1. Sadly, Brandon has mentioned that while Adolin and Shallan would be OK, kaladin is too prudish to be OK with that.

  2. My theory here is that Hoid agreed to be an intermediary or neutral arbiter when he turned down his shard. There was also probably some kind of agreement here that made it so no shard could harm him. This might also be where he vowed to be there (everywhere) whenever he was needed.

  3. Hoid told Jasnah he couldn't help her openly without opening himself up to attack, unless Odium agreed to a contract that included a clause preventing Odium from harming Hoid.

  4. I predict Second Dinner will eventually add logic to the location selection to make games like this impossible or less likely. It's not as high a priority as what they've been working on (like direct challenge battle mode). Just keep reminding them on Discord or whatever.

  5. "I'm the destroyer of worlds / You got your nuts handed to you by a Squirrel Girl"

  6. I was impressed that Murph managed to keep his cool as the gang refused to do any of the wizard's side quests.

  7. Oh so that's why half of the words disappeared when I clicked on the image in my app (Infinity).

  8. I mean if that were true then that's how it would work in game. But it doesn't, so it isn't.

  9. Imagine that Second Dinner wanted Zola to copy the card whether or not it was destroyed in the process. In this hypothetical, how would Second Dinner write that ability? Probably this:

  10. I definitely thought she was dead, though it was shocking, because "the mentor dies before the pupil is ready" is a trope that often leads to a good story.

  11. How much does the gas hook up cost to install when the house is built?

  12. I love that, instead of referring to it as the group, you referred to it as if wax was the leader

  13. This is why libertarians are wrong about the free market and why sometimes, you need someone other than for profit development to step into the equation to re balance things.

  14. There's bad zoning, but zoning isn't itself bad. You don't generally want a subdivision next to a sewage treatment plant, you don't generally want a coal plant next to a daycare, etc.

  15. I completely agree with you about safety regulations -- similar to my example about medical care. Good regulations actually increase freedom. Instead of having to become an expert on sprinklers and emergency exits, I am free to spend that time doing something I would rather do, because I know that things are built according to a fire code designed by experts.

  16. I think in this case it was because the previous owner was killed by stormtroopers after buying a couple of droids form some sketchy Jawas.

  17. Agreed. There is a big difference between a TurboTax ad and like promoting a crypto pump and dump/a sketch as hell start up.

  18. Yeah a lot of people criticized the Magic the Gathering podcast Limited Resources for taking ads from crypto exchange FTX. (It turns out the critics were correct!!) But some people defended even that, saying hey, It's not the job of a couple of gamers too validate the financial dealings of companies that are widely regarded as legitimate in the press.

  19. You don’t need to save credits. You can just use them all, and not open the reserves. Devs have confirmed that drops are calculated when opened, not when unlocked on the CL track. So you can just spend all your credits and wait to open reserves until the update.

  20. Are you sure? Before the collection token update, I thought the devs said that collection reserves are calculated when earned, not when opened.

  21. Do you ever wonder what Kaladin's life would have been like if he hadn't been assigned to the one bridge crew that happened to include

  22. You're also missing when Ulaam said that Harmony had released all of the Kandra, and I imagine that's going to happen before the end of era 3

  23. A [[Collosal Dreadmaw]] that can buff others to Collosal proportions?!

  24. And it can also buff my dreadmaw! Why attack with 2 6/6 when I can attack with a 10/10!

  25. Rysn is an interesting one. Not sure they have much in common yet, but it's possible.

  26. Yet another entry in the "flavor text that would be better without the last sentence" category. Very reminiscent of [[Gideon's Defeat]].

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