crash when it's trying to access the camera, or is it just not rendering video?

  4. I looked at Event Viewer and it seems to be linked to an intel Arc virtual camera DLL. I’m trying to see if I can get around it.

  5. Can you report it in the feedback hub if you haven't already?

  6. You need Build 25272+ - this change was made before the Dev Channel definition was updated and the Canary Channel was introduced. The updated Dev Channel is only on Build 23466, which is a lower build number

  7. Sweet now can they let me drag and drop something to the taskbar again instead of having to do 47 clicks?

  8. Drag and drop via the taskbar was added with W11 22H2

  9. Hey all - a few fixes headed your way, plus we're bumping the Features ON build to 22631. Details as follows:

  10. As a few people have reported, Teams keeps crashing.

  11. Thanks - we've been looking into this, and it should be fixed with the next flight 🀞

  12. This build breaks nvidia broadcast and the new ms teams preview on one of my test machines.

  13. There is no ETA for when dev might meet up with canary - I would advise switching to Canary so your PC doesn't get out of date, or clean installing over to Dev

  14. Will Canary be getting these goodies soon too?

  15. Don't have an exact ETA, but in general things do flow between the channels. Appreciate your patience πŸ™

  16. Is Cannary currently behind the Dev Channel?

  17. Don't have an exact ETA , but I'm looking forward to it too

  18. Let me know when they add option to enable spatial audio from some kind of taskbar menu. Meanwhile i'll stay on 10.

  19. That has been added to quick settings as part of some audio work in the canary channel

  20. As part of this, please see the release notes here about the Windows configuration update and new features rolling out:

  21. TLDR we're investigating, appreciate your patience

  22. TLDR, you can't click on the volume icon and then scroll anywhere like you could in 10, however in 11 (as of 22H2) you can hover your mouse on the volume icon and scroll to adjust volume without opening the flyout

  23. I think you'll find some things you like in the linked article 😊

  24. Hello, I am trying to find out if there is a way to force windows to Keep a monitor position even after it is disconnected.

  25. I don't think it's possible, at least not natively

  26. What build number is this? If the symbols section is not there at all it feels like you maybe installed quite an old version of Windows 10 and not the latest one

  27. Does reliability monitor show that there's a crash?

  28. Hello, I know that you are a software engineer and are not involved in localizing Windows, but by any chance do you have information about when and how often localizations are updated and improved? Windows and Office's Filipino localization is a big mess and it's obvious there's little to no proofreading. There are also lots of untranslated strings everywhere.

  29. The loc team reviews feedback pretty regularly and makes updates based on incoming suggestions - got some examples of issues you've reported for Windows?

  30. I have an issue for my surface go, after a recent insider preview update, the onscreen keyboard no longer pops up when physical keyboard is not attached for the login pin input. I have to attach my keyboard every time during login just to type the pin, it’s quite annoying. No sure if any users have this issue.

  31. Are you having this issue even with this build? There was a fix for that with .1690

  32. Thanks for the reply. I just updated to a insider preview 23451.1000 and the issue is fixed. Now the onscreen keyboard shows without physical keyboard for pin input.

  33. It was added some month back in windows 11 - I'm guessing you're on Windows 10 or don't have the latest app updates installed

  34. TLDR no - I suspect that the freezing is caused by one of the apps in your startup apps list, though. We're working on a fix

  35. I've tried googling but can't find anything for this exact issue since it's usually about the language bar on the task bar which isn't my issue.

  36. If you go into advanced language settings there should be a checkbox somewhere to turn off the language bar (on my phone right now so can't get the exact place)

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