Do you guys struggle with responding with messages to the extent that you just ghost everyone?

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  1. Open note pad. Write to your hearts content. Take a short break. Read it again and then shorten it. Sometimes I do more than one draft. It helps alot to read what I wrote and fix it up, I learn about how I think and it over time has helped me be more clear. It's almost like practice for when I'm talking too cause I know I over explain, so I can sometimes do a bit of this in my head now from doing it with text so much.

  2. It made my adhd worse. Crazy mood swings. Too much energy. Couldn't settle down at night. Poor sleep. I was a mess. Stimulants don't agree with me and I have been off them for years now.

  3. Sounds like you're doing it without getting much out of it so of course it's understimulating.

  4. Her response is not a symptom of ADHD. Only thinking about yourself is not an ADHD symptom. That is a personality trait. I have ADHD and if my husband came to me saying what you said (which by the way, you brought up in a VERY GOOD WAY for someone with ADHD) I would have felt bad he needed more support and asked how I can help him. I would never try and turn that conversation into "how I am affected" and "what am I going to do", etc.

  5. Thank you, it’s both really validating and saddening to hear that.

  6. Do a first rise before you put it in for a fews hours. If you add a little bit of sugar you can put it in the fridge and use it the next day. If you didn‘t put sugar I would recommend putting it at least 3 days in the fridge for a nice browning (1 day still works in a pinch, but you won‘t get browning without sugar after 1 day). When you want to make pizza take it out 2-4 hours before making the pizza so the dough gets to room temp. Now what‘s very important is that you DON‘T KNEAD your dough after taking it our of the fridge. You can form nice balls with a circling motion (adding flour on the outside) but don‘t push it down too much. If you knead it you will destroy the nice gluten network that build up. If you do everything correctly it should looks like

  7. Thank you! I have a breville oven that heats up quite a bit more than my regular oven, so I'll be using that with a pizza stone. I have an internal thermometer so hoping to get up to the 500 mark before popping these babies in there!

  8. yea what are deaf or mute people supposed to do? that answer just feels like theyre shaming people that cant use the phone. im glad it worked out for you tho.

  9. In Canada we have services they can use where they are typing what to say and someone else is making the phone call for them.

  10. sooo the poutine sat in the car for 2 hours??? I would def. have trashed it LOL.

  11. Ahhh ok sorry that makes sense. It's hot here today and I was picturing this nasty sweaty car poutine loool

  12. I was just on my sisters block yesterday. Every kid outside, playing together. Bikes and skateboards everywhere. It all depends on the neighborhood.

  13. This is my neighborhood too. In April there was a massive puddle in our yard and all the kids were playing in it. It was so cold and they were all swimming in this huge dirty puddle. Then they road bikes around the street to dry off LOL!

  14. Yes. This sucks. I do a little mind visualization of me "taking over my body" and it helps.

  15. Okay. You are mixing in mistakes you've made with your worth as a person. Great way to stop this is a mistake journal.

  16. I do this but with a visual component and agree it is a great meditation technique! I picture myself at a desk with a bunch of monitors and each one is displaying my "thoughts". I'm a very visual person so this helps me to really get out of my head and become "the watcher". I watch and listen and feel very rested by the time I am done.

  17. Hugs and solidarity. I don't have any advice, but I am currently in a similar situation right down to the 7 month old baby, fired from high paying job/burning through savings, anger, and poor med management (my husband will run out of adderall and then get angry that his psych will not put in a script ASAP). I am also worried about how his emotional disregulation will affect our baby. He was diagnosed with adhd, mdd and gad all within the last 5 months.

  18. Would you have to split custody?? If he isn't able to care for her you might get full custody.

  19. It's not fair for her to become the victim in every scenario. Your allowed to feel hurt or disappointed and she needs to deal with that and not deflect it back to you. Do you go to therapy together and can address this? My guess is if you bring it up in the moment she will have the same kind of reaction she's been having which just makes it about her.

  20. When I have other things on my mind that are making me anxious. Which I spend thinking about how to fix that . The thoughts seem to distract my mind from enjoying these types of things. Once I have calm and no problems then my mind is able to engage the things I like around me. If I go to do these things I feel like I’m half there paying attention to what I’m doing while other thoughts compete for my focus. It’s so annoying.

  21. Well, you need that working memory to process a sentence that you hear, then you need to remember that sentence to make sense of the next one. Learning by hearing is just exhausting.

  22. Well I'm no contact now. I felt unloved and have cptsd. My mom was a horrible influence on me and I spent years unlearning toxic traits. She blames me and acts like I'm a shit daughter because I'm upset she's a shit mother. She becomes the victim and my feelings never matter.

  23. I would say CBT would help a lot. Seems like the big problem is you are in your head so much you cannot connect. If you can learn to be in the moment, and make that moment not all about you, the connection will happen naturally. If you can work on that I think some of your other issue will dissolve simply due to being engaged in the moment instead of stuck in your head.

  24. Sometimes even having to make a decision (like if someone wants to hang out and I am not sure if I can commit or will feel like it come hang out time) it can activate my avoidance. I might feel like I will reply but in the end I am avoiding it because I don't feel ready to commit. And instead of saying that, I just wait and do nothing. Because I don't want to say no, but I also don't want to say yes.

  25. I have ADHD and have done two types of therapy. CBT which was SO HELPFUL for executive functions, organizing, and changing habits. Then I saw someone for talk therapy just about my emotions, understanding them, and communicating them in a healthy way. I called to "interview" quite a few talk therapists to find someone who I felt like I jived with, so it was a bit of a process but once I did find someone I saw them for a year until I felt ready to just go about life on my own.

  26. Wow I am so sorry. This is so unfair. I don't think anyone with any amount of coping skills could recharge through this and personally I don't think that should be your goal.

  27. LOL I do this too. I have found that after I write it out, if I Read it again I can end up shortening it by like HALF. SO glad I don't just send right away because I end up writing so much more information than they need and I totally need to do like 2 or 3 drafts so it's not a novel of a message :P

  28. How does the conversation on this topic go if you bring it up outside of the argument/situation? I am curious if he's more receptive to your feelings when he's not flooded with his. You're allowed to be upset and it's not okay for him to ignore your boundary. He doesn't get to make the choice of if you get a break or not. Breaks during heated discussions are healthy especially for ppl with adhd.

  29. You don't pick one thing, figure out your true calling and finish it. You pick one thing, move forward, and you might change things as you go. What your vision is now is not where you have to end up. You just need a starting point and then keep making progress towards something that makes you happy.

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