1. It was pretty mediocre too. The whole thing had frat boy writing vibes. Yo this hardened criminal we are just gonna treat like part of the team. This agents gonna like fall in love with him bro because he's so hot.

  2. So I just read a monster romance book that has gotten some attention on the sub lately and the author's backlist has a pirate duology where both the MMC and FMC are pirates: {Sea of Roses by Opal Reyne}. I've only finished the first one--there's violence and dubcon in that one. The author was apparently inspired by the pandemic sea shanty craze to write these.

  3. I think she’s reading in the wrong category. Doesn’t this sub define romance as HEA?

  4. More than this sub, the industry defines romance as hea. There's already a category for sad romance, and it's called "women's literature."

  5. And people are always arguing about this on Twitter! Like omg just don’t read the book!

  6. Just test the feature. For example, if you block ClockOfTheLongNow, you not only wouldn't see their post, but you also couldn't respond to Three_Purple_Scarabs or The-Jack-of-Diamonds in the same thread.

  7. I don’t see what the issue is with that. How else is it supposed to work?

  8. Let's say someone you blocked (or who blocked you) posts a comment in a thread, but other people you didn't block also post comments that you want to respond to. You can't. They can effectively block you from posting in threads just by posting in them themselves.

  9. The blur shows depth and context and there is a shadow on the ground. Your values do not match the photo. You are not observing closely enough.

  10. I liked Olbermann at the time but in retrospect I like him less. He's said a lot of really cruel shit about people, especially women. He did an entire segment on Britney Spears gaining weight where he and the analyst were horrifically cruel to her, like her weight is a thing that matters. He had to apologize after suggesting that on his show that Hillary Clinton be beaten to death. He claims to be fine with queer and trans people but has no problem making transphobic and homophobic jokes about people--especially women--so long as they are conservative. He mocks people for their appearance, as if it's not possible for fat or unattractive people to be good people, effective legislators, etc.

  11. Every look, every thought and every word spoken by Noah Riley in Say You Swear by Meagan Brandy. Dear lord, that boyy.. 😭🥵🥰😍

  12. I just looked this one up on GR. Is it true that

  13. Most of the Republicans I know trust Bernie Sanders...said no one ever.

  14. The soundbyte will be aimed at the left, not the right, to depress turnout.

  15. That’s where you’re wrong. It DOES NOT allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Senator Bernie Sanders is attempting to add an amendment to the bill to allow Medicare to negotiate drug pricing.

  16. The insulin cap is coming out--there's no way the parliamentarian is letting it stay and there's no way that Harris will overrule the parliamentarian.

  17. Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult - it feels so much like dating. I had a nice little (just 3 of us) mom group because all our kids go/went to the same daycare, in the same class. All of our kids start kindergarten this week at different school and the inevitable distance/losing touch is creeping in. I’m so sad. Thursday there was a meet and greet for the kindergartens and my social awkwardness just took over. Midway through the event I did buddy up with another wallflower mom (we literally were sitting by the wall, not out in the courtyard), we exchanged numbers, and I sent a “had a nice night” type of text to her after we got home.

  18. I made the mistake of settling with just having one friend as an adult, letting them convince me that everyone else I talked to was just using me and that they were the only ones that had my best interests at heart. So I let everyone else just kind of drift away. That was all fine and dandy until they decided to unceremoniously inform me that they were done with me--I had become inconvenient because I was no longer interested in acquiescing to their every whim and demand without complaint.

  19. I feel really dumb - but what does the sentence "White lines bracketed his mouth" mean?

  20. Oh I love that author's name! This one also sounds interesting- although when you say he's cruel as hell... is it to her? Is all his tenderness in the past?

  21. He works back up to being a human but first he has to deal with his own self-loathing, which he takes out on everyone for a bit--including her.

  22. {Ensnared by Tiffany Roberts}. Spidertaur with some mild shibari. It's a trilogy. Check CWs--the MCs inhabit a violent world run by a cruel leader, and there's violence and SA.

  23. Oh thank you!! I haven't heard of her. I'm making my way through Mary Stewart and Victoria Holt but slowly so that I don't run out 😅 i will check out Virginia Coffman also

  24. Update: found a hardcover of Moura for 5 pounds, excited to get it in the mail! 😊

  25. I hope you enjoy it! Her books made me want to drink a peaty tea and be near a crackling fire.

  26. Emily Carriveau, not sure what her deal is but she’s hilarious. I want her craft room and barn!

  27. Out of curiosity I peeked at her IG and was greeted with her striking a sexy pose while pretending to kiss a chicken and instantly followed.

  28. Not OP, but there was a firestorm of criticism of VP Harris because she gave her pronouns and described her physical appearance to a group of disabled activists. It didn't seem to matter that many visually impaired people find such descriptions useful for following discussions and that offering pronouns is considered polite in these settings.

  29. It really is shocking. I remember reading one thread that said something along the lines of, "Lots of people in DC work for similar companies! are you saying you would avoid them?" and.....YES. I really thought this was basic for any sort of leftist to not support weapons manufacturers. Even many investment companies, which are not known for being radical, have an option to make sure your money isn't invested into weapons!

  30. Thinking about that time I quit a full time job with excellent compensation because they used my work developing a high volume subscription newsletter delivery system to start accepting spam email contracts. So, yeah, I would be ixnaying the offers from Northrup or Lockheed, thanks.

  31. honestly i think own voices is *fab* as a movement but hard agree that I don’t always feel represented. It‘s always especially odd lmao when own voices infer that being queer and poc is a totally different thing to being disabled that never overlaps, when I am all three hahahahahahah

  32. Oh I agree and am thrilled to see a focus on putting more queer, PoC, disabled, and other marginalized creators in front of mainstream audiences. This is vital. I'm just disappointed that some segments of book twitter decided to use the "own voices" label as a bludgeon to bully people into being more open about their identities than they were interested in being.

  33. Seems Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has now started integrating his insanely problematic alt-right/political views into the actual comic strip, and...

  34. I was a member of a community called MetaFilter when Scott Adams made a puppet account to defend himself against the posters criticizing an op-ed he wrote in the forum there. His ego could fill a stadium. It's been interesting to see hundreds of people over the years occasionally go "wait, Dilbert guy said what?"

  35. I feel like this was especially bad in Flash because the titular hero's powerset is kinda OP by design. You can throw someone like Batman against progressively more powerful enemies and it makes sense, because he trains and makes new gadgets, but when Flash is already the fastest man alive...

  36. When the show premiered I had a friend who was a big fan of the Flash, and she remarked that it's kind of tough to do a show about a hero who at one point can exist simultaneously at all moments in time and across universes due to his affinity with the speed force. I was like "uh, wow."

  37. This reminds me of one of a really heartbreaking Maeve Binchy short story. This awkward, old maid-y woman has a crush on a priest and they end up having a passionate secret affair, but in the end he tells her it’s not right, he has to honor his vows. He transfers to South America and is the cherished, long lost love too good for this world, held in her heart, etc., etc. Until the day she hears in passing that he’s left the priesthood to marry a nun he met in South America.

  38. I am laughing so hard right now because I read Nepenthe AND Bass-ackwards last night without knowing they were written by the same person. Unexpected!

  39. Neither of these are aliens but I think these might work for you:

  40. {Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati}, perhaps? It's basically Hawkeye (Last of the Mohicans) fanfiction where his son Nathaniel marries a bluestocking spinster teacher from England in the wilds of late 1700s New York. They aren't quite "roughing it" as she's trying to establish a school but I remember the book having a frontier feel. I'm pretty sure there's an Outlander crossover cameo, too.

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