1. I’m fairly certain I’ve identified VF’s ring on Neil Lane’s site but can’t find Serene’s 😩

  2. Does anyone have screenshots of the engagement rings from the preview? I think one of them might be a pear cut and the other an oval or Ashoka-cut?

  3. My new wild F1 guess is now Gabriella

  4. Dang I really thought Sloan would make it far! She was my F1 pick… now I gotta pick a new one. Who’s your F1 pick?

  5. So which ring do we think is whose? I’m guessing the blingy one is VF & the daintier oval/emerald (I can’t till which) is Serene’s?

  6. Most pairs+ will be far more independent than one cat. I had a pair for about six years before one passed away, then the one that's left is much more attention seeking, I have decided to get her another buddy in the near-ish future.

  7. Ah that’s interesting/good to know. They are also very shy (one more than the other) so I’m trying to decide the best way to acclimate them. I’ve read about setting them up in their own room for however long it takes for them to want to leave the room. Also I don’t mind if cats are independent but also kinda want a snuggle buddy every once in awhile too. I’m kind of like a cat myself… I like my space but want attention every once in awhile lol. Foster mom says they are shy but sweet so I hope they will fare well with us. I’m nervous! But excited. Just never adopted a cat or cats as an adult before lol

  8. If you're going to be away for a lot of the day, definitely get two[or three].

  9. Still kinda hoping for a Tyler Cameron season 👀

  10. He’s already filming his new show on Amazon right now. It won’t be him.

  11. Damn 😔 what show though?! I will def watch

  12. I agree with this completely. Do I think it's reasonable to get engaged in that amount of time? No, not in real life, but I wouldn't ever go on the show knowing it's expected. The show really just loses its edge if they decide to leave dating. Like what's the point of fighting for the same bachelor/ette if you're just going to leave dating? I think leaving dating works for BIP where there are multiple men and women but when its only one lead, it just doesn't seem interesting to lose the high stakes.

  13. I’m personally tired of the wishy-washy Bachelors that never end in an engagement with the 1 final person they pick - last time we had that was Sean Lowe. They need better Bachelors. Preferably someone older/more mature/actually ready for marriage

  14. I think Rachel may have been better suited for Bachelor in Paradise 😬

  15. I wish they could have given Rachel the queen of paradise edit and Gabby the mature solo bachelorette edit :/

  16. I’m not caught up on the show but I wanna see the ring(s), is there a screenshot of them somewhere?

  17. So sick of Fboys getting picked to be The Bacheor when you have other absolute gems out there 😭 make it stopppp

  18. Does anyone think VF’s most recent Insta post might be cryptic of a breakup?😬

  19. Not really — pretty sure Johnny’s avo toast story was making breakfast for both of them

  20. I see a lot of things in this picture that I’d rather have than any of the new stuff in this fall box😵‍💫

  21. I’m honestly shocked that Aaron & Genevieve broke up. They have such a long history I almost thought they had planned it all along to go to paradise and be a couple. So the whole thing seems… pointless? But also not surprised because Aaron never seemed like the relationship type 🥴 idk I’m confused lol

  22. They could always pull a Thecca and get back together before it airs!

  23. I was thinking this too. Might be one of those “inevitable producer-driven breakups” for added drama that RS was talking about

  24. Where the hell is RS for our weekly Tuesday BIP spoilers?! 😭

  25. Is this guy in como? I live there & that’s where Clayton lived before VA beach AND I used to be in the asset management department at my last job so I’m real curious now 🤣


  27. I guess this means they are together and producers told them they can't follow each other

  28. That was my thought too but wanted to confirm someone actually said that they were following each other at some point 🤔

  29. Someone said it the other day or the day before that, and I think it was reiterated yesterday. I’m too lazy to go back but maybe the same day when someone noticed that Kate followed Shanae (and vice versa) on IG.

  30. Awesome thanks for digging that up!😀

  31. I started binge watching Bachelor in Paradise one weekend and then Colton was announced as bachelor during season 5 so I started watching from his season on so I could get to know the people that go to paradise. 🤪

  32. I have a sad feeling Danica is going to get the boot. Ugh sis had no fair chance 😭

  33. By that comment, I think it has to be Danica or Tasha.

  34. I’d rather it be Tasha but I highly doubt it 😕 wouldn’t mind Antigoni leaving either. She seems nice I guess but prob just there to promote her music

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