1. I will never not have a back up of a back up so long as I can still get it cheap through a subbox. Even still I'd probably seriously consider paying the $80USD for it, I absolutely love this stuff🤗

  2. Are you happy with it? I was hoping for the huda pallet and brushes until I saw that someone had gotten this lol but I would've been happy with most of the reveals

  3. Yes totally! It was so much better than I thought. I already have a lot of makeup so some skincare is nice

  4. Same here, and I do have a few Goldfaden products already but I haven't tried these two as of yet. I'm not really mad about the face mask either. I used to just give them away but I tried those jojoba ones from December GBP after someone raves about them on here and I LOVED them so I'm excited to try these too🤗

  5. I bought it in "reveal" and was disappointed with the orangeyness too lol I'm gunna try a good creamy lip liner in a few shades to see if I can calm it down a bit

  6. Weird it's still saying that if I reactivate my GBP I'll get the April one

  7. That’s what I thought, but I got a you’re on the boxycharm waitlist email 😄

  8. Oh wow, I was really considering to resub for it this month once I saw the spoilers but from what I've seen for the add on spoilers, almost everything I saw that I wanted is in there. I still figure I'll max out on addons but it'll save me from getting product I don't want in a "boxycharm" AND from getting twice the addons lmao

  9. I'm a little sad not to have the cute pump bottle (bc let's face it, we all love it) but once I saw it was double what I anticipated I got so excited 😆

  10. Hahaha yes! About the bottle too, I mean I'm not mad at all but I liked the style of the bottle and let's face it...who's going to use all that eye cream in their lifetime🤣

  11. Honestly! With as little of this stuff that's needed this will literally last me over a year and then some bc I don't use it daily

  12. Oh man I got a 10ml deluxe sample of Heimish Marine Care Cream in one of my first bags and I used it almost religiously morning and night and it lasted me a good 8+ months. I've been watching Ipsy close to see if they'll have a full size in a sale now that Canadians can shop. It was amazing lol def HG status

  13. Update: I didn’t get a few of my redemption points items or my mystery gift :(

  14. Oh no I'm so sorry!!! Make sure yoi shoot off an email as soon as you get the chance, I really hope they send a replacement and not points😢 I finally got my stuff today and shockingly, everything was there and very neatly packed for the first time in MONTHS. My mystery points item was the bundle with the 2 Goldfaden products, some rose hip face oil, face masks and headband thingie.

  15. That’s such an amazing mystery gift !!!! I’m hoping for the same if it comes one day :) are you happy with it ???

  16. Awww! Well definitely keep me posted and congrats on the job AND paying all that off, that's a huge accomplishment🤗 I know it's hard to let go of Ipsy I've tried and I did have to give up the GBP and I miss it. I hope you get the same bundle! I love it and I'll use everything as long as the face oil isn't too strong of a scent. I would have been happy with almost any of the mystery gifts I saw, they were all pretty good considering I wasn't really expecting much knowing Ipsy

  17. Mine came today and I got this as well! I'm super happy with it, I already have a few Goldfaden products and I love them. As long as that face oil isn't too strong of a scent I'll definitely be using everything. I looked everything up best I could and this bundle is about $178USD😐 I would have been happy with most of the other things people got too so I definitely hope they do this again soon

  18. I LOVE my Yensa founation. Didn’t think I would but it matches perfectly.

  19. Oh I love their foundations it's just this that I can't seem to perfect and I want to love it so much. Gunna give some of these ideas a try and see if I can make it work before I give up on it for good

  20. I haven't tried that one but I have their serum foundation. The yensa serum foundation is my favorite foundation of all time.

  21. I've gotten both the super serum foundation and the skin on skin foundation. I do love both but I think I like the super serum just a little bit better. I have back ups of back ups of back ups of both😍

  22. I got it in a different shade last month or maybe the month before. Haven't used it yet but I got one of their bronzers and OMG. It was amazing and I miss it so much, I've only seen that same shade as part of a face pallet so far though🙁

  23. Same..going to change up some preferences and hope to god I don't get more eye cream or mini sponges🤦‍♀️

  24. Exactly how I feel. I have to make fun of it because I keep complaining, but then I never cancel. I just throw my money at them and hope for the best. I'm hopeful that once they consolidate their operations and streamline their processes after getting rid of their backstock that they'll improve.

  25. Yah I'm the same. It's frustrating cause I DO love it like a lot a lot but so many disappointments. I canceled my GBP after 3 months cause I barely got anything that I was supposed to and they didn't even attempt to substitute them lol and now I see the spoilers for April GBP and I soooo want to resub🤦‍♀️ will I ever learn??

  26. I know I won't. I wish if they ran out of stock they just threw something else in there instead. Like, oops we ran out, so we gave you a partial refund and a free any product they are trying to offload. Seriously. Instead, I'm here chasing them every month.

  27. Exactly!! Someone once tried to explain the process of how to get it as a Canadian but it was super complicated and you have to pay for a third party warehouse or something like that. Makes me sad

  28. Yes it did for me but it’s also delivered through Canada post

  29. Oh I know it'll still be canada post, I've just never seen it say "global mail inc" and it WAS moving fairly quickly but now I think I spoke too soon🤣

  30. Oh my gosh...that's not good. Normally mine ships out on the 10th, but this time it shipped out around the 13th. The only thing I've changed for this month is that I didn't buy any add-ons whereas I usually do. Canada post is showing that it's supposed to arrive today but up til now I still don't see any new "updates" *sigh*. Fingers crossed that we both receive our packages soon!

  31. Mine says it's expected today as well but I know that it really means that they're expecting it to get to canada post today cause it says sender has created a shipping label. But yes let's hope they're here soon..I'm dying to see my mystery point's redemption😅

  32. I donate them to a local high school. They fill them with pads and tampons and keep them in the office for when girls need them.

  33. I like to save mine along with the items I won't use or have multiples of and since I like to travel down south quite a bit I do little glam bags for the ladies who clean the rooms or bathrooms in the resorts. Depending on where I'm going I'll also do little feminine hygiene packs for the younger girls if I go into town while there. I also use them to store extra make up and skincare so it's a bit more organized in my drawers

  34. I was kind of underwhelmed by my choices this month, both lippies and the scrunchies, but I like my ipsy picks.

  35. Damn that's pretty good! I'm dying to get mine lol I really just wanted to offload some points but I'd probably be kicking myself if I didn't do it after seeing what y'all are getting, I'm glad you like it🤗

  36. Ughhhhh I could make a bag out of that first pic alone and be super happy...y'all making me want to resub and I have zero will power🤣

  37. My boyfriend and parents say I'm a hoarder...they just don't understand lmao thank you all for making me feel normal🥲

  38. Yessss!!!! Just like how my purses and tote bags are "so big" until they need me to hold their shit!😅

  39. There's usually a pretty nice 1800-point one mid-month, but it hasn't appeared yet. Otherwise, the last day of the month.

  40. I'm wondering if they're still doing it this month since there's that highlighter pallet in there already for 1800 points. Watch them put something up mid month for like 2400 points now😅

  41. Someone was selling these for $18 +$3 shipping on an ipsy Facebook page

  42. I just kinda came across it one day, it's a private group so you may need to wait to be accepted. It's definitely geared toward people in the U.S. but I've found a few people that will ship to canada as well.

  43. The ofra pallet the brush the rodial drops and the seraphine botanicals primer

  44. Oooooh nice, I've been wanting to try those blush drops. My stuff JUST shipped yesterday so knowing dhl I'll have it innnnnn 3weeks🤷‍♀️ lmao

  45. This is my second one of the drops I never used the first I gave them away

  46. Oooh ouch, yah I'm not sure how I'd like the liquid blush but I felt the same about cream blush but now I love it so I'd give it a go. Hope you liked everything else you got at least!

  47. It's in the app and the site, I guess I should mention that the GBP now actually called BoxyCharm. It should show for everyone

  48. still not an option for me, it doesn’t show me that picture. it’s different products

  49. I'm curious lol could you possibly take a screenshot when you have a second? Thanks☺️

  50. That's exactly what I was thinking. It's been a bit hard to stay away from second chance, pop up and what not..I'm sure addons will be harder lol I just really hope that drop shop stays similar to how it was previously. I was never a boxy member but when I heard through this sub that mega drop was open to everyone at one point I bought a BUNCH of stuff and it seemed to be wayyy cheaper than it all was in Ipsy

  51. I opened the app to see if a mid-month points item was added yet, and saw this message instead. Wondering what they're doing now and what the app (and site) will look like when they're done...

  52. Yah I can't lie it's driving me crazy! I don't get emails from Ipsy for anything for some reason so I always have to check the app or site to see if my bag finally shipped and I can't😵‍💫 lmao ughhh

  53. Here’s my first glam bag that I ever got. I would say it’s okay and I was pretty shocked with certain things I got.

  54. I've seen a few different things for the mystery points redemption, one I saw one person on Facebook got 6 items. Think I've seen 5 variations now so I'm kinda excited

  55. It's that. Or that was what they put instead of my Beauty boost item.

  56. I've seen a huda highlighter pallet with 2 brushes and a realher lipstick, a neutral eyeshadow pallet with a 4 piece complex culture brush set, another was purlisse BB cheek colour, a Ciate London setting spray, slm brush, realher lipstick, Mac lashes and a beauty bakery pallet, and now this one. I've been wanting for people to post what they're getting, I'm so impatient😅

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