1. I'm tempted too lol I bought that Farrah palm brush a couple months back and it's soooo good. I still use sponges for concealer though so those little ones are calling my name for sure 🤭🤭

  2. I'm glad your skin doesn't get that stinging pain, the first time I tried it I washed it off after a minute thinking omg I'm gonna have a chemical burn under this! I'm glad you did decide to try it though, it's so good!

  3. It's going to be in addons as a duo. It's a full size of the glam glow bright eyes and a mini of the brightmud

  4. Full refund of the whole bundle or of the missing base box? I bought that same one with the same issue.

  5. Yah that's what I'm thinking, the $24 boxes ends up coming to about $42 with shipping and everything so as long as I get a couple things I'll use I won't be too disappointed lol

  6. Hahahah. Seeing "your practises" around here hihihihih, I have no doubt! 😃 They better sell them out already. You love beauty, what you can do about it?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. If I was more familiar with boxy I'd probably snag both. I do know they usually seem to have eyeshadow pallets in their boxes which I personally wouldn't use but my cousins and their daughters are always more than happy to take them(and almost anything I bring down) off my hands. In a way it could be worth it however, with the current exchange rates and being so unfamiliar I really can't justify getting both lol🤷‍♀️

  8. What do y'all think the chances are of getting a pallet or two? I don't wear eye shadows and if there's concealer or foundation or bronzers will the match my profile or would it all just be random? I don't have a subscription but im soooo tempted and already bought some shit from the shop plus I have my IPSY GB for November with maxed addons and just did a couple Sephora and MAC runs lmao fml I have a problem🤦‍♀️

  9. I ordered the premium today lol, hoping it isn’t garbage

  10. Well for the price it seems you can't go wrong even if there's a couple things in there that are absolutely trash lol but I hope you love it all☺️

  11. Since yours was the 11th, I bet it will show tomorrow or Monday. But you better believe when mine arrives in December I’m gonna be back on their support 😂😂

  12. For real, if they're going to guarantee/promise our bags within the month they're intended they need to stand by it and if we don't complain shits just going to continue to get worse

  13. Idk why you’re getting downvotes. Must be from all the folks who have received their bags and not have had to wait until December or have their bag still be in limbo and know that their bag has the possibility of being completely replaced with things that are nothing like you paid for and picked. So go ahead and downvote me too. I hope you all lose your bags next month for it.

  14. Lol!! That's kinda mean but I know what you mean. I spent well over $120 on addons and used up a ton of points. If I end up needing a replacement there's zero chance I'll get even half the things I actually ordered. That's what's bothering me the most.

  15. Agree! Just to add, they always ask for photo of the issue item near the visible shipping label and the box. They sometimes ask for photo of the missing item near the box. 😂😂

  16. I've never had a real issue with them more just questions about my first order from drop shop when I found out it was open to public and one time recently cause the emailed me saying I wouldn't be getting my full order but didn't actually tell me what product was "oversold" which I was fine with. So fingers crossed I continue to have good experience with them lol

  17. I'm not active member, but shop sometimes there. I overdid it with Mega Drop Shop recently ( buying gifts mostly ) and so far had to contact them for nearly every order. What you said happens to me too, they don't say what they didn't fulfill, but you can see which one is missing from the list in the shipping confirmation e-mail.

  18. That's the thing my confirmation showed everything and then I got the other email a few days later which I thought was strange but I wasn't mad about it. Got my refund and a $12 credit for the inconvenience without even asking. Ended up going with a similar but better product(I think)

  19. Lol I had to check his profile after reading this, dudes self conscious AF which tbh isn't attractive. He's way too young for me but definitely a good looking dude😅 Sooo hey OP! Stop worrying! Someone don't like you? Their loss. Move on cause you better than that garbage.

  20. I got this email last night as well. I asked CS and was told it was the $29 hair bundle with the DRYBAR and mini curler. They gave me a full refund and a $12 coupon so I just went and bought the foxybae curler which I've heard is way better than the sutra one anyway lol I also have the DRYBAR already so I'm not too mad about it.

  21. I normally would get it around today which would have been perfect since it's my bday but it is what it is lol as long as I can get it before I go on vacay I'm good🥲

  22. Following this! I'd like to get full sized products but don't really see a point going with boxy unless I drop Ipsy once my sub is done in March lol

  23. yeah it gives me blisters sometimes too :( i’ve had a look and it doesn’t seem like i’ll be able to find fabric straps for my watch model. there’s plenty of stainless steel options though. do you think it’ll suffice?

  24. I guess it would ultimately depend on the root cause. For me I think it's just because the silicone made my wrist sweat and it couldn't breathe. With stainless steel I'd feel like my arm hair might get caught lol what kind of watch do you have?

  25. Oh, I've actually never heard of it lol the one I got wasn't made for apple but it still fits so it was perfect. The ones made for apple were like 5x the price

  26. Seriously having a hard time choosing and I really don't want to leave it up to Ipsy lol anyone tried that milk bronzer stick??

  27. I was really torn between 5 things. 😳 I didn't try that bronzer though. Mmm, I didn't even consider it as a choice. Maybe I moved too quick. 😳

  28. It was that, the face tape, fenty cleanser, the lip oil or the ahava just so I could have a travel size. The lip oil is pretty nice I've gotten it in other shades. Figured I had enough of a stock pile of similar things but no cream bronzer🤷‍♀️

  29. I love them, got the sea kissed one in my glam bag and then bought the pink pepper and cactus full size and it smells sooooo gooooood

  30. Same! I just bought the pink one as BOGO from Boxy and I love it too. I have two of the blue ones from IPSY, finishing the first. Which one you like better?

  31. Honestly I love them both but I think I like the smell of the pink one better

  32. Thank you, Jennifer!!! I hope you get your box VERY soon! I was surprised I got mine so early, it's usually late-as-ever!!! 🥰

  33. No box for me as I'm in Canada lol but always max my addons. I got impatient with it being my bday month and splurged on Mac and Sephora because I really did not need more makeup as is LMFAO. Welcome to my life🤦‍♀️

  34. Maybe be careful trying it and if it doesn't work they will refund you for sure. Even though Boxy are kind of harder to communicate with than IPSY, there is still this double standard, go figure the same company not having consistency. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. Well it wasn't super expensive lol I'll try it anyway. I did read some reviews before buying it that were pretty good. For some reason I remember seeing a post on here about that hair dryer catching fire?!? Something about the wire inside and it was all melted. Now that's crazy😕 Anyway, if the curler sucks at least I'll have a back up DRYBAR liquid glass, a texture spray and I think a bag if I remember correctly.

  36. Just be careful with your hair! We only want your hair "burnt" from like a caribbean Sun or something!!! ☺️

  37. I was really hoping it wasn't this but I guess it is🤷‍♀️

  38. Yes and I can honestly say even being Canadian and only able to get the regular GB and first chance add ons I have more than enough makeup and skin care to last me forever in just 14 months of being subscribed. I do hit up Mac or Sephora regularly cause I clearly have an addiction lmfao but not as much as I did and much smaller orders now that I'm with Ipsy.

  39. That realher blush in not your average is one of my favourite blushes ever. I have like the tiny littlest bit left around the edges lmao if I wasn't canada I'd be buying that for sure. I haven't seen it pop up in add ons or anything😩

  40. I've been doing it for a few years now and I never notice that feeling, but the hair I'm dealing with is super fine. Is your hair more course?

  41. That is odd then. I've been doing it for so long now I can't imagine not doing it, like when I slack a little my face looks so hairy to me 🤣🤣🤣 it's not and no one else notices it but idk I'm a little obsessive about it now lol

  42. Lol meh maybe I'm just super picky. I just wasn't a fan of the feeling the next couple days but to each their own right☺️

  43. Im pretty sure they just added an extra product. Mid-month item is usually the 15th I think and its always 1800 pts. I want to try this brand and have a zillion points. So Im going to redeem for it.

  44. New to Ipsy member here - how do you build up so many points? I have only 600 right now because they made a mistake with one of my orders and when they fixed it they offered to also put 600 on my account.

  45. Reviewing products and also had some bad mistakes the last few months that I was given points for. I also think I had a glitch somewhere along the way to be honest and randomly got like 1800 points

  46. Well damn mine is still in fulfillment lol you definitely have me regretting not going with that barefoot venus cream, sounds like it smells delicious

  47. It's listed as full size at 1oz however on the brand website it's 2oz. I just feel like it was misleading so I had to say something! Never hurts to reach out to CS if you disagree👌

  48. Hey NEVER hurts to complain especially with what is supposed to be a quality product that I paid for. For rich or poor it's a principle. I don't care to see someone be ripped off🤗

  49. I also got it and have sensitive skin. I use it, it burns so badly for about one minute that I could cry but then baby soft skin. The fact y'all don't get the burn amazes me, when I say it burns so bad I mean it's just so brutal but beauty is pain for me with that product only. Any other burners I've experienced leave me with welts and rashes. Not that one though and the packaging and bottle is all so beautiful.

  50. Yah it didn't bother me at all, I can leave it on the whole time too. I MIGHT try the Goldfaden but I'll really have to read up on it before I'll even spot test..not that it's a big tube or anything but I'm going to Cuba in December so I don't need my face having a chemical burn and then have to hide my face from the sun for 3 weeks and ruin my vacay🤣🤣

  51. I got the peel too and I'm also terrified. I've had bad experiences with those chemical peel products, only one I ever received from ipsy was so gentle and amazing that I would ever recommend and it's the Derma-E overnight peel. My face feels like heaven after I use it. I agree about the look of the bag, I hope they run out too they are absolutely hideous. I especially hope for your birthday month that they run out for you. It's so bad, it's top five worst bags I've seen in four years.

  52. Yah I definitely need to read up on it more before I put it on my face. I bought the glamglow youth mud in addons without even thinking and after seeing some reviews I was horrified. Took me a bit to be brave enough to do a spot test and I ended up loving it despite people saying it's not good for sensitive skin. Maybe I'm not as sensitive as I thought...or was. Lol maybe I'm just old and have tougher skin than I once did🤣🤣

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