1. I subbed with the Black Friday deal…. I want the Elemis and eye masks. Those items cover the cost of the whole annual sub so everything else is just a bonus.

  2. I received those items in a luxe box about 2 years ago…. I’m so sorry. Check the ex dates to be safe… also I’m only seeing 7 items?

  3. As a new sub, I’ve had their old boxes sent to me. Kind of disappointing. They label it as the ‘sept luxe’ but it is not

  4. I would message customer service and ask for the correct box. Not only do they advertise that you’re going to receive that months box, at least they have with every marketing email they keep sending me, most of those products are going to be expired….:

  5. Not impressed with this curation tbh but I’m definitely keeping an eye on future boxes. I was hoping for a blanket, bag, candles or more household items… supplements in a box are an automatic nope.

  6. Honestly with the regular glam bag when I don’t pick I get the best bags that match my profile the best

  7. I used to do the same until Ipsy bought boxy and I started to get a lot of repeats from the crossovers…. This is what I did. I kept Ipsy glam bag plus (liked that I pick three products) and the few products I want from boxy that are not in Ipsy I just pick up from drop shop (they let inactive members shop the sales still)

  8. I think most of us are muted or blocked (I know I am 🤣)

  9. Did they ever say they’re never paying them? I haven’t seen that yet. It seems like they ran out of money, maybe when customers charged back after delivery delays, and they need more revenue to pay them. If they said they’re not paying, I would be out for sure. It would feel like buying stolen goods.


  11. This is exactly what I expected. They will try to pay the vendors when they have more funds. Their admission that they plan to pay everyone but ‘it will be difficult’ due to the bankruptcy is the vibe that inspired this post. They’re not confident that they will stay in business long enough to recover and repay all debt. Customers have the lowest class of debt, so annual members with remaining boxes will be left holding the bag if they go under.

  12. That’s not what that says at all. They used a legal bankruptcy loophole to transfer all of the debt (unpaid vendors) to a third party trustee and are basically stating that as a “new company” it’s not on them. Meanwhile the old owners are very much still on the payroll 🙄

  13. I would stick it in the freezer just in case it’s one of the ones with dye, then just use bolt cutters

  14. I passed. Has good reviews but I need to get through some nighttime moisturizers before I buy more.

  15. What products are you using? What’s your styling routine? I know it’s frustrating (I went through this when I first started letting my hair do what it wants to do lol) but honestly I think it looks beautiful in both pictures. For my hair I learned I have to use a hard hold gel ( I love the cheap La looks blue bottle my absolute favorite, not your mothers curl talk hard hold or innersens I create hold) I also layer products. I use a moose or foam (favorites are vor secrets in the snow, innersens I create lift, flora and curl but this one has a lot of protein) before I use gel. After I diffuse I scrunch out most of the cast but not all…..

  16. Is the la looks gel lightweight? I'm tempted to try as my current gel seems very heavy but I'm in the UK so it's not that cheap here!

  17. I have fine hair, use globs of it and it doesn’t weigh it down at all. I don’t know shipping might be more but I could always pick you up some from the states and send it to you if that would be cheaper? It’s $2 for a huge bottle here

  18. If anyone can find an ingredients list please lmk. They do not have it listed on their site 🙄

  19. First I think your hair is adorable. I’m half middle eastern and half Sicilian and I have this. It happens to a lot of people w/ curly hair. Some good layers from a curly hair specialist helps blend it a bit.

  20. The owner was on the causebox Facebook group a few months ago and said they were working on a lifestyle box like fff or alltrue

  21. Do you bleach your hair? I’m only asking because I have 2c/3a curls and had no idea because the bleach damaged my curl pattern. I would try a curly hair routine if I were you. My hair looked exactly like yours…..

  22. Yes I do bleach it! I want to stop. I’ll definitely try some sort of a curly hair routine. Thank you!

  23. Get either opalex #3 or curlsmith curl bond rehab (they both did the exact same thing for my hair except curl Smith you can find on sale more often) it will help a lot. Also stick with the routine. I went through about two months of slightly wavy hair before I started to see curls. Don’t give up if you don’t see curls or waves right away.

  24. None of the ones you mentioned. They have not been great lately. I have gotten expired products from allure, fff and boxy. Ipsy and boxy send a mix of mid range brands with a few relabeled Alibaba crap sprinkled in.

  25. I would suggest looking into free gift Friday. You can search the sub on how to sign up for the text messages. Honestly all subscription boxes are kind of struggling right now. They’re just not as good as they used to be…

  26. I actually think this is really pretty and really want the mirror. Sucks he's such a terrible person. Anyone got any dupe palettes or something similar?

  27. As a rainbow palette lover lol I highly recommend blend bunny cosmetics and glamlite. Not the exact color story but way better quality…

  28. Ty! I've heard good things about BB and Glamlite so I'll have to check em out if they're that good 👀

  29. Definitely get blend bunny first. I prefer blend bunny mattes and glamlite’s shimmers (they remind me a little of cp super shock shadows, they feel almost wet) whatever you do, don’t pay full price for glamlite. They constantly have sales lol. Wait for 30% off


  31. I am a crazy sleeper so I have to do a half pony with a silk scrunchie and then I put on bonnet over top.

  32. No don’t do it. It’s the Ipsy advent calendar. This is the bigger version someone posted. People were not happy with it.

  33. Check out the beauty box sub. Find a different box I would not go from Ipsy to boxy if you were not happy with Ipsy. It’s basically the same box at this point the only difference is you pick one item instead of three…

  34. Looks like you dodged a bullet 😬. Hope you found a job where you are appreciated and paid fairly

  35. Anyway, I only got $5, but I gave them my money. I shall be rich in hand soap.

  36. I did the same 🤣😂. Didn’t really need anything else but didn’t want to waste the coupon and hand soap doesn’t go bad lol

  37. I have been going to home goods and tj max. I got a nice ceramic butter keeper for $6…..

  38. I put I love mine. Some of the choices were a little underwhelming (single hair clip, eyelash curler, refreshments, avant and a couple boxy leftovers) but I was able to find exactly one lol item in each category I am excited to try

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