1. Yes, you can price adjust without your receipt. I usually show them my account history but they can easily pull it up after scanning your membership.

  2. I have the full size Indigo cream but I think I will get more of the mini. So good.

  3. Is the night market still open?

  4. I have accidentally put Fenty cream blush over my powder many times and it always looks great!

  5. Oooo will be going to Sephora today after work and swatching! Any particular colors you like?

  6. I use them until I notice a change in smell and/or texture, and the obvious mold, if any.

  7. I'd try customer service or another store. I thought it was fine if it's at least 75% full.

  8. I’m going to try another store and hopefully that will work! I’m not sure, does every Sephora actually check how much product has been used? And how is that even measured??

  9. It honestly depends... I've done returns when they don't check the products but last week I had a lady do a full check on a foundation...

  10. I'm trying the store near my work which opens at 10PST. I see that it's $50 gift card for the first 100 people who spends $100+.

  11. So great. I've been trying to get one but apparently they're sold out for the year.

  12. I agree, GWP in Canada right now is not looking great and most require a purchase over $35. I don't know when they restock but I'd check back Tuesday? I wonder if they restock the same time they update the beauty rewards.

  13. Yikes, the entitlement of some people... You can leave the free gift if you're unhappy.

  14. I definitely bought significantly less in comparison to other years.

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