1. Done :D I never saw this cookie game before, it’s kind of cute! Also, I hope you earn a little bit from the ambassador program! I wanted to do that too, but I’m not in school so I can’t do it 😭😭

  2. I hate driving with a passion but I have no choice. I have to take anti anxiety meds or I have panic attacks

  3. are you a newer driver? a lot of being able to manage your attention honestly comes with practice and experience when driving. i think for those of us with adhd it can be a bit of a steeper learning curve, but you definitely get better at knowing where to look, what to pay attention to, and when to shift your focus. i am pretty much always scanning my mirrors, the road directly in front of me, upcoming road signs, the traffic far ahead of me, and the pedestrian/bike areas to the sides - just shifting between all of these actively. you want to aim to be as aware of your surroundings as possible so you can spot any environmental hazards, or preempt any stupid decisions or sudden moves made by others on the road and in the surrounding area. at first this was a really exhausting and difficult thing to do (made all the more difficult when anxiety is taking up half your mental energy!), but it’s a learned skill and you do get better. part of it is also getting more comfortable on the road; the more anxious you are, the more difficult it is to stay focused imo.

  4. Ive been driving for a little less than a year. I do actively try to pay attention to everything, there’s just moments where my attention slips and I almost end up doing something stupid. And yeah, I agree about the anxiety part… it’s hard to pay attention to the road when you’re trying to not have a panic attack

  5. I’m a teacher, so this is my life. All my friends make more than me and I have two masters and a bunch of certs and licensure.

  6. I just work in retail cause I can’t afford school. I do enjoy my job, it just stings when you see someone automatically getting more than you’ve ever had. I wish I was as mellow as you are and didn’t care as much.

  7. I can’t afford college courses. I wanted to go to college but I couldn’t afford it. So I guess I’ll just keep trying to move up the ranks and see where I end up or look for another better paying job. Thank you for the advice :D

  8. Ah, shoot, you just described me. It's super hard, because I'm trying to lose weight but like... I need food! And ofc I'm not exactly craving salad. I want chips, chocolate, junk. Self control sounds great, where can I get some please?

  9. Yes, where can we find self control? I really need some too please. I’m trying to lose weight as well and I very rarely crave salads 😭😭😭

  10. Title: Would You Rather be Normal... Or Loved? 5 Ways to Accept Yourself and Find Real Love

  11. I’m the OP, I just wanted to note for those of you that have been following my posts about never getting my February GBP, it randomly arrived on my doorstep yesterday along with my March GBP. This concealer was from the February bag.

  12. It looks like another concealer I got 1 time. And I shook it til it was "bleanded" up, opened to smell & it didn't have any funky odors lol. So I used it & it was fine. I think as long as it's not expired & doesn't have any funky odor, you should be good to go. Hope this helps & I hope it works great for you! I didn't receive this & they didn't have in my shade in add-ons & I'm very curious if you don't mind sharing if you like it or not if you use it??

  13. Okay so I did some testing. It actually blends pretty well! It’s very lightweight feeling if you use a small amount. I’ll use it with my fenty eaze drops :D I recommend it if you want fuller coverage with a thinner consistency

  14. I’m going to try it later today so I will let you know how it works out! So far I only swatched it on my arm and it was actually very pigmented and lightweight feeling :D And yeah… I honestly couldn’t believe they had my shade. I’m VERY pale so finding my shade in general (let alone on Ipsy) is a task and a half. Ipsy definitely needs to work on providing more shades when they offer base products like this!

  15. We all know what song I want to sing because of this. Also this is absolutely stunning. I bet it took quite some time

  16. 1 Mac 24 hour smooth wear concealer. 2.Bright Matte Pallet by Beauty Bay: Bobbing along, Pacific dreams, Paradise, Day dream. 3. Suva Hyrda Liner black. 4. Fit Me translucent powder. 5. Gloss me up lip gloss in blue. 6. Loose glitter on the lip. 7. Mac giga lashes mascara. 8. Morphe 24A Artist Pass Pallet: invite only and insta baddie 9. Mac NW46 Studio Powder plus foundation.

  17. You’re really talented! It’s awesome to see what you can do! Would you ever upload a short makeup tutorial to Reddit? Id love to see how you do this!

  18. Yes if it’s just in label created status, DHL awaiting it, then it hasn’t left the Ipsy warehouse.

  19. Ugh. Ipsy definitely isn’t what it used to be. I never had these issues prior to last month.

  20. Yes! I had a few months where I didn't get my bags and the tracking kept saying address undeliverable which is wrong. My address was correct and never changed. Had been the same unchanged for 2 years prior with no issue of delivery. It was so frustrating.

  21. This happened for a few MONTHS to you??? I would’ve given up and cancelled my Ipsy after the second month, which is what I will probably do if I don’t receive this bag.

  22. If I could add a comment here… it sounds like she may be kind of autistic. Her lack of social knowledge and overstepping social boundaries reminds me of autism. I speak as an autistic woman herself, whom also has autistic friends. I understand how jarring her behavior must be for you, I really do. People with autism are not usually very socially… smart. Boundaries, mannerisms, expressions, tone of voice… all of that tends to go over our heads. Let me say, this DOES NOT excuse her behavior… BUT it could explain her behavior if she really is autistic. The best way to deal with her behavior (if you’re convinced she’s actually autistic or otherwise disabled), is to calmly tell her how her actions made you feel without accusing her of anything "bad". Don't do this during an argument, just have a calm conversation with her and clearly state what made you upset. Being detailed, honest, and calm is key.

  23. I’ve no idea who that is and was beyond unimpressed with the one person I did know. Never again will I get sucked into a glam box or icon box or whatever they want to call it. My first one ever and it was missing half its product and all add ons. Such a disappointment after so much anticipation. My glambag plus was much better.

  24. I didn’t even receive my glam bag plus last month… I had to get a refund. From the looks of things, I’m not getting this month either. The tracking link just keeps saying “awaiting processing”.

  25. Thank you!!! These are all the vibe I was after!! Now the hard part is choosing which one I like best.

  26. I’m glad you like them! :D choosing a single palette is always the hardest when you’ve got so much to choose from hehe

  27. Not exactly what you want (but you won’t get the exact same colors in that palette unless you buy that exact palette…) but here are some nice palettes that are similar:

  28. Dermalogica is garbage, and that’s coming from an esthetician.

  29. I was actually given a whole Dermalogica kit when I was in beauty school. I was always taught they’re like the best of the best

  30. That’s where I grew to hate it. I wasn’t “given” it, I was forced to purchase the entire line in order to attend said beauty school.

  31. That’s… such bullshit. I wouldn’t have done that. I was given an entire cosmetology kit for a decent fee when I attended. I didn’t have to straight up buy everything like you did :( that really sucks to be honest.

  32. We would need to see what they look like head on. Seeing them from a low angle doesn’t tell us much about how they actually look on you. Do you have a better picture by chance?

  33. Like another commenter said, I’d definitely make them a lot smaller. You can have freckles all over the face, a lot of people do… but they have to be smaller for sure. Id also recommend making some of them darker and others lighter so they look more natural :D

  34. From the looks of things, I’d recommend filling your brows in with a medium/dark brow pencil, powder, or the NYX brow flick (for a more natural look since you can create individual strokes).

  35. I LOVE IT OMG!!! It suits you so well 😍 I genuinely wish I could rock winged liner like that! Whenever I try to do winged liner, no matter how thing the line is, it makes me look like I’ve been punched in the eye or was trying to go for a Taylor Momsen look LMFAO 🤣

  36. i got mine on the 9th… go through ipsy bot or glam bot, should take just a couple mins

  37. I did. I got put through to customer service and he was thankfully able to refund the glam bag. Still disappointing though cause I was supposed to get something from Kate Somerville 😭😭

  38. I haven't received my GBX. They sent me an email yesterday that it will be shipped with March's bag -.-

  39. Well that sucks! What the heck is going on with Ipsy’s shipping and fulfillment??? The dude I talked to told me to “wait until March 7th and see if it arrives by then”. Like…. No.

  40. Bullys tease- it’s not all throwing punches. Hence why you can be classified as a bully. I get that it’s learned behavior from the rest of your family but that doesn’t make it okay.

  41. So, doing one less than well thought out thing can make you a bully?

  42. From what I’ve seen of your account and other comments you do it regularly.

  43. Like what??? I haven’t said anything on here that’s teasing or whatever. Where are you seeing I said something mean?

  44. I only give my opinion if someone is actively asking for advice, so no, I don’t stick my nose into people’s business. If they tell me they’re doing something and it’s a stupid thing to do, then I will say something.

  45. Congratulations! These kinds of things are always so cool! What’s the page called? I’ll follow it :D

  46. I just subscribed to your IG and I love it! It’s so nice seeing a similar body shape looking so FANTASTIC! I love your page! I can’t wait to see how many followers you grow!

  47. Omg I ADORE that dress! I love the black mesh over the red dress 😍 you look fabulous by the way :D

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