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  1. I’m looking for myself. I’m not quite ready to jump in and build one but I would love to live in one. Also, forgot to mention I’m in the US, thanks for the info though!

  2. A lot of them are used as Airbnb's. I imagine one thing that complicates this are zoning laws that consider them to be "RVs", which means staying in one is camping. Some jurisdictions limit you to a certain time period (like 2 weeks), which creates limits to prevent renting it.

  3. Hello! I’m currently in VA but will need to move this coming November and I’m considering Asheville. I’d love to get some info from locals on what being a single young woman (20’s) in Asheville is like. When looking for a rental, are there certain areas I should avoid? Feeling safe in my home is extremely important to me, so any tips would be greatly appreciated! I’m open to living outside the city as well.

  4. Okay, I’m from Virginia and we always called these things mud puppies, which now that I’m seeing everyone else call them sand crabs makes me feel hillbilly as hell lol

  5. Congrats! I had to do the same recently and took my 30 minute pit stops to chill out.

  6. I did something similar. I got this app called Roadtrippers and it shows you cool and interesting pit stops along the route to your destination.

  7. What are some good emergency meds that you like? Hydrozyxine any good for emergencies

  8. I’m on good old fashioned xannys for emergency situations. They definitely work, but mostly because they knock me out. What I ended up doing for this trip was waking up really early the day I was supposed to leave, taking a pill and then going back to bed. By the time I woke up later in the morning, the panic attack had been managed and the sleepy side effects had worn off. WARNING: Xanax can be VERY addictive, so always consult a doctor before taking it!

  9. I make it with water. It’s the way I grew up eating it, never even thought about using milk until I was in college and saw someone else using milk.

  10. The second option is supposed to say milk. These are the consequences of posting without my glasses on 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. So, I was an ABA tech for a little while. I had heard the criticisms before I started, but at the job interviews everyone assured me that ABA was “different now.” My own neurodivergence makes me a little gullible, and I really needed a second job, so I got an offer and I accepted it.

  12. Thank you so much for this and I’m sorry you had to experience that. If you don’t mind me asking, do you know how to become a 1-on-1 aide in a school? A school would be my preferred setting as I’ve worked in schools before.

  13. WOW. Thank you to everyone that has replied to this post. I had no idea when I posted this that ABA therapy was so harmful/traumatic for so many people. As someone who experienced trauma during their childhood, I can’t imagine what it must be like to know that the form of abuse you experienced continues and is even promoted. Thank you for sharing articles, experiences, and opinions. I learned a lot today and I think this goes without saying, but I won’t be looking for a job as an ABA therapist.

  14. My favorite spot was sitting on the rocks over by seawall campgrounds. There is a spot you can pull your car in and setup chairs. It was nice.

  15. I think I know what place you’re talking about! We stayed in a cottage on Seawall road

  16. No because I have a roommate and I sleep with my door open. He doesn’t need to see that lol

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