1. Just out of curiosity, what's the pay for an overnight stocker? I know it varies from location to location but I live in PA and remember seeing signs at a Walmart near me for around $17 an hour. This was over a year ago too so it may have gone up.

  2. I can't believe it was allowed there that long at all.

  3. O/n gets Wednesday off and come in Thanksgiving night to help set up for black Friday.

  4. Even the neighborhood markets who don't even have black friday events :/

  5. I like the ground work! What are the two vent looking things on the front?

  6. Thats just weird. Is it worse to just cover them up or did they want to show them off proudly?

  7. They look better. Other sets use the same lid design as well, which I like.

  8. I heard Geoff say something about the animation of the "go go now" story, is that online somewhere already?

  9. I can't find it either. It definitely has not been posted yet, they must have mentioned it too early.

  10. I find it interesting as fuck that I have never before seen this "most viewed" video.

  11. If I recall correctly... its so viewed because it was posted so early on in the start of YouTube.

  12. Why is sci-fi and fantasy always lumped together. They're two different things.

  13. The one show I can think of that feels like it mixes both well is the 100, especially season 3-4.

  14. It sucks because I like plain hamburgers... not worth it!

  15. I like the newest 3 Star Wars movies the most. Its probably because I saw them first. The old ones are too boring for me. I know I'm in the minority but to me they're such amazing films, especially the last two!

  16. Ouchie that opinion hurts my soul. I could see how the originals may not be appealing to a younger audience because some of the effects are dated and what not. And cgi wasn’t quite there yet when episode 1 came out. The sequels are very good action movies and have some of the best special effects I’ve ever seen but they absolutely destroyed Star Wars lore. They changed things just for the sake of it and tons of aspects of the movie just don’t make sense. Like Luke Skywalker spent 3 movies trying to save his dad, the second most evil person in the universe, but on a whim decided to try and kill Kylo Ren ? There’s tons more that doesn’t make sense and unless you’re a Star Wars nerd you probably won’t care so I’ll spare you. I’m glad you enjoyed what I can’t though 😅.

  17. I couldn't get through the first prequel and never finished episode 6. I feel like if I don't know the lore then nothing is ruined 😅 for me at least

  18. Two things: 1: Every employee needs register numbers 2: The Store Manager needs a shit ton more accountability

  19. Im not working register. I will refuse. Screw that.

  20. Then goodbye to She-Hulk products

  21. Something feels off. Anyone else get that vibe? The first 5-10 minutes were really off-putting and I found it hard to stay interested in it. The show just feels... different.

  22. The HBO sets burned down so they're likely working with a lot less while they recoup the budget.

  23. Surprised the show even got a season 2 after such a delay and so little updates for so long.

  24. I really like this. Especially the front part with the sign and that border

  25. Its def not dark green. Pretty sure its bright green.

  26. Thanks very much I’ll take a swing. I suppose it’s not too much trouble if it doesn’t exactly match so maybe I’ll just go for it.

  27. Sometimes lego colors are tough because there isn't a go-to reference for them

  28. That’s kinda cool if you got that type of pride in WM. Not sure if anyone does. If I was a coach and had that I’d prob display it in the office but it ain’t becoming a talking point at home, nty

  29. Some of the older long term associates have pride in it. I sure don't

  30. I didn't know you could order minifig parts from there

  31. Oh I know about this I just wasn't aware you could do minifig stuff

  32. Im not too into star wars ships but just from this photo alone it looks like a really cool build. I love how well designed these edges are

  33. In my experience - products with prices ending in .97 tend to be on clearance so that's my guess.

  34. At Walmart (shown here) thats definitely not the case

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