1. Why is that even a thing???(insulting a person's appearance)

  2. Sis I don't mean for it to happen, but almost every person I end up dating is bpd or bipolar. I don't understand. These are random people. Do we magnetize toward each other?????

  3. I just think tarantulas should be tarantulas 🤷‍♀️

  4. But I subbed here FOR TARANTULAS....if I wanted not tarantulas I wouldn't sub to

  5. It should be the opposite. Boring food gets more boring as time goes on. If you get tired of eating stir fried cabbage with no seasoning, not eating it for a week isn't going to make you want to eat it again.

  6. 1000% NATO. The reason Russia hates NATO is because they can't invade a NATO state without starting WW3.

  7. I can see the narrative unroll: The tate brothers never knew anything and it was only the evil women.

  8. "bbbut can you show me an order signed by him to kill the Jews???"

  9. "bro the matrix is on overtime right now. Sheep will believe anything. Buh' gaw' ee"

  10. Just messing around. I know I’m going to be in for hell. From what I saw this is the dark souls of zombie games so I’m ready!

  11. If you try "builder" mode keep in mind that it's not necessarily easy mode. Loot drops(except food) are significantly lower than other modes. It has about 20% the zombies but it can be really hard to find the things you need.

  12. Make sure you empty the bleach bottle into your stomach before using it to store water.

  13. I've heard of a glitch where the water bottle forgets to tell you if it's tainted or not.

  14. Just make sure you boil water and set it aside in it's own specific spot so it can't get confused for tainted.

  15. Anyone who would put killing a "bug" over their relationship is a sociopath

  16. Judging from the size of the package I'm going to assume it's the free sample that came with the tank kit? I'd recommend getting it into eating fresh* veggies and greens while it's presumably young.

  17. I buy him some fresh mustard greens and fresh collard greens and frozen butter nut squash in winter time fresh in summer time cause he really likes it I just didn’t have time to go to the store that day and had the bag on hand so thought I’d try it

  18. That's good. I would recommend just mixing up what you feed him in the winter because prefrozen veggies aren't as good like I said. Also beardies like diversity

  19. I remember way way back I saw an article in a game informer magazine about an open world RE multiplayer game in the works. I'm talking anywhere between probably 2010 and 2014. The article explained that there were going to be multiple fortifiable locations where you would fight off zombies and other players. You might have had players able to be umbrella and/or zombies. It was very early in development so no hard facts or pictures or release date or anything.

  20. We have ours side by side and Brewer's "room" hangs off 2in in the front and 2 in the back, and there is plenty space on the top.

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