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  • By - eddyx

  1. No dramas with that, I usually have between 3-5 strains on the go at once. Helps reduce tolerance on any one strain.

  2. I went to the pharmacist with a 25% filled 8 days ago and tried to fill an 18% but she claimed that the 25% is higher than the 18% and invalidates it in a way? I didn’t really understand what she was saying but I couldn’t work out why since it was a different script

  3. Yeah. I’ve got it too and some days I will wake up fine and most others, I’ll wake up with a cranky stomach, nothing that makes me sick but as you say, always feeling a tad “unwell”

  4. It got released recently, my doctor had to write my prescription by hand since it wasn’t in his system yet 🤣

  5. Im not, Im vaping a locally made 70/30 juice thats 5.5mg Blueberry-lemon flavor. Im honestly just as suprised as you probably are. Ive never had a coil last so long and still be perfectly fine.

  6. It’s nice what you are doing for the people of reddit. Best of luck to all those who have submitted entries 🥳

  7. Brooooooo I feel each and every one of ya, those movies were so lit as a kid and I would watch them on repeat. Seeing this car is gonna make me be sliding that sucker around 🤣😊

  8. It can be done once and it can also be done daily, but I think it comes down to advice. It can be spoken in many forms and means many different things but in saying them to the right people, it can take them a long way


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